Difference Between a Sheriff and a Police Officer (With Table)

A government employer’s work is to serve the country and protect the people of their land. It is very challenging work and people with great interest, attitude. Integrity will only be able to sustain in this field. A Sheriff and a Police officer come under government jobs, and their jobs will vary in terms of work.

Sheriff vs Police Officer

The difference between a sheriff and a police officer is that a sheriff can take care of law enforcement services. But the police will only take care of certain parts of the place they are serving. A sheriff will be selected based on the votes that are given by the people in the country. A police officer will be selected by the government officials.

A sheriff’s work is to take care of the department of the law. It is a very good career for young aspirants who would like to serve their country. If appointed, they will serve the whole country and not for any particular place. Since it is a government job, both loyalty and integrity are very important to sustain in their job. If they fail to do so, they will be removed by their higher officials. 

A police officer’s work is to take care of the particular place and the people living there. It is a very challenging job, and they have to give their 100% to protect people in that place. Once you get selected as a police officer, you can start your work by reporting to the higher official in your department. 

Comparison Table Between a Sheriff and a Police Officer

Parameters of ComparisonSheriffPolice Officer
ServiceWhole CountryParticular Place
Educational QualificationLaw-related subjectsA Bachelor’s Degree in any field
Entrance ExamNoYes
WorkLaw enforcementTaking care of the crime-related offences

What is a Sheriff?

A Sheriff is an official appointed by the government to perform various duties. They take care of the law and law-related services as well. Their main work is to work as chief enforcement officers. They have all the rights in the law department. They can take care of all the activities right from giving orders and law enforcement.

They take care of them at the national level. If they are appointed as a sheriff to a particular country, then they should take care of the entire country and not any particular place or department. They will help to maintain the peace of the country by forcing some laws on the country. A sheriff has more power and higher authority when it comes to taking care of any work. If they fail to perform their duties or pass any wrong information or laws, they will be dismissed from their position. 

A sheriff can be removed from the position by any higher officials who are in charge at that time. In some counties, elections will be held to select the sheriff. They work together as a police department staff. Sheriffs are most famous in the United States of America. It is a very good career who want to do some challenging work or would like to serve in society can opt for this type of work. 

What is a Police Officer?

A police officer will take care of all the crimes that are happening in the city they work. They should be very bold and courageous so that they can handle the criminals well. A police officer will be given a duty to work at a certain place. They don’t have to take care of the entire country in their work. They will work in a specific department. 

For that, you have to do all the rigorous training to achieve that position. If you serve as a good police officer in your department, you will be given promotions and awards as well. But remember, if you wish to go using shortcuts to achieve this, it will ruin your reputation in the end. To become a police officer, a bachelor’s degree in any field is the minimum requirement. 

After completing the under graduation, you can start preparing for your police officer training. You have to start by preparing for the entrance exams. Once you crack the entrance exam, you have to undergo rigorous training. In that training period, you have to solely dedicate your time and hard work. After this, you will be selected by the higher officials. 

Main Differences Between a Sheriff and a Police Officer

  1. A sheriff is a government official whose main work is to take care of law-related problems. A Police officer will take care of the work related to crimes.
  2. If a sheriff gets selected, then they have to serve the entire country. On the other hand, a police officer has to serve for a particular place.
  3. A Sheriff will be selected based on the votes of the citizens. But a police officer will be selected based on the exams, training, and by a government official.
  4. A Sheriff’s position is very much higher when it is compared with a police officer’s position.
  5. A sheriff’s work will vary depending upon the country they work. But a police officer’s position will be the same in all the countries. 


Both Sheriff and Police officer requires consistent effort in their career. A small mistake will come as a bad reputation in their career. Their job is not easy when compared with other jobs. They have to work very hard so that they will take good care of their country. In their work, they should be very loyal to their colleagues and higher officials.

If they fail to do so, then they have to face all the consequences. It is a very good career for young aspirants. They have all the strengths, potentials, and skills to achieve in their life. They will motivate others to join this field. Depending upon their responsibilities, they will be assigned different tasks. 


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