Animoto vs Promo: Difference and Comparison

Many applications are developed in this technology-driven world that helps to create mind-boggling videos. These videos are often seen on Facebook, Youtube, and other social media platforms where marketing is an add-on factor.

The prominent software for making videos at a quick pace is Animoto and Promo. These two are promotional video creation and edition applications used to feature videos on social media platforms.

Animoto and Promo work on the same area of functionality in making delectable videos.

Key Takeaways

  1. Animoto and Promo are online video creation platforms that allow users to create marketing videos, social media content, and presentations using customizable templates and stock media.
  2. Animoto focuses on ease of use and provides a drag-and-drop interface for creating videos. At the same time, Promo offers a more extensive library of video templates, stock footage, and music tracks.
  3. Both platforms cater to businesses, marketers, and individuals looking to create professional-quality videos, but Promo may offer more options for customization and content variety.

Animoto vs Promo

Animoto is used to create personal or business videos, such as family and event videos. Promo is used for creating marketing and promotional videos for companies, such as video ads and product demos. Both offer a variety of templates, music, and customization options, but Promo tends to have more advanced features geared towards businesses and marketers.


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Animoto vs Promo


Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonAnimotoPromo
In – Stock TemplatesAnimoto has 50+ storyboard layouts, which can be utilized to make the video.Promo has numerous in-built templates that can be used to make videos. The templates are categorized as platforms, industry, occasion, or season. It is easy for the user to select from the categories in which the templates are stored.
Video ExportThe videos made out of Animoto can be easily exported in HD format without any cost.Video in superior quality can be exported only in upgraded plans, which is more expensive.
Video SharingAnimoto offers extensive sharing and publishing of videos.Promo does not have that option. The video has to be downloaded, and it has to be published separately.
Price FactorAnimoto is far less expensive.Promo is expensive, and most of the essential tools or templates to be used require an upgrade in the plan, which is costlier than the other counterparts.
In Stock VisualsAnimoto has more than 1 million images for use.Promo has
1.4 million still pictures
More than 1.5 lakhs of video clips
And more than 15 million premium visuals.


What is Animoto?

Animoto is a cloud-based video-making software that integrates pictures, video clips, and music into a slideshow video. It also helps produce customized presentations for any project in hand.

Animoto is available on both platforms, desktop and mobile devices. Animoto is headquartered in San Francisco.

The cinematic artificial intelligence did the trick for Animoto. Founded in 2006, the founders used this technique to create captivating videos using limited external resources.

Turning photos into slideshow videos with music in the background is fantastic. All this could happen with no software knowledge.

Animoto has pre-built storyboards that aides the purpose. The video creation is made simple by choosing the storyboard layout, dropping the pictures required for the video, and publishing it.

It is a straightforward way of making customized videos. Animoto gives videos in two formats; landscape and square.

It is incredible that when Animoto launched its Facebook application, whopping 750,000 people signed up in just three days. And at least 25,000 people attempted a hand on the tool within the first hour.

The application offers free trials before subscribing. One can make as many videos as possible during the free trial and post them on their favourite social media platforms without hassle.


What is Promo?

Promo is a cloud-based application that helps create promotional videos for marketing purposes. Initially, the company appeared as a sideshow firm called Slidely and later understood its niche and grabbed the opportunity in the market.

People widely use Promo to create video advertisements, social media entertainment videos, product promotional videos, and explainer videos. One platform to create beautiful videos is Promo.

The inbuilt templates of Promo make the job easy for the video creator. Either one can use it or create his template, which can be utilized, yes; Promo is flexible.

The in-stock visuals of the Promo are massive; it has more than a million video clips and music that can be incorporated into making the video.

The templates are categorized into three types. They are industry, platform, and season.

The videos made out of Promo can only be exported in superior quality in upgraded application versions. The premium templates are also usable only the plan is upgraded.


Main Differences Between Animoto and Promo

  1. Animoto is cheaper than Promo. Further, the features available in Animoto are limited compared to Promo, but using the features in Promo requires the plan to be upgraded and is also very expensive.
  2. Videos from Animoto can be easily exported as HD quality without extra cost, while Promo basic does not offer this service. The user must upgrade the plan for the video to be shipped in superior quality.
  3. Animoto offers extensive sharing of videos on social media platforms, while the videos created through Promo require the user to download and upload them on every platform.
  4. Animoto has over 50 storyboard layouts for creating videos, while Promo has over 2500 templates categorized into three areas for the user’s ease of use.
  5. Animoto has more than 1 million in-stock pictures, which can be utilized in videos. Promo has 1.4 million pictures, over 1.5 lakh video clips, and over 15 million premium visuals.
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