Difference Between 32 Bit and 64 Bit Windows 7 (With Table)

Today, the computer has taken a wide place in our homes and workplaces. Many people use them, but they wouldn’t know the engineering behind it, what type of software it uses, the limit of their RAM, etc. 32 Bit and 64 Bit are the limit of the CPU in a particular computer. Windows 7 has the option of both its products.

The providers of Windows that is, Microsoft, play a crucial role in getting the bigger Bit, i.e., 64 Bit, to the houses for normal use. There are many types of Bit rates, starting from 8 Bits and then going on higher Bit values. People are now transitioning from 32 Bit Windows to 64 Bit Windows because they are getting more and more knowledge about its advantages.

32 Bit vs 64 Bit Windows 7

The difference between 32 Bit and 64 Bit Windows 7 is that 64 Bit Windows is an upgraded version of 32 Bit Windows. The 64 Bit Windows 7 can handle more amount of data than the 32 Bit version. The 64 Bit Windows 7 also has better security, speed and all over, is more efficient than the 32 Bit Windows 7.

32 Bit Windows 7 is a CPU architecture used not only in Windows 7 but other Windows as well. Today the applications and programs available in the installation market are easy to install in a 32 Bit Windows 7 as they are built earlier and work perfectly with the existing computer.

64 Bit Windows is also a CPU architecture. The 64 Bit means the computer processor can work into 64 binary numbers. It can handle a lot of data in comparison to other Bit systems that were released before this. This is one of the reasons that computers have this version set up.

Comparison Table Between 32 Bit and 64 Bit Windows 7

Parameters of Comparison32 Bit Windows 764 Bit Windows 7
Definition32 Bit Windows 7 is a computer architecture that is available on certain Windows. 64 Bit Windows 7 is a version of Windows that can handle 64 processor cores.
Average amount of Ram 4 GB of RAM16 GB of RAM 
Security32 Bit Windows 7 does not provide the same level of security as 64 Bit Windows 7.64 Bit Windows 7 is more securer than 32 Bit Windows 7.
SpeedThe speed of 32 Bit Windows 7 is less than the 64 Bit Windows 7.Since it has more RAM, the speed of 64 Bit Windows 7 is faster than 32 Bit.
Virtual MemoryIt offers 2GB for the installation of apps.It gives way more virtual memory than 32 bit Windows 7 that amounts upto 8 TB.

What is 32 Bit Windows 7?

32 Bit Windows 7 is the amount or limit of the binary processors in a CPU architecture. A 32 Bit capable processor is needed in a computer to install it. It has been a popular choice of architecture for a long period of time until 64 Bit Windows came.

The system provides 4096MB or, to be more accurate, 4GB of RAM. More than 8 or 16 Bit Windows but less than RAM offered by 64 Bit Windows 7. An advantage that 32 Bit Windows 7 has is that many software and earlier launched systems can be processed on this platform.

Many people are still using 32 Bit Windows 7, but as they are becoming aware of the traits of the 64 Bit Windows 7, they are upgrading their current windows into the 64 Bit one. For doing so, they need to reformat their hard disk and then install their wanted version and, lastly, if they wanted to reinstall the earlier applications.

What is 64 Bit Windows 7?

64 But Windows 7 is computer architecture. There aren’t many flaws in this system, just some minors ones like hard to get the older files if they are in older Bit versions, etc. It is more user-friendly as well. Earlier, it was used for some particular purposes only, but now, it is commonly used in general computers as well.

The RAM of 64 Bit Windows is generally 16 GB that we would find in a normal home or work computer. But there is some other, higher amount of RAM available in computers as well that provide upto192GB of RAM. It is vital to know that the drivers installed in a computer do support the 64 Bit version of Windows 7.

The system that has the 64 Bit installed comes with a huge amount of memory, whether it be of the RAM or the given 8TB of virtual memory. It is expensive than the other lower amount of Bit versions because it is more featureful than the earlier versions, so if one can update their electronic device to 64 Bit, they should.

Main Differences Between 32 Bit and 64 Bit Windows 7

  1. The 32 Bit Windows 7 has less amount of space in comparison to 64 Bit Windows 7 since it has an advanced technology than the former one.
  2. The 64 Bit Windows 7 is more secure than the 32 Bit Windows 7 as it has additional protection against different computer viruses.
  3. The speed of 32 Bit Windows 7 is less than the speed of 64 Bit Windows 7. The reason behind it is that 64 Bit Windows 7 uses less memory of the computer.
  4. With more features offered by the 64 Bit Windows 7, it is overall a more efficient choice of option in comparison to the 32 Bit Windows 7.
  5. It is seen that while switching between different programs or applications, 64 Bit Windows 7 is better in oppose to 32 Bit Windows 7 as the former is more responsive.


Whether it be 32 Bit or 64 Bit in Windows 7, they both are much faster than the computer versions used in the earlier decades. It totally depends on the type of computer version and its motherboard of how much RAM it can handle. The bigger the amount of Bit, the better ones’ electronic would work in terms of space, speed, or anything else.

People are still unaware of the Bit system, but it is important to know the knowledge behind the platform of digital electronics that has made a big impact on our lifestyle. After knowing the features and the base of these Bits in Windows, it is evident that the 64 Bit Windows 7 is better than the 32 Bit Windows 7 version.


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