Christmas in Denmark – It is Really a Great Experience

Christmas in Denmark is a period filled with lots of memorable moments. Christmas is usually known as “The Festival of Hearts” by the Danes, and it is more much-celebrated compared to other holiday traditions.

Therefore, if you find yourself in Denmark during Christmas, be ready to experience something different.

The atmosphere in this Scandinavian country is always filled will construction and medieval air.

Here are some of the activities the Danish engage during this period of Christmas as they enjoy the festivities.


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Present Calendars

Every Danish child gifted with one or more Christmas calendar or Advent calendar as they usually are known in Denmark.

Each year, the two biggest television stations in the country create a special new Christmas that is divided into 24 episodes to entertain kids throughout this season.

Additionally, the luckiest kids are gifted with a calendar that contains 24 small presents, each for every day before Christmas, bought and wrapped by their parents.

Advent wreath

The Danish people start Christmas with the Advent wreath. The wreath consists of four candles, and each is lit each of the four Sundays preceding Christmas Eve, December 24th.

The Advent wreath is traditionally made out of fine spruce cuttings and twigs and frequently decorated with spruce cones and red berries, red ribbons and white candles for holding the wreath to the ceiling.

A new candle is lit all the Sundays along with the others which were lit in the preceding Sunday.

Thus, on the fourth Advent Sunday, all four candles will be burning together, albeit having a different height.

Today, there are numerous innovative versions of the traditional wreath, which makes use of different types of materials and ornamented in modern ways such as colored candles.

Christmas Luncheons

Christmas in Denmark is characterized by all companies with more than one staff partakes in the Christmas brew which plays a significant role in most of the traditional Danish luncheons.

Most inns, restaurants, and hotels from Gedser to Skagen ask one crucial question; What are you going to have for your Christmas luncheon?

Christmas Luncheon Denmark

The answer to this is simple. You get a wide variety of warm and cold dishes from the traditional Danish kitchen that all belong to the famed ritual typically offered at the buffet.

The preparation of herring and salmon is done in different ways plus along different dressings, lobsters, shrimps, crab and lobster, fried duck, sunny side up, as well as various types of cheese med fruit.

It also includes meatballs and grilled sausage with beets and red cabbage, liver paste with champignon and bacon, sirloin of pork together with soft fried onions, roast bacon, and pork with fried apples, hamburger with a fried egg, plus chicken and fruit salad.

To accompany the food, you can have wine, beer, or sparkling water if you are a driver.

Likewise, you can have Christmas snaps which are usually presented each year before Christmas.

Lucia Night

Lucia is the saint of light according to the Catholic church.

On the night between 12th and 13th December, she is usually celebrated all over Denmark especially in hospitals, retirement homes, schools as well as other institutions.

It is said that Lucia wore a wreath that has candles on her hand to keep her hands free while she was illegally feeding poor Christians hiding in ancient Rome’s catacombs.

Christmas Day and Eve

A big festival happens on Christmas Eve, December 24th, the night before the much-awaited Christmas Day.

This day finds everyone busy trying to make last-minute preparations and buy Christmas gifts, and fortunately, shops remain open until 2 to 4 PM.

Therefore, you always have sufficient time to get your loved one something special for Christmas.

Christmas Day Denmark

In most families across Denmark, lunch is taken coincidentally, with the kids usually too enthusiastic to take a nap.

Like the olden days, some families still give animals special treats on Christmas Eve as it was generally believed during this special night could talk.

Other families go for a walk in the field, forest or park and carry with them small treats for animals.

Later, most people go to an early Christmas mass, even the less devoted churchgoers to listen to the traditional and organ Danish Christmas carols.

On this day, dinner is served earlier than usual and most homes enjoy a meal of roast duck. However, roast pork or roast pork is also on Christmas Eve.

The goose or duck typically is served along with prunes and apples plus served with sweet potatoes and white wine, cranberry jam as well as red cabbage and beets.

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Main Points About Christmas in Denmark

  1. Christmas in Denmark is a celebration galore like you have never seen.
  2. From the 1st of November, Christmas parties are held all through till 24th December. So, people can have so much fun before Christmas day.
  3. It is quite customary to give animals a special treat on Christmas eve. Animal owners will take their animals on a walk to the park, as well as make special food for them.
  4. After the main Christmas meal, the Christmas tree is lit, then, family members and loved ones dance around the tree singing carols.
  5. Denmark Children believe that ‘Julemande’ (Christmas Man) is responsible for bringing them their Christmas gifts.


Christmas in Denmark starts early with Christmas dinners – ”julefrokost”, at restaurants already in November.

Work colleagues come together and have Christmas food as well as lots of Christmas beer, a dark beer specially brewed for this time of the year.

On Christmas Eve, you typically have duck or goose for dinner, and you may also have a ”snaps”, a strong alcoholic drink which often comes with one of the special songs for this particular drink.

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Christmas in Denmark


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