Difference Between 9mm and 380

9mm and 380mm pistol ammunition have existed for more than a century. In personality scenarios, both are still widely used.


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Although they are similar, the two ink cartridges are not compatible. Anyone who is interested in these cartridges should be aware of the significant differences. In addition, it was pistol ammunition that was widely used during the First World War.

Key Takeaways

  1. 9mm ammunition is more powerful and has a larger bullet than the .380, making it more effective for self-defence and law enforcement.
  2. .380 ammo has less recoil than 9mm, making it easier to handle and shoot accurately, especially for those with less shooting experience.
  3. 9mm firearms tend to be larger and heavier than .380 firearms, providing greater capacity but potentially making them less convenient for concealed carry.

9mm vs 380

The difference between 9mm and 380 is that the 9mm and 380 calibres are two popular ammunitions used in various firearms. However, because the cartridges have the same diameter, many people aren’t sure if they’re the same or replaceable. The length of their shells is the most noticeable variation between the 9mm and the 380. The 380 is much smaller than the 9mm, and you can see the difference immediately. Consequently, the 380 is also known as the 9mm short.

9mm vs 380

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Amongst military pistols and semi-automatic rifles, 9mm cartridges are the most common and commonly used ammunition.

According to industry experts, fully automatic pistols have surpassed pistols because many consider them trustworthy in autonomy and police operations.

Although the 9mm cartridge was originally intended to have a cutting capacity of up to 50 meters, it is still effective in the extended range. It features a level path and a moderate amount of recoil.

There’s nothing the 380 couldn’t accomplish better than the 9mm, and you can get it for less money.

Although certain systems offer reduced recoil, this comes at the cost of terminal velocity, large magazines, and, in many cases, reliability.

According to experts, the legality of concealing and carrying is responsible for this liberty or independence.

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison 9mm 380
Bullet Size  The diameter of the 9mm is 0.355 inches.The 380 has a diameter of.355 inches.
Velocity  115-grain 9mm ammo has a velocity of 1,180 feet per second A 380 cartridge can discharge a 90-grain cartridge at little over 1,040 feet per second.
Powder 9mm has more powder380 has comparitvely less powder.
Shell 9mm has longer shell. 380 has slightly shorter shell.
Weight The grain weight of 9mm is usually 124-grain loadTypically, the weight of 380 is between 85 and 95 grains.

What is 9mm?

The 9mm pistol is one of the most common weapons you will find. It is relatively cheap to buy, uses fairly ordinary ammunition, does not require shooting skills, and can be used well with very little power.

It is equipped with a small idling swing, and three-point illuminated front and rear steel sights to enhance low-light combat.

It can be upgraded to a longer scope and a longer magazine to improve its performance further. It is also considered an advanced bulletproof gun, which can be hidden with a stealth skill of 50 or more.

Because the diameter of the bullet is 9 mm (0.355 inches), the 9mm is named from the fact that it was created in Germany, which employs the measurement units.

The weapons get their name from the fact that they fire a 9mm round of ammunition.

There are various 9mm bullets, but the gun ammunition is made of brass of different lengths. 9mm bullets have been loaded in rifles and pistols, but most of them are pistols.

The rifle has a wider slot and a slightly larger bullet diameter than the pistol. Millimetres are also used to represent the length of the cartridge casing in metric calibres like the 9mm.

What is 380?

The 380 is a handgun cartridge with no rim and a straight wall casing. An American weapon maker, John Moses Browning, invented the 9x17mm gun.

It was first used in a semi-automatic weapon called the Colt Model 1908 pocket hammerless pistol. 380 is a popular self-defence cartridge, suitable for all kinds of small pistols all over the world.

Although the 380 is compact and light, it has less cutting power and a shorter range than other modern handgun cartridges.

Despite these shortcomings, 380 is still a widely used personality round. It’s ideal for anyone who seeks a small, the lightest pistol with little recoil.

I highly encourage you to use one of the truncated helical rounds if you must carry a 380. I’ve witnessed and participated in spiral fluted 380 development and testing, which are highly recommended.

These bullets pierce 10 to 15 inches when blasted through forensic gelatin, whether nude or through four layers of fabric, a thick leather coat, and everything in between.

380 ACP is commonly used by people who seek a lightweight or tiny pistol with controllable recoil. Because the pistol used with it is easy to hide and can hold a large number of bullets, this type of ammunition is usually used by citizens for self-defence.

While the 380 ACP cartridge is small and light, it has a limited range and less stopping power than other handgun cartridges.

Main Differences Between 9mm and 380

  1. The diameter of the 9mm is 0.355 inches, whereas The 380 has a diameter of.355 inches.
  2. The velocity of 115-grain 9mm ammunition is 1,180 feet per second. A little over 1,040 feet per second, a 380 cartridge can fire a 90-grain cartridge.
  3. 9mm has more powder than 380, whereas 380 has comparatively less powder than 9mm.
  4. 9mm has a longer shell than 380, whereas 380 has a slightly smaller shell.
  5. 9mm grain weight is typically a 124-grain load, whereas In most cases, the weight of 380 is between 85 and 95 grains.
Difference Between 9mm and 380
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