Angle Conversion Calculator

An angle conversion calculator is a tool that allows easy conversion between different angle measurement units. It is useful in geometry, trigonometry, physics, and other angles-related fields. This calculator automates the calculations and enables quick conversion without having to remember formulae.


Angles are commonly measured using degrees and radians. A degree is a unit of measurement of plane angles, equal to 1/360 of a full rotation. A radian is a unit of measurement of angles, defined as the ratio of the length of the arc of a circle to its radius.


The angle conversion calculator works by implementing the following mathematical formulae:

  • Degrees to Radians: Radians = (Degrees x π) / 180
  • Radians to Degrees: Degrees = (Radians x 180) / π


The angle conversion calculator provides a quick and convenient way to convert angle values between degrees, radians, and gradians. By automating the required formulae, it eliminates the need to work through unit conversions manually. It saves time over manual unit conversions and eliminates errors that can occur doing conversions manually. It also allows for easy unit standardization.


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Interesting Facts

  • The concept of measuring angles in degrees dates back to ancient Babylonian astronomy.
  • The concept of measuring angles in radians was introduced by Roger Cotes in 1714.
  • The term “radian” was coined by James Thomson in 1873.

Use Cases

This angle conversion calculator has many uses, including:

  • Converting angles in geometry problems
  • Transforming angles in trigonometry calculations
  • Switching between unit conventions in physics equations
  • Translating angles in navigation and surveying
  • Standardizing angle measurements in engineering drawings
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