Difference Between a City and a Town (With Table)

 We live in a place where sometimes we get resources easily, or it might be difficult. So, we travel to some other places to fulfill our needs. Cities are places where everything will be available. Likewise, towns also contain some useful resources. These two places have differences and can relate to each other as well.

City vs Town

The difference between a City and a Town is that in the city you will get access to many resources that range from everything. But the town is a word that is sometimes used to describe small cities. Because there are cities everywhere in the world and some are small, and some are big. So, they are replaced by this word called Town.

The city is one place where you can do everything and don’t find it very hard if you are a busy person. If you are in the fast-running world, then it is the right place for you. You don’t get time to hear gossip or stories about others. In cities, it is sometimes difficult to get fresh air because of all the vehicles and the pollution from them which will bring lots of diseases and it will affect your health.

Towns are often considered to be smaller than a city. Because the facilities in the town will be somewhat less when compared to the city. But it can also turn out to be a city in one day only if gets more facilities in that place. But it is also close to the city since all the big offices and shops will be available only in a town. And people can get a better job there. 

Comparison Table Between a City and a Town

Parameters of ComparisonCityTown
Derived fromLatinGerman
PopulationLargerSomewhat less
ChangesA city cannot changeA town can change into the city when population increase
CrowdHigherWhen compared with the city, it will be less

What is a City?

A city is a place where you will get all the facilities and the perfect need for your lifestyle. If you are a good working professional or studied enough then, you will have a bright future in the city than staying in some sort of village or someplace. It will have good schools, shops, and everything you need in one place. It is also used as a word to describe a large town.

In City, you will often find the population to be higher. There will be many people because everyone comes there to live a better life, a better job, and a better education. It will often be crowded with lots of people moving here and there. Sometimes you will find these things to be very suffocating. But once you get used to this, then it won’t become a big problem for you. You will get used to these things and the lifestyle of the city you live in.

It will also have better transportation and living facilities. You don’t have to wait so long to commute from one place to another place. All you need to do is get ready and arrive at some bus stop or railway station, and everything will fall in place. You will find all the hotels and restaurants open in cities all the time for travelers. You don’t have to starve, or you don’t have to find some places to eat. There will be many shops for you to decide on and have a portion of good food.

What is a Town?

A town is a term used for describing smaller cities. Not all cities are big in this world. Some might be very small than what we have anticipated. In that case, they use this word to describe them. It will have all the basic facilities that are needed for a person to live. In some villages, people will travel from their places to town to get a better job and education. But it will be a daily journey.

They will travel daily and will go back to their villages once the work gets over. But some people will also stay, but it depends on their comfort. It will have many people, but it won’t be very much crowded. In town, you will be able to find all the necessary government offices, police stations, food centers, and big shops. Here you can buy whatever you want at a single place.

A town can also become a city if the population in that place increases. Because once the population increases more facilities will be provided to that place. It will make that place grow. More people will leave their villages to come here so that they can earn more than what they earned in their previous jobs. A town can also become famous if more people start speaking about that place. It will make others curious so they will visit that place and some might decide to settle with their family.

Main Differences Between a City and a Town

  1. A city is a big place which contains everything a person needs in their life. On the other hand, the town is used for describing cities that are smaller.
  2. In cities, the place will be very much crowded, and you will find it very difficult to breathe. But the population in the town will be somewhat less when compared with cities.
  3. The city will always be a city, and it cannot be changed to some other name. But the town can be changed to the city when population and facilities increase.
  4. Cities used to contain all the basic facilities and all the government offices in that main area. Likewise, the town is the only place where you can find government places and higher officials.
  5. The word city came from a Latin word. On the other hand, the word Town came from the German word.


Both these places have immense opportunities which will help you to gain many resources. Many people are nowadays leaving their villages and are coming to towns and cities in the hope of finding some new jobs and better education. Because these facilities are not provided in many villages, they want to enhance their future by satisfying their needs.

There are even people who just come to these places, and once they finish their work, they will get back to their original places as well. But it is their own choice, and it differs from time to time. The main reason why many people are migrating is because of the facilities that are available here. 


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