Difference Between AKC and CKC

There are many breeds of dogs around the world. Being a dog lover and wanting to choose the best breed for themselves can be quite the task because every breed would start seeming perfect for you.


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AKC and CKC are two main and popular dog registry clubs. They give a count of the approximate breeds that are recognized by them and allow registration of other dogs into their clubs. They both have strict standards but they are quite different from one another. What are the differences?


The difference between AKC and CKC is that for AKC both the parents have to be AKC-registered dogs whereas for CKC this is not necessary. Only the mother is required to be CKC-registered whereas the father only needs a certificate from a CKC-recognized organization.

AKC vs CKC 1

AKC, that is short for American Kennel Club was present since the early 1880s. they were first of their kind and haven’t had any competition until the early 1900s across the globe. They have strict policies for registration and do not allow inbreeding.

Even if a dog is registered, once they stop meeting the standards of the club they can be and suspended off their registration. CKC is short for Continental Kennel Club is another dog registry club that was first established in 1991 after adapting the idea from AKC.

They have 450 registered and recognized breeds as they allow registration of pure as well as mixed breeds. They also have registration policies but are more lenient than AKC.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAKCCKC
AbbreviationAmerican Kennel ClubContinental Kennel Club
OriginPresent since the 1880sWas established in 1991
Recognized breeds150 dog breeds450 dog breeds
ChargesFor the registration canines and littersOnly for the registration of canines
RegistrationPure breeds of only AKC-registered parentsPure and mixed breeds
RulesStrict rules to avoid inbreeding and to only have pure breeds with registered parentsRules are more lenient and do not follow closed registration policy

What is AKC?

AKC or American Kennel Club is a dog registry club and were founded back in the 1880s. the AKC was the first of its kind and for the longest time, there were no other dog registry clubs across the globe. This is the reason for their undying popularity.

They have strict registration policies, one of the reasons why they have only 150 recognized breeds. They only propagate pure breeds and ensure this is done properly by having constant DNA check-ups.

AKC allows breeding only between registered AKC-parents. This is one of the strict criteria followed by them for recognizing the new dog. They also keep a check on the cleanliness of the kennel and the DNA.

If they fall out of the required standards or do not reach up to it after registration, they can suspend the registration. The pricing plans are therefore different from that of CKC. While the CKC does not charge for the litters, AKC charges for both the litters and the canines.


What is CKC?

CKC or Continental Kennel Club is a dog registry club. Only the mother has to be a registered member of CKC whereas the father can have a certificate from any other CKC-recognized organizations.

It was founded in 1991 and due to their large number of recognized breeds, of approximately 450 breeds, is now called the American dog mill. Their lenient standards and greater facilities have made it one of the greatest competitors of AKC.

It leads to inbreeding. CKC has faced backlashes saying they do not care about the quality of the breed. Their lenient registration has led to the owner’s worries related to the mixing of their dogs with one another.

They usually require 3 photos and one signature for the proof of a new dog’s breed to be registered with the CKC. This allows an advantage for the owners to be able to recognize and get back their dog.


Main Differences Between AKC and CKC

  1. AKC stands for American Kennel Club which is the first of its kind dog registry club. CKC stands for Continental Kennel Club and is also a dog registry club that was established following the ideas of AKC.
  2. AKC was established in the early 1880s and there were no other such clubs until the beginning of the 1900s. CKC was only recently established, around the year 1991.
  3. AKC has only 150 recognised dog breeds whereas CKC has 450 recognised and registered dog breeds in their club.
  4. The charges of AKC are high because they charge for the registration of the canines as well as litters. Whereas the charges of CKC are comparatively lesser since they charge for the registration of only the canines.
  5. The registration of the two is also quite different. This is because, for AKC registration, both the parents have to be AKC-registered whereas this rule is not seen in CKC. Only the mother has to be CKC-registered whereas the father doesn’t need to be, therefore allowing pure and mixed breeds of dogs.
  6. The rules and standards of AKC are strict and are followed up closely to prevent inbreeding from happening. In the case of CKC, their standards are much more lenient and this is the reason for their higher number of recognized breeds.


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