Difference Between Apprehension and Comprehension

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The same meaning of the several words leads to a bit of confusion sometimes. An example of the same is Apprehension and Comprehension both the words almost mean the same but differ in the state of mind grasping the knowledge.

Apprehension vs Comprehension 

Apprehension means when a person does not grasp or occupied the knowledge on a subject that has been talked about and is unable to pass any judgment over it, whereas Comprehension is something when a person fully understands a subject and is quite able to express its words on it.

Apprehension vs Comprehension

Apprehension is the noun form of the word “apprehend”. The meaning of the word changes with the scenario and field where it is being used.

Example – In criminology, apprehension means to take someone into police custody. Also, it is meant for an idea of observation by someone.

Comprehension is the adjective form of the word “comprehend.” The word exactly means to have a perfect understanding of anything, and for this, someone requires a piece of great and deep knowledge about something.

Or in other words, it is the process where someone has to understand, perceive, interpret, and process the knowledge about something.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonApprehensionComprehension
DefinitionSomeone who has knowledge about anything but does not know how to pass any judgment on thatSomeone who has full knowledge about anything and is quite able to make a judgment over that
Requirement It does not require high knowledge.It does require a high amount of knowledge
Feeling Not so deepQuite deep
Meaning It is something when someone has not grasped the full knowledge about something.It is something when a person is fully aware of that.
Form NounAdjective

What is Apprehension?

Apprehension is something to be precise a portray our mind made for awareness or understanding by it. Apprehension is the mode of cognizance of the mind where the brain is aware of the thing which is being discussed but is unable to affirm or deny it. 

The concept of apprehension is neither true nor false. It is many a time when a person takes in a judgment but does not come to a valid point.

It can also be stated as the presence of mind where someone is completely sensible about what is going on, but it failed to completely grasp its meaning and share any judgment over it.

It is considered a noun form of the word “Apprehend.” And does not require any deep prior knowledge about any topic or concept.

It is a less deep concept. And varies according to the context of the field in which the word is used in.

An example – In criminology, the word apprehension refers to a person who has been taking under custody. It is believed to be the concept of the mind of an individual.

Thus, it differs from individual to individual because of their intelligence and ability to understand things and different concepts.  

apprehension 1

What is Comprehension?

Comprehension is synonymous with the word understanding; therefore, it plays a vital role in the field of education and psychology and has a wider concept beyond this.

Comprehension is a psychosomatic process where a person is in his ultimate sensible or awaken state and can process any object, message, or situation. They must be able to interpret and perceive it correctly and deal with the situation in the right manner.

It is something how a person perceives or grasp any situation, object, topic, or person.

Considering an example – If a person is capable of solving any concept of a mathematical problem, it is believed that he/she must have understood the concept of the problem. Therefore, in the future, he/she will surely solve the problems related to or similar to the concept.

Comprehension is believed to be a complete process of understanding, perceiving, interpreting, and processing any situation, concept, problem, or object, etc. Therefore, it requires greater knowledge to be more intelligent and comprehensive.

That is why it is also believed to be a deeper concept and can only be expressed by the person who can fully understand and process things correctly and accurately.


Main Differences Between Apprehension and Comprehension

  1. Apprehension is something when someone does have a piece of knowledge about any topic but is unable to process it and express it, while Comprehension is something when a person has full knowledge about the topic and can fully express it.
  2. Apprehension does not require any kind of knowledge, whereas Comprehension does require knowledge about everything.
  3. Apprehension is considered less deep compared to the deepness behind comprehension.
  4. Apprehension is when a person is unable to process the concept, whereas comprehension is something when a person is fully able to understand, perceive, interpret, and process it.
  5. Apprehension is the noun form of its original word “apprehend,” while comprehension is the adjective form of its original word “comprehend.”
Difference Between Apprehension and Comprehension


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