AAS vs AS: Difference and Comparison

AAS and AS are degrees that can enrich a student’s life. Both programs can promise to fulfil your career goals. But for that, choosing the right program to fulfil the different needs are important.

And in order to make the right choice, one should know the detailed benefits of these two programs before picking up the right one for themselves.

Key Takeaways

  1. An Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree focuses on practical, job-specific skills and is designed to prepare students for immediate employment.
  2. An Associate of Science (AS) degree provides a broader, more general education and is often used as a stepping stone toward a four-year bachelor’s degree.
  3. AAS degrees are found in technical and vocational fields, while AS degrees are more common in academic disciplines.


AAS is a degree  awarded to students who complete a two-year program in a vocational or technical field, designed to prepare them for entry-level employment. AS stands for Associate of Science, and is awarded to students who complete a two-year program in a science-related field.


Associate of Applied Science consists of laboratory classes that offer professional skills and knowledge instead of just a general course of education.


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The range of AAS subject-wise programs is very wide, and students are free to choose according to their will.

Associate of Science is a non-laboratory program that offers general education. This degree is composed for students who are eager to have a 4 years degree.

It can be categorised as social work, and the credits earned in the program are transferable for a bachelor’s degree.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAASAS
Full form AAS means Associate of Applied Science. AS means Associate of Science.
PurposeAAS degree program is meant for students who aspire jobs right after completing their graduation. AS aims for the preparation of bachelor-level Social Work.
Number of credits givenAAS rewards its students with four credits.AS rewards its students with three credits.
LaboratoryAAS has laboratory classes.AS does not have laboratory classes.
AimComparatively, AAS is a more vocational programme.AS is not as vocational as AAS.
Fit forAAS is for the students who want to enrich their careers. AS is for students who are interested to attain their 4 years degree.

What is AAS?

As the name suggests, an Associate of Applied Science or AAS is an associate degree that you can undertake if you are planning to dive into the professional world right after finishing your graduation.

Similar to all other degrees, it is a 60-credit program, yet it does not include general education. They are directed straight to the path of a bright career.

It includes professional skills and knowledge instead of a general course of education. AAS is capable of fetching lucrative jobs for students.

Associate of Applied Science programs includes a varied range of occupational majors.

For instance, human services, industrial education, office administration, technology, manufacturing, business administration, agriculture, criminal justice, childcare, electronics, computer science and security.

With a degree in AAS, one can easily find jobs in such areas. An Applied Science degree is one of the most significant degrees.

If you want to earn money as soon as you graduate, then AAS is the right program for you. If you intend to get your AAS degree online, then choose a famous and reputable online institution.

Commit plenty of time to choosing the online academy.

What is AS?

The Associate of Science or AS degree includes general education, which is assigned in a 4 years bachelor’s degree course. This degree gives priority to math, science or technology. It is similar to an AA degree or Associate of Arts degree.

Students with an AS degree can transfer their credits without losing anything from a two-year community college to four years institution.

If you have an AS degree, you can work in your chosen field and complete your desired bachelor’s degree at your convenience.

If a student achieves credits for social work, such as counselling people with drug or alcohol addiction, then those earned credits the student can get transferred to a degree of Bachelor of Social Work.

This degree extends the first-hand experience to learn theories and skills for working with specific groups such as children, adults, alcoholics and drug abusers. Students get offered two semesters along with internships.

Main Differences Between AAS and AS

  1. The full form of AAS is Associate of Applied Science, whereas the full form of AS is Associate of Science.
  2. AAS, or Associate of Applied Science, has laboratory classes as it is a practical program. On the other hand, Bit AS is not an applied or practical degree, so it does not include any laboratory classes.
  3. AAS degree program is for students who want a job right after completing their graduation. Students who are aspiring to kick start their careers right after finishing their studies should opt for AAS. While on the other hand, AS focuses on human science and social work. This preparation is given at the bachelor level.
  4. Comparatively, AAS is more of a vocational programme which is graver than the program of AS.
  5. At the end of the semester, students get credits as a reward for the programs undertaken. AAS rewards the students with four credits, as it is a laboratory class. And students who undertook AS get three credits at the end of the semester.
  6. AAS does not put focus on general education courses as it prioritises career goals, but AS does include general education.
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