Difference Between Acrylic and Glass Bongs

Bongs are also called ‘water pipes.’ Radically, they are a tool used for decontaminating the smoke via water to make it more reliable and smooth.


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Eventually, the more water fills the smoke, the pleasanter. A broad spectrum of surpassing bongs addressed them as the desired selections for smokers over the past years. 

They differ with their different designs, materials, and features. They are made from diversified materials Silicone, Borosilicate (Pyrex) Glass, Ceramic, Acrylic, and likewise.

These appear in a surplus of sizes, plenty of filter containers, and colors. However, the most popular ones are made up of Acrylic or Glass ones. 

Acrylic vs Glass Bongs

The difference Between Acrylic and Glass Bongs is that Acrylic bongs are made up of plastic and glass ones, as they are called made of glass. That is why the former bong is affordable and has a chemical reaction. Whereas the latter one is expensive and gives a better taste.

Acrylic vs Glass Bongs

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAcrylic BongGlass Bong
MaterialsThe material of acrylic bong is made up of plastic.The material of glass bong is made up of as it is called glass.
CostsIt is affordable to buy than glass bongs.It is expensive to buy than acrylic bongs.
Chemical ReactionChange occurs in the smell and the taste of its smoke after coming in contact with heat. It turns into an undesirable flavor.The taste and smell of its smoke do not change even after coming in contact with the heat. It keeps the authentic flavor better and natural as it is.
DurabilityAcrylic Bong is more durable than glass bong.Glass Bong is less durable than an acrylic bong.
QualityMaterial is thinner than the glass ones.Material is thicker than the acrylic ones.
CleanThey are harder to clean as compared to a glass bong.They are easier to clean than that of the acrylic bong.
MaintenanceIt does not break easily after dropping or compressing. The material is strong enough to not break easily.It can break easily after toppling in the wrong way or dropping. It is fragile enough to break.
PortabilityEasier and lighter to take anywhere by packing it in the suitcase. These bongs are heavier and sensitively fragile unless having a special suitcase they’re heavier to carry. So they’re better for indoor use.

What is Acrylic Bong?

Acrylic Bongs possess a stimulating, artistic, and friendly appearance. The design of the models has several shapes, colors, and bodies. They are formed up of thinner plastic material and so are more long-lasting. 

The benefit of obtaining acrylic bongs is they are affordable and effortless to carry anyplace.

The body is amply sturdy enough to not break easily even after falling or squeezing. They are lighter in weight to transport anywhere while traveling.

On the downside, they are hard to clean. If not, the smoking experience becomes harsh and hot after reacting with the heat. 

acrylic bong

What is Glass Bong? 

Glass Bongs resemble simplistic, contemporary, and neat than Acrylic. Its design is more personal, hand-blown, and freakish. They are a build-up of glass as they are acknowledged. It is simpler to cleanse them.

These are expensive products as they are aesthetic materials. Even after coming in contact with the heat, it still manages to sustain the initial taste, flavor, and smell of smoke. That results in the inert smoking experience. 

On the downside, as a glass, they have a sensitive body. That is less durable and easily breakable after toppling in the wrong way or dropping it.

The material is thick, but it is also fragile. Because of the robust body, they are heavier to carry anywhere. To save them from breaking they need a special suitcase while traveling or are better to use indoor. 

glass bong

Main Differences Between Acrylic and Glass Bongs

  1. Acrylic bongs are made up of plastic, and Glass bongs are of glass material.
  2. The former bongs are affordable, and the latter are expensive ones.
  3. After coming in contact with heat, the flavor of the smoke in acrylic changes. Whereas glass maintains the authenticness of it.
  4. Acrylics are more durable than glass ones.
  5. The acrylic bong has thinner material. On the contrary, glass bong has thicker material.
  6. The first ones are harder to clean, while the second ones are easier to clean.
  7. Acrylics are easy to maintain. Conversely, glass is sensitive that is easily breakable.
  8. It is lighter to travel with acrylic. On the other hand, glass is the heavier one.
  9. While traveling, acrylic is the best choice to take with. Whereas glass is better for indoor use.
Difference Between Acrylic and Glass Bongs


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