Difference Between Alienware and Dell XPS

Alienware is best when it comes to gaming computers. And Dell XPS was not intended to be a gaming computer in the beginning.


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Initially, XPS was a line launched by Dell, gradually to sustain and compete with the competitors, it revised the model and transformed the model to be more concentrated on the gaming features. 

Alienware vs Dell XPS

The difference between Alienware and Dell XPS is that Alienware comes with a particular logo that makes it stand out, and anymain one can point it out at first glance, but Dell XPS does not contain any specialized logo or mark to stand out from the crowd. Alienware is the best gaming computer with enhanced performance.

Alienware vs Dell XPS

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Alienware comes with an alien logo which can be categorised as one of its most striking traits. It is a high-performance gaming laptop producing a great experience for gamers.

It has a graphic card which comes in 8 GB size.

Dell XPS has the capacity to be tagged as a high performing gaming laptop. However, Dell does not intend it to be one.

Its price is a lot less than Alienware, but also it can not beat Alienware when it comes to gaming features.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAlienwareDell XPS
ProcessorIt has a 10th Gen, Intel Core i9 processor.  It has a 10th Gen, Intel Core i7 processor.
Graphic card sizeIn this model, the graphic card size is 8 GB.In this model, the graphic card size is 4 GB.
Battery backupIts battery can last up to 12 hours.Its battery can last up to 8 hours.
DisplayIt has a 4K OLED, 400 nits DCI-P3 display.It has a 4K UHD, 500 nits DCI-P display.
Dimensions276 x 360 x 19.7 mm‎23 x 34.5 x 1.8 cm
WeightIts weight is 2.5 Kg.Its weight is 1.83 Kg
CostIt is more expensive.Comparatively, it costs less.
RAM extensionIts RAM can be extended up to 32GB.Its RAM can be extended up to 64GB.
Colour It is available in white and grey colour.It comes in platinum silver colour with a black carbon coloured palm rest.

What is Alienware?

If you ask what the most striking aspect of Alienware is, then its logo is the answer. Its alien logo makes it the centre of the spotlight.

The green head of the alien is its identity. You can spot this even from a distance.

The logo is inspired by the founder’s admiration for sci-fi TV. 

Alienware desktop computers also have performance custom cases to offer. These cases are very useful because they have multiple usages.

They come with exhaust fans that are capable of cooling down the components under heavy load. If you have the habit of pushing your devices to the extreme, then this is suitable for you. 

It has a water cooling system built in it. These cases also brought cable management and other things with it.

It includes an HD camera that offers 1280×720 resolution. The camera also consists of integrated microphones.

Its battery has a long-lasting capacity. Generally, it is able to survive up to 12 hours.

What is Dell XPS?

Dell has made XPS and Alienware come under one line. Dell continues both the model lines. However, XPS does not have any distinctive features like the alien logo of Alienware.

The XPS brings a 17-inch display, and the outlook of it has slim bezels. XPS has the capabilities to be a gaming computer as well. 

However, this model is no longer promoted as a gaming rig. It holds the ability to be a high performing gaming laptop, but Dell presents it now as a laptop for video production and 3D modelling. 

Dell XPS contains a 10th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, and it provides a graphic card of 4 GB. The battery is not the best in the market, but it will survive for around 8 hours.

You can even extend the RAM up to 64GB.

Main Differences Between Alienware and Dell XPS

  1. Alienware has a 10th Gen, Intel Core i9 processor, while Dell XPS includes a 10th Gen Intel Core i7 processor.
  2. In Alienware, the graphic card size is 8 GB, but in the Dell XPS laptop model, the graphic card size is 4 GB.
  3. The battery of Alienware can last for a longer time. It lasts up to 12 hours, and Dell XPS is capable of lasting for only 8 hours.
  4. Alienware comes with a 4K OLED, 400 nits DCI-P3 display, and Dell XPS offers a 4K UHD, 500 nits DCI-P display.
  5. The weight of Alienware is 2.5 Kg, while Dell XPS weighs a lot less. It is only 1.83 Kg.
  6. The price of Alienware appears much more expensive when it is compared to Dell XPS, which will cost less.
  7. The RAM of both the laptops can be extended, for Alienware, the RAM can be stretched up to 32GB, and the RAM of Dell XPS can be extended up to 64GB.
  8. Alienware has the colour option of white and grey colour, but Dell XPS is available in platinum silver colour that includes a palm rest of black carbon colour.
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