Difference Between Alzheimer’s and Senility

The disorder of Alzheimer’s and Senility are both related to mental health. Both Alzheimers and Senility occur when the communication within the brain is affected. The person loses memory and is not able to recall the events and recognize faces of the known and conversations. The main reason behind this is in the brain which, lacks interneuron connection.

Alzheimer’s vs Senility

The main difference between Alzheimer’s and Senility is that in Alzheimer’s person loses its memory when the network of neurons connection is affected, whereas Senility is mainly seen in old age and, the two hemispheres of the brain lose the capability of communication. In Alzheimer’s, hallucinations are mostly reported in later stages yet, in Senility, only memory loss is the sign in worst-case scenarios.

Alzheimers and Senility

In Alzheimer’s, the person’s social and thinking skills are affected. The main cause is the weakening of neuron connection that weakens the communication within the brain. The brain cells destroy themselves and affect the function of the brain. The disease is incurable, and the main symptom of the disorder is Memory loss and in advanced stages causes malnutrition, dehydration, and the brain, which ultimately results in death.

On the other hand, Senility occurs at old age. It is a neurological condition that can either be minor or major. The disorder mainly affects the judgmental and problem-solving characteristics of the person. At first, the person forgets the skills that they have learned. After that, they start forgetting the recent conversations. Usually, in these cases, the corpus callosum (interconnecting bridge of the brain) is affected.

Comparison Table Between Alzheimer’s and Senility

Parameters of Comparison Alzheimer’s Senility
DefinitionA neurological disorder that is cognitive and becomes worst in later stages.Senility is a disorder caused by declining age.
Cause of the disorderAlzheimers disease is caused by the tweaking of the interneuron connection.Senility occurs as the person becomes old.
SymptomsMemory loss and in later stages causes illusions, and depression.Memory loss is the worst symptom.
DiagnosisNeurological exam, imagingMemory Test
General CausesInfection and DementiaNormal aging, shrinkage of the brain
Genetics InvolvementSometimes it occurs due to gene default.No, it is not related to genes.

What is Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer’s is a disorder that declines the social and personal skills of the person. There are millions of neurons in the brain. If the neurons weaken due to old age or lose connection because of an accident, then it leads to Alzheimer’s. In the case of genetic default, the presence or absence of a pair of chromosomes can also lead to Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s early symptoms are memory loss. The person is not able to remember recent conversations and events. Later, when the stage worsens, he/she is not able to recognize their family members. Alzheimer’s disorder leads to the following problems:

  1. The person is not able to multitask and has issues with the numbers.
  2. The decisional and judgemental skills of the person are affected.
  3. The person also has a problem with day-to-day activities.
  4. The changes are also seen in the personality.
  5. In advance stages, dehydration, infection is seen in the brain that also causes death.

The person should consult a doctor and ask a family member to come along. The early recommendation to a doctor can help the patient to improve its symptoms. The medications recommended for the improvement of Alzheimer’s are Enhancing Cognitive Medicines like Donepezil.

The person is also recommended to do Exercise for thirty minutes a day that increases the oxygen concentration in the brain that improves the function of the brain.

What is Senility?

The Senility word itself refers to aging. In old age, a person goes through many changes and also suffers health problems. The main reason for Senility is that the brain loses its many characteristics due to a lack of brain hemispheres communication. Therapy is mainly recommended in these cases, along with medications.

Many medical terms found it common in old age. As in old age, as the body loses flexibility same is with the brain losing it. The corpus callosum becomes hard that doesn’t allow the proper communication between two hemispheres of the brain.

It has also been observed in the experiments that in old age, due to shrinkage of the brain, the Senility can be seen. Whereas, Senility also includes physical health. Senility has no connection with genetics. Therefore, it can also be said an acquired trait due to old age. Earlier, doctors used to categorize Alzheimer’s.

Main Differences Between Alzheimer’s and Senility

  1. Alzheimer’s can sometimes occur due to genetic disorders, whereas Senility has no connection with the disorder.
  2. Senility usually occurs in old age but, Alzheimer’s can occur from birth also if it is related to genetics.
  3. In Alzheimer’s the interneuron, connection weakens but, in Senility, the brain hemisphere communication is affected.
  4. The main symptom of Alzheimer’s is memory loss, and in Senility, the early stage is detected with the loss of social and judgmental skills.
  5. At later stages in Alzheimer’s, delusion and illusions are more observed, but in Senility, forgetfulness is the worst sign.
Difference Between Alzheimers and Senility


Alzheimer’s is a disease that can be a genetic disorder and also be seen in old age. The symptoms are the only way to detect the disorder, as imaging of the brain doesn’t include the disorder. The later stage of the disorder can cause dehydration and infection in the brain too.

Alzheimer’s can’t be cured, but the symptoms can be reduced with the help of medications.

But, Senility, on the other hand, occurs due to old age. It is very common in elderly people around the age of 65years. The disorder is also incurable, and the help of a doctor and medication can improve the symptoms to some extent.


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