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Many things have changed in regard to communication skills during the last five years. The days when you simply talked about your working experience, answered a few questions almost everyone was aware of, such as “Tell me about yourself”, “What are your weaknesses?”, or “What motivates you in work?”, and signed a new job contract, are gone.

Things have become more sophisticated, and situational, behavioral, and tricky questions prevail in today’s world.

What’s more, with the recent pandemic, a lot of communication takes place online. This format emphasizes the importance of your skills, because you cannot benefit anymore from that firm and warm handshake, eye to eye contact, and other strengths you may have in face to face interactions with other human beings.

Everything is about your answers to their questions now. Whether you do not remain silent, whether you have a situation ready for each behavioral question, and can convince the people of right attitude to work, customers, colleagues, and life.

That’s why I put together the most comprehensive communication skills guide online, reflecting the reality of the how to communicate in Fortune 500 companies, and in big public institutions. Here’s what I have for you:

In the eBook, you will find multiple brilliant answers (from 3 to 10, including answers for people with no previous experience) to each of the following questions:

  • Know Your Audience
  • The Right Timing
  • The Right Style
  • What You Say and Don’t Say Does Count
  • Following Up
  • Being Visible
  • Setting the Tone
  • Conveying Change
  • Holding Regular Meetings
  • Being a Good Listener
  • Never Assume
  • Face-to-Face Communication
  • Body Language
  • Hosting Meetings and Presentations
  • and 10 other common, situational, behavioral, and tricky communication tips.

I tried to keep things simple and straightforward. The eBook is divided into three sections: Effective Communication in a Good Leader, Effective Verbal Communication, and Effective Written Communication.

Check the samples below to see how the Communication Skills Guide 2.0 can help you:

Know Your Audience

The most important aspect of any effective communication is knowing your audience. This audience will vary, so being flexible in your communication styles is a great skill for any leader to have. In the course of a single day as the leader of a business or department, you might speak to:

  • Staff
  • Shareholders
  • Business partners
  • Prospective business partners
  • Vendors
  • Customers
  • Children taking a tour of your facility

…and more.

How you speak to them, and what you choose to say or not say to them, is key to successful communication. For example, you wouldn’t go over your Q4 sales results with the children. And you wouldn’t give departmental reviews to your customers – only to your staff.

The Right Timing

Timing is also key. For example, no business leader looks forward to giving out bad news, but sometimes the more you avoid it, the worse things can become. If there is a downturn and you have to start laying off people, this needs to be conveyed sooner rather than later.

Never Assume

Always be clear in your verbal and written communications. Confirm anything important in writing, including email, such as after a phone conversation or team meeting. Check and double-check, especially when any deadlines are approaching. It is better to summarize important points and dates briefly in your communications and repeat yourself, for example, than assume that everyone knows it all already when they might not.

These are some of the most important aspects of effective communication if you are a business leader. Your approach will differ somewhat depending on whether the communication is verbal or written. Let’s look in the next section at verbal communication.

——–end of the sample—————-

Piyush Yadav, author of the eBook

These were just two questions – You will find 21+ in the eBook, basically everything you need to communicate effectively in 2021 and beyond.

And that’s it. I do not want to waste your time with lengthy sales pages, imaginary last minute discounts, or fake reviews, just like most other people do, when trying to sell you something online. That’s not my style really. I prefer to be honest with you.

But I can tell you a bit about myself, just so you know who you are buying the Communication Skills Success Package 2.0 from:

  • I’ve been working in international companies since 2008. From 2006 to 2010 I with a top-notch MNC company called Siemens (clients ranged from big players like Microsoft, Cisco, and IBM to smaller local companies), and since 2010 I work mainly as a communication skills coach and writer. I switched my career from helping corporations to helping job seekers :).
  • I’m the founder of, and author of more than 2000 articles published on the website (the website you are browsing right now, so you should be aware of the quality of the content, and you can expect even better in the eBook), which is one of the leading players in making a difference in people’s life niche, and had more than 2 million visits during the last twelve months…

Anyway, enough about me. It’s your career and life that matters, so back to the product: You have read the samples, you know what the eBook is about, and surely you can tell whether it will help you.

I sincerely believe it will make things ten times easier for you in your life. And it doesn’t matter whether you are fresh of the college, or have twenty years of experience under your belt, but was hit by the pandemic, lost the job, and will interview for a new one after many years. I offer many ways to communicate effectively, so you will certainly find a fitting one that fits the situation at hand.

Plus, of course, like with everything else we sell here on, you have a risk free sixty days money back guarantee. If you don’t like this product for any reason, or no reason at all, just let me know (email me at piyush.yadav[at]askanydifference[dot]com) within 60 days, and we will give you a full refund–no questions asked.

Quick summary

  • Brilliant ways to communicate with 10 tips in each type of communication, including common, situational, behavioral, and tricky questions. Basically, everything another person can throw at you.
  • Several sample scenarios to each type of communication (up to ten), so you can choose one that reflects your values and experience.
  • Instant download, .PDF format (you can read it on any device–mobile, kindle, desktop, and you can easily print it).
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the woman is a success in an interview

Do I really need your Communication Skills Package? Cannot I be ready to communicate effectively without it?

Honestly, if you have enough time, know how to find information and work with them, know what questions to look for online, and if you can tell a good question/answer from a poor one (which is not easy at all), you can find online everything you need to ace in your development.

Five or six days of quality research, filtering the information, and learning, will do the trick. 

But if you do not have time, or aren’t sure how to tell a good answer from a poor one, or simply prefer someone with years of coaching experience to spoon-feed you, you  should consider purchasing your Communication Skills Package 2.0.

Consider it an investment in your professional career, not an expense. The $15 you pay one time here will easily pay back in two or three hours in your new job/personal life (or in an hour, if you apply for some position with an excellent salary).

Shouldn’t I hire a communication skills coach instead?

It is certainly an option, but keep in mind that a single lesson with a professional coach would cost you $150, or more. You can google for communication skills coaching in your area and you will see the prices.

And honestly, there is no chance you would cover all types of communication in a single session with a coach. You would need at least five sessions. So you can do the math…

With Communication Skills Package 2.0, you do not have to pay hundreds of dollars to get ready for any public situation. You can access the information right now, work with them whenever you want, and pay much less than you would for a coach. That’s what I offer you here–nothing more, and nothing less.

If you take the offer, please click the button below to proceed to PayPal checkout. If you don’t take it, I still wish you best of luck with your communication skills, and thank you for reading this page all the way to the end :).


Piyush Yadav,

Founder of, Your personal communication skills coach

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