Difference Between Want and Need

Every person is bound in social relationships, they have some sort of relationship with themselves which is not mentioned anywhere but it still persists. Being a human is not confined to eating or sleeping but it is more than that.

Human life involves various high and low points in their life, and it is considered as part of life. Every person has aspirations, some necessitates, which needs to be fulfilled by them, these things make a difference between animals and humans.

Every person has some basic necessities in their life to live minimally like food, water, oxygen, etc. and there are few things which man wants as per their aspirations, like a particular type of food, car, clothes, etc..

The desires of humans are different and vary from person to person as per their capabilities to accomplish them.

A desire of one person might not be of the other person , for example if someone wants to live in a bungalow, the other might be thinking of living in flats.

There are some basic requirements of a person without which living would not be possible for much time.

During the early times, the early humans with the developments of their minds acknowledged some basic needs like clothes, food, water, etc., these things are still necessary for human life and will remain so.

Want vs Need

The difference between a want and a need is their scope of accomplishment. “Want” and “need” might sound similar to each other but they are entirely different in terms of grammatical use and even in their meaning.

Want vs Need


Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonA WantA Need
CompulsionNot too compulsory for lifeToo compulsory for life
Created byHumans themselvesNatural
Scope of procrastinationModerate scopeLeast scope
VariationsVaries from person to personAlmost similar in every person
Demands/ includesLuxuries (mostly)Basic requirements (mostly)


What is a Want?

A want is a desire to have something, it is created by human beings on their own. Wants can be different depending upon the person and his/her desires. It is the aspiration of a person.

A want can be anything, it can be a materialistic thing or any situation, or any pleasure. Wants are created by humans as per their choice, which according to them will give them happiness and pleasure or just improve their life.

A want is something which can be accomplished by doing hard work, dedication and consistent efforts.

Wants can be different and vary from one person to another, for example  a rich person wants to buy a private jet, on the other hand a middle class person might just want to travel in plane be it economy class.

A want can be procrastinated as they are not basic, they have alternatives, thus a person can settle for less as well. People might not get their wants fulfilled due to circumstances or less capabilities but certainly try to accomplish them.

Wanting something certainly gives direction to the life of a person. When a person wants something they will probably do hard work which will turn them into an asset for their family or society.

Thus it is better to desire something good which will enhance their life and other people’s too.


What is a Need?

A need is synonymous to requirement or necessity for life. A need is characterised as the basics of life which every human being deserves or must have to live a minimal life.

Need is something which every person has, be it a newborn , a toddler, an adult, a teenager, old people, etc. every person has their needs. Some of the basic needs are food, water, house to live in, clothes to cover the body, etc..

Unlike want, needs are important and are not created by humans themselves but it is their requirement of the body.

Like food and water are necessary to live, clothes and house are important to protect them from outside harshness.and such basic needs are similar for every person.

When a person modifies their need it is characterized as want. For example a person needs food to live but it becomes want when they demand a specific cuisine, or house is needed but aspiring to live in a bungalow is a want.

Needs cannot be procrastinated as they are important for life, someone cannot procrastinate wearing clothes,  breathing, having shelter,etc. Not being able to fulfil needs might push a person to a miserable life like beggars.

Needs are sometimes basic rights of human beings to live on earth, and sometimes they are not that necessary, for example buying a car, a person needs a car but in actuality it is a want. This confusion is created between the two.


Main Differences Between a Want and a Need

  1. Wants are created by humans for themselves, whereas needs are a necessity of human life and are natural.
  2. Want can be procrastinate but a need cannot be procrastinate.
  3. Want varies from person to person on contrary needs of people  are mostly similar or same.
  4. Wants are modified needs, and needs are basic requirements of people.
  5. Wants can be fulfilled or can be settled for less but needs are must to be fulfilled and cannot style for less.
Difference Between Want and Need
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