About Piyush Yadav


I first started noting down the difference between various terms when I was 16 years old. In school, we are given questions and assignments to write the difference between various things and we use tables to differentiate them. This thought led me to create Ask Any Difference website where I can share much more information in terms of videos, images, and text.

After my graduation, I had worked for 8 years in an IT MNC writing software applications and building websites. The absence of critical information on the internet made me quit the job and start this website where only quality matters. My typical includes activities like writing content myself and managing the team of writers and then presenting the content on this website with supporting images and videos.

My target for this website is to cover at least 1000 topics in each of the category listed at the top of this website.

Along with the interest in science, I also have keen interests in other fields covered in this website that are IT, Business, Finance, Marketing, Accounting and English. There are so many terms that need to covered and differentiated in this world. Very less information is available online for these terms and hence the birth of Ask Any Difference website from Piyush Yadav was inevitable 🙂


  1. 5+ Years of Experience in writing content on various topics in Science, English, Business, Accounting and Finance
  2. Scientific Approach – Engineering Graduate in Computers
  3. CFA Certification
  4. Cleared ILETS with 8 band
  5. Certified by Mensa Foundation (The high IQ society)