Difference Between a Mini Cooper and Mini One (With Table)

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“What are the distinctive differences between MINI Cooper and the MINI One?” is a query we all face whenever we indulge ourselves in a conversation involving the excellence MINI has obtained in the field of compact hatchbacks throughout the years.

The Mini Cooper is a very desirable and successful automobile with a cost that represents its popularity. Mini launched the Mini One as a base model to draw people into the ecosystem of Mini vehicles. We’ll delve into more detail later, but for now, we’ll try to lay out the major distinctions between both models.

Mini Cooper vs Mini One

The difference between Mini Cooper and Mini One is that the efficiency contrast between the Cooper and Mini One is the most significant. The Cooper has a much more robust 1.6L powertrain that produces 122 horsepower, whilst the One’s 1.6L engine only produces 98 power and torque. The Cooper additionally offers more torque than the One and can be regarded as a stronger vehicle in terms of performance, with 160 Nm at 4250rpm vs 153 Nm at 3000rpm, we can simply say that the Cooper outclasses One in terms of raw performance.

The Mini Cooper is an excellent compact vehicle. It’s available in three coupes: two- and four-door Mini Hardtops, as well as the Mini Roadster also called the Mini Convertible edition, and it’s a blast to drive because of its powerful engines and nimble handling. The interior is attractive and modern, and the technological elements are simple to operate. However, the Mini Cooper is not without flaws. It has a modest cargo area and back seats, and several competitors have more basic equipment and achieve higher gas mileage.

The modern MINI One does an exceptional job of keeping the look and personality of the original car, which was a fashionable phenomenon in the 1960s. The new ‘One’ model, according to MINI, will have the same go-kart feel as the original. That isn’t entirely accurate, as it is much larger and heavier. But it’s a lot of fun within those constraints, ranging from customer support and precise handling.

Comparison Table Between Mini Cooper and Mini One

Parameters of ComparisonMini CooperMini One
MileageThe mileage of Cooper is 14 kmpl.The mileage of One is slightly better on paper i.e. 17 kmpl. However, on road performance is comparable to Mini Cooper.
Engine2 Litre 4 cylinder DOHC twinCharged engine. 1.6 L Peugeot DV6 diesel I4 (One D and Cooper D (manual transmission).
Fuel OptionsPetrolPetrol and Gasoline
Launch DateThe first model of Mini Cooper was launched in 1969.The first debut model of Mini One was launched in early 2000s.
Horsepower141 to 170 KW depending upon different generations and models.The net horsepower of Mini One is 122 KW.

What is a Mini Cooper?

In 2001, the very first Mini Cooper was released. It came in three multiple variations. Mini One, Mini Cooper, as well as Mini Cooper S, have been the three models. The Mini Cooper comes in a variety of models. This automobile has a 1598 cc petrol engine. It’s powered by a 1.6L engine. The motor can produce a torque of up to 160Mn at 4250 rpm. At 6000 rpm, the car’s gasoline engine makes 120 BHP of performance. The length of this vehicle is 3699mm, the breadth is 1633mm, and the elevation is 1414mm.

The Cooper has a cruising speed of 126mph, which is 10mph faster than the One’s 116mph. In addition, Cooper’s 0-60mph time is reduced by much more than an entire second. The One takes approximately 10.5 seconds, whereas the Cooper takes 9.1 seconds.

These distinctions may not be discernible to the untrained eye, but in the hands of a professional race driver, the One has no chance against the simply better Cooper. When it concerns trim levels, the Cooper offers the most possibilities. Silver grills and other features that are offered on the Mini One are already included on the Mini Cooper. The Mini Cooper’s numerous advantages all come up to one thing: cost.

There are a few notable differences between the 2021 Mini Fastback and Convertible and the preceding version. The Mini Convertible (the Mini Pavement) as well as the Mini Hardtop both have new super deluxe variations (the John Cooper Works GP). In addition, the Mini Hardtop Oxford-Edition is now more easily accessible, after previously only being accessible to college students and military veterans.

What is Mini One?

The MINI One comes with a 1.2-liter TwinPower gasoline engine that produces 102 horsepower and a 1.2-liter TwinPower turbo diesel motor that produces 95 horsepower. Engine halt is offered on both engine versions to minimize pollution and save gasoline.

The most difficult aspect of purchasing a MINI One is determining how to customize it. MINI is all about customization, and there are probably hundreds of paints, trim, tire, and option pack combinations to choose from. Aircon, a DAB digital radio, and automatic windows and mirrors are included in the standard safety equipment.

The Mini is indeed another famous BMW vehicle that was introduced in 2001. Since its inception, this automobile has been adored and owned by the majority of compact luxury car enthusiasts. The car features a 1398cc gasoline engine. With a six-speed manual gearbox, it’s rather sporty. The car’s efficiency is quite impressive. At 4500 rpm, the Mini One can produce 75 BHP.

Ones have often had a hundred thousand pounds worth of accessories fitted to them. This implies you can customize your MINI to your preferences without needing to purchase anything you don’t really want. Consider the ‘Cooper’ to be the sports choice pack for a base One. It’s billed as a separate model, but it’s just a collection of sporting and aesthetic upgrades to the ONE, the base car.

Main Differences Between Mini Cooper and Mini One

  1. Mini Cooper is costlier than Mini One.
  2. The boot space of Mini Cooper is 125L whereas in the case of Mini One it is 165L.
  3. Mini Cooper has more customizable options like chrome trims and silver wheel rims whereas the customization options in a Mini One are limited.
  4. Mini Cooper is faster and has more torque than the older generation Mini One.
  5. Mini Cooper was launched in 1969 whereas Mini One was first launched in the early 2000s.


BMW’s Mini Cooper and Mini One are both immensely popular vehicles. People who appreciate compact luxury automobiles will enjoy both of these vehicles. Both automobiles have nearly identical characteristics and are better suited for city journeys.

The Mini Cooper’s numerous benefits all come up to one thing: cost. The Mini Cooper has a higher price tag than the Mini One. The precise price difference varies depending on the version, but it is often approximately £1000 or $1600. In the end, the decision here between Mini Cooper versus Mini One is a matter of money’s technology and raw performance.


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