Difference Between Air Mattress and Self Inflatable

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For people like you, who like to enjoy every step of their journey, you need a lot of energy and freshness, which you are going to get only when you get a good sleep.

But during these trips that is a bit difficult. To give you comfort, with the use of modern technology and innovative ideas, now you have products like Air Mattress and Self Inflation. Yes, choosing among them is a bit difficult cause both have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages.

Air Mattress vs Self Inflatable

The difference between Air Mattress and Self Inflation is that to use Air Mattress one needs to carry a pump to fill air in it whereas you don’t need the pump for the latter, also air mattresses come cheaper as compared to self-inflatable. Moreover, Air Mattresses are backpack friendly and easy to carry whereas Self Inflatable are bulky and take a lot of space of your luggage as well as your vehicle.

Air Mattress vs Self Inflatable

Air Mattress is sometimes also referred to as Air bed. It is made up of PVC or textile-reinforced urethane plastic or rubber. It might also feature a layer of foam insulation under the air chambers. It has a wide range of sizes ranging from Twin to King Size.

Self Inflatable is a a bit bulky which takes up extra space to store sometimes. But still it can easily be carried in their bags just by folding or rolling the latter in a special way. It is basically a tight shell with two layers of foam and a valve.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAir MattressSelf Inflatable
PriceThe mattress is affordable but you need a pump which sometimes can be costly.It is a one time investment and is a bit expensive.
InsulationIt has Insulation padding, which keeps the user warm.It does not have insulation padding.
SpaceIt is very luggage friendly and takes very less space.It is very bulky.
WeightLightweight Mattress; though you need to carry an additional pumpBulky and heavy weight.
WaterbedIt can be used as a waterbed.It cannot be used as a waterbed

What is Air Mattress?

Air Mattress is a sleeping pad, which is inflatable. It not only serves as an airbed during camps and treks but it also has health benefits. Air Mattress has a great buoyance level, hence the latter can be used as a water toy or flotation device.

In some countries like UK it is called Lilo which means ‘Readymade’.

Air Mattresses has multipurpose uses which gives the user maximum optimization and makes each penny invested for it, worth it. It is available in different shapes and sizes.

From Twin to King size and they might also have customized shapes like shapes which can be used in the cargo area of a pickup truck or SUV.

The deflated Mattress can be rolled or folded into a compact form and be stored or carried. The mattress can be inflated with the help of a manual or electric pump. One of the drawbacks one faces while using it, is carrying the pump as an extra luggage.

But the sleeping pads themselves are light weighted, have reduced thickness and reduced size. It is backpack friendly. The mattress might have foam heat insulation, which keeps the user warm.

The health benefits one gets by using this, be it during camping or home use is providing comfort and some measure of relief to those people who suffer from back and neck pain.

air mattress

What is Self Inflatable?

As the name says, this type of mattress are self inflatable in nature. It has two layers of foam which keeps the user on a considerable height from the ground. When the valve is opened air automatically fills in. This makes the content of air more than the content of foam in it.

These are often way more expensive when compared to the thick mattress. One of the basic problems on is going to face while using this, is to trace out the exact location of the holes, if any. This type of mattress are a bit bulky and takes up a lot of space of be it your vehicle or your backpack.

The advantages one experience while using the latter is that you do not need to carry an extra pump or get tired by blowing in air as it is self inflatable. They have a wide range of sizes, giving the users a wide of options to choose from to maximize the comfort level.

In addition, even if you end up having holes on the mattress, which results in leaking of air, you won’t be sleeping on the ground as you will still be having the foam layer to sleep on.

It sometimes is used like a trampoline by the kids which makes them prone to puncture.

self inflatable

Main Differences Between Air Mattress and Self Inflatable

  1. The Air Mattress is pocket friendly whereas Self Inflatable is very expensive.
  2. The Air Mattress can be rolled and carried in the backpack whereas Self Inflatable take up a lot of space.
  3. Air Mattresses are light weight; whereas self inflatable are very bulky.
  4. Air Mattress are single layer PVC and only has air compartments; whereas Self Inflatable are two layers i.e. it has a foam layer as well as air compartment.
  5. Air Mattress has insulation padding which keeps the user warm; but self inflatable do not have insulation padding.
Difference Between Air Mattress and Self Inflatable


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