Christmas in Argentina – How do They Celebrate it in Argentina

While there are no picturesque, snow-covered chimneys in Argentina during the Christmas season as it is in America, the festive cheer is not any less.

It comes with a summer charm and boasts the magical combination of the European and Argentinian culture.

The country is predominantly catholic, and hence Christmas is jam-packed with celebrations. Read on to get an insight into how Christmas is celebrated in Argentina.

Argentinian Christmas Decorations

City buildings and homes are adorned with beautiful Christmas lights and a variety of flowers.

Homeowners will adorn their houses with wreaths of white, green, gold and red blooms, which create a welcoming atmosphere for the visiting friends and family members.

Red and white garlands are also hung on the doors. Scented candles are used to brighten and set a lively ambiance in the living rooms.

Christmas trees are decorated with cotton balls to represent snow, coupled with strings of lights that make them lively.

Artificial trees are more common than natural ones, and it’s quite easy to find some with lively colors like white or blue rather than the usual green.

Nativity scenes are also created near the Christmas trees.

Santa Claus is also an important part of Christmas decorations.

Malls and major public buildings feature people dressed as Santa Claus to entertain bystanders, especially the children.

The Festive Feast

Christmas dinner is served at around 10 PM before the families can head out for the midnight mass. It’s comprised of roasted turkey, pork or goat.

The main dish is served with mince pies, stuffed tomatoes, and iced beverages.

Families also serve another delicious meal known as Ninosenvuettas, which is essentially steak rolls stuffed with minced meat, boiled eggs, onions, and spices.

Christmas food Argentina

Dessert includes pies, puddings, and fruit salad. Some people also eat special tuna sandwiches made of thin, white bread without crust.

Argentines also enjoy sweet treats like chocolate raisings as well as sugar-coated almonds and peanuts.

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Christmas Eve Mass

It’s customary for families to attend midnight mass together and sing Christmas carols. After all, Argentina is predominantly a Catholic country.

People who don’t attend the mass light fireworks at midnight and they may also open their presents. Non-Christians will attend night parties or go to the clubs.

Another common activity on Christmas Eve is releasing globos (decorated paper lanterns with light inside) into the sky.

After midnight, people behold the breathtaking scenery of multiple globos floating in the darkness.

Christmas Gifts

Although Christmas cards aren’t common in Argentina, close friends and families exchange gifts during the festive season.

Kids also write letters to Santa highlighting their mistakes, apologizing and asking for better times.

Presents are placed under the Christmas tree awaiting the children to opens them early in Christmas morning.

Christmas Activities

On Christmas, those who stayed up all night spend most of their day sleeping while devoted Christians attend the mass. Church services are held in the morning or afternoon.

Parents also take their kids to see Santa Claus in the malls and take pictures to commemorate the day. Some families also pass their time in tango shows where they enjoy amazing performances.

The Christmas holiday in Argentina is warm and full of celebrations, family gatherings and delicious cuisines.

It’s a season filled with decorations and lively nights filled with firework and lights in the sky.

Spanish the most common language in Argentina and people would express their Christmas greetings by saying ‘Feliz Navidad’. Happy/Merry Christmas in other languages.

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Main Points About Christmas in Argentina

  1. During the Christmas season, the weather is warm in Argentina; vibrant blue skies, tropical gardens, and a sunny atmosphere.
  2. Over 90% of the Argentine population identify themselves as Roman Catholics. Hence, Christmas is a very special day.
  3. In Argentina, Christmas does not have as much pomp. Christmas decorations start in early December.
  4. Christmas carols are not as popular in Argentina and their main Christmas event takes place on Christmas eve. This is when they eat their Christmas meals.
  5. Some of the popular meals served during this dinner feast include roast turkey, pork, veal, salads, sandwiches, cakes, pudding, ice cream, chocolates, and nuts.
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Christmas in Argentina is celebrated a lot as many people would think of a New Year’s celebration.

Even if many people go to church on Christmas Eve, and some to Midnight Mass, many people stay at home or go to nightclubs after having the main Christmas meal late in the evening of Christmas Eve.

Fireworks will light up the sky at midnight as well as ”globos”, similar to Chinese lanterns, rising to the sky.

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Christmas in Argentina

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