Allstate vs Belairdirect: Difference and Comparison

Insurance policies are always overwhelming. Allstate and Belairdirect are insurance corporations that provide car insurance policies in common.

Allstate and Belairdirect are the best insurance companies one can find in Ontario.

Key Takeaways

  1. Allstate is a US-based insurance company, while Belairdirect is a Canadian-based company.
  2. Allstate provides a wide range of insurance products, whereas Belairdirect focuses primarily on auto and home insurance.
  3. Belairdirect offers online services and a streamlined quoting process, while Allstate has a more traditional agency-based approach.

Allstate vs Belairdirect

The difference between Allstate and Belairdirect is that Allstate company was founded in the year 1931 and has been the pioneer in the insurance market based on home and auto insurance whereas Belairdirect company was founded in the year 1955 and the company has become the first to offer online services of car insurance purchase. 

Allstate vs Belairdirect

It is the nation’s largest leading public insurance company offering varied policies ranging from car insurance, personal insurance, home, boat insurance, motorcycle, and life insurance. Allstate Corporation has a subsidiary company known as Allstate Solutions Private Limited (ASPL) or Allstate India.

Belairdirect, directly owned by the Intact Financial Corporation, was established in 1955. Belairdirect was in the insurance industry for more than 60 years providing home and auto insurance.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAllstateBelairdirect
Established On17 April 19311955
HeadquartersNorth field Township, Illinois, United StatesToronto, Canada
Generated Revenue (2020)Approximately 44.79 billion U.S Dollars$9.51 billion-dollar (consolidated revenue)
ProsBundling, transparency, dedication, and leadership team, car discounts, and reduced rates, etc.Saving time, online claim tracking, affordable insurance policies.
ConsWhen contrasted to other auto insurance companies, the customer satisfaction rating is below average.
This shows that the customers might not have the best experience with auto insurance and also reduce claims.
Claim processing time, changes of policies, cancellation fee, etc.

What is Allstate?

Allstate Insurance Company, the nation’s biggest publicly held personal lines insurance company, is owned by the Allstate Corporation. Allstate insures one out of every eight automobiles and residences in the United States, as well as provides life insurance.

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Allstate is the second-largest vehicle and house underwriter in the United States, with over 30 million policies in force.They own 12.3% of the private passenger car market and 11.3% of the market for homeowners. 

Allstate’s mission is to empower consumers, increase shareholder value, provide opportunities for our employees, and better communities. 

During the previous five years, the company paid out a $2.9 billion common dividend and redeemed 24.9 percent of its outstanding common shares for $8.5 billion.At the same time, the purchases of SquareTrade, infoArmor, and National General totaled $5.9 billion in expansion.

What is Belairdirect?

Belairdirect, which operates in Ontario and Quebec, is the most well-known insurer that sells personal and commercial insurance directly to clients. Belairdirect has expanded its income at a rate of about 10% per year over the years by leveraging the internet.

Belairdirect has been delivering comprehensive auto and home financing services to consumers for more than 60 years. Belairdirect was established in 1995 with major key operations in Ontario and Québec.

In other words, Belairdirect company is a subsidiary company of Intact Financial Corporation and the holding company has been directly underwriting insurance through Belairdirect.

Intact Company Profile:

With over $10 billion in total yearly premiums, Intact Financial Corporation is Canada’s largest property and liability insurer and a prominent supplier of specialty insurance in North America. 

Intact Insurance distributes insurance in Canada through a large network of brokers, including its wholly-owned subsidiary BrokerLink, as well as directly to consumers through belairdirect. A wholly-owned subsidiary in the United States, OneBeacon Insurance Group, sells specialty insurance products through independent agencies, brokers, wholesalers, and managing general agencies.

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Main Differences Between Allstate And Belairdirect

  1. Allstate insurance company has started primarily with providing home or auto insurance but Belairdirect company has started primarily with providing only car insurance.
  1. Customers can contact an Allstate claims assessor or representative via a range of sources 24 hours a day, seven days a week through the “good hands network program offered by the company.” Whereas Belairdirect offers programs like “forgiveness for the first fault accident by the driver” and the “auto merit program.”

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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