Accommodation vs Modification: Difference and Comparison

When it comes to talking about accommodation and modification, these terms are found in the education field. But the field of both terms is vast.

One might think that both accommodation and modification are the same things, but when their structure is elaborated, it becomes easy to see the difference they contain.

Key Takeaways

  1. Accommodation refers to changes made to existing structures to make them more accessible, while modification refers to changes made to the structure.
  2. Accommodation is less expensive than modification.
  3. Accommodation is a temporary solution, while the modification is a permanent solution.

Accommodation vs Modification

Accommodations do not change the academic standards but rather make it possible for students with disabilities to participate and demonstrate their knowledge fully. Modifications involve changing the curriculum or educational standards to meet the needs of students with disabilities.

Accommodation vs Modification

A specific place that is available for a person to stay with the basic facilities is considered accommodation. Another meaning of accommodation can be an agreement to share commodities or places.

The meaning of accommodation changes according to the context. Every field has its separate implications about accommodation.

Modification is a term used for a slight change in some procedures or methods to make them easier to access. It refers to the alterations to make things understandable and convenient.

When a traditional method of doing a particular work becomes obsolete,, it needs modification to become enhanced and advanced.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonAccommodationModification
MeaningModification means making necessary changes in opinions or objects to better solve problems and acquire better consequences. Accommodation promotes compromising in multiple traditional methods to facilitate everyone targeting similar goals.
StructureModification promotes changes or requires alternation in traditional methods to find solutions and easier ways of doing things. The term accommodation affects or influences how things are done, but the results remain unaffected.
InfluenceThe term modification is applied to the traditional way of doing things that affect the results. In the context of classroom exams, in accommodation, students’ grades depend upon their performance in the exam.
Affect on gradesIn the context of classroom exams, in modification, grades can vary since change is capable of affecting the results. When taking an exam, disabled students can be assigned to different question papers, or there can be extra marks.
ExampleWhen taking an exam, disabled students are facilitated by giving extra time and the necessary equipment to complete the exam. When taking an exam, disabled students can be assigned to different question papers or there can be extra marks.

What is Accommodation?

Accommodation is a procedure to help the person complete a task and make it easier. Accommodation exists in various fields, but the meaning is the same,: to agree on some lessons to be done.

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But accommodation does not affect the results but the procedure of doing a particular activity. In schools, some students might be physically or mentally either slow or disabled.

In this circumstance, making accommodations means providing them with more straightforward methods to compete with regular students, for they are given a little extra time in tests or exams.

Rules in sports are less strict for them. This is called making an accommodation.

But it doesn’t change the results, for example, a disabled child would not get extra marks, but he gets some extra help to finish his exam.

Another example of making the accommodation is in the workplace.

Providing flexible work hours, giving extra financial help to new moms, and offering multiple types of therapies to the employees in need are referred to as making an accommodation.

In a relationship, accommodation is referred to making an agreement about child care, spending adequate time with the child, etc.

Hence, one can understand by the accommodation that it is nothing but making an exception for those especially disabled people.


What is Modification?

Modification is a process of variation in things that have been difficult to operate. Depending on the context, the meaning of modification also changes.

A thing is liable to get modified if it’s old and there is a possibility of improvement.

For example, when a person buys a car, he doesn’t throw it away just because there was some malfunction. Rather, with the modification procedure, the car gets reusable and advanced.

Talking about developing software or computer program, constantly needs modification to match the latest technologies. There are various types of changes depending on the topic being discussed.

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There is a type found in biology described as genetic modification.

A person can open any subject, and he’ll see modifications pre-existing there.

In education, improvement is associated with alterations in teaching methods, such as getting the latest equipment for elaborating topics vividly,

applying new procedures for the dynamic growth of students, and arranging teachers for disabled students to help them learn and understand new things.

All of this is considered to be part of the modification. Modification can vary from situation to situation.

It all depends on what field of the subject is being narrated or what technology is being discussed because almost everything needs modification at some point.


Main Differences Between Accommodation and Modification

  1. Accommodation is considered to be the term that welcomes different suggestions and opinions. At the same time, the modification is considered to be the proper change in certain things to evolve them.
  2. When it comes to applying, accommodation is suggested to be adopted first. On the other hand, the modification should be considered after accommodation since it brings an apparent impact.
  3. Accommodation brings convenience to things to be done by providing extra help. Modification, on the other hand, changes things that are causing difficulties.
  4. The results are not affected by accommodation. It only offers additional aid to complete certain tasks. On the other hand, modifications are applied to get better results by changing the methods.
  5. For example, if a computer program gets a virus, this problem would be resolved with the help of several antiviruses this problem would be resolved. This is accommodation. In a modification, such technology will be used so the program never gets a virus.
Difference Between Accommodation and Modification

Last Updated : 17 August, 2023

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