Difference Between Arrogance and Confidence (With Table)

There is a fine line between being arrogant and being confident. The two terms cannot be used interchangeably as they both have different attributes.

In this modern time where self steem is given so much importance differentiating between the two terms becomes a little difficult but does not curb the difference between them.

Arrogance vs Confidence

The difference between arrogance and confidence is that where arrogance is an extravagant assurance of self-esteem and an exaggerated sense of one’s abilities, confidence signifies a feeling of self-assurance that originates from the appreciation of one’s abilities.

Someone arrogant possesses such a sense that depicts a way that such a person cannot see beyond one’s abilities. The sense of arrogance cannot be taken as a positive since a person who possesses arrogance is a kind of person who is a know it without a factor of keenness to know more. Such a person would never be interested in listening to the knowledge that another person has because such a person thinks that the knowledge such person has is above all.

Confidence comes from within when there is self-assurance about one’s abilities. A confident person is a person who is believed to attain knowledge from everywhere possible thereby making it a positive attribute. Such a person is interested in listening to the views and knowledge of another without undermining them.

Comparison Table Between Arrogance and Confidence

Parameters of ComparisonArroganceConfidence
MeaningArrogance is an extravagant version of self-assurance that is negative.confidence comes from the true belief in one’s abilities and quality and is a positive attribute.
BraggingAn arrogant person loves to brag about his qualities.A confident person does not waste this time bragging about his qualities.
MistakesAn arrogant person does not accept when he is wrong but would try his best to make others believe that is a mistake is not a mistake.Such people accept when they are wrong as they are open to correction.
Team In a team, an arrogant person cannot survive well as he is both toxic for himself and the teammates in the team.Such a person can be a very good team leader of a team as he has a sense of calm within himself.
BehaviourSuch a person demeans other people by showcasing his superiority.Such a person never tries to prove himself superior.

What is Arrogance?

Arrogance is all in all an offensive portrayal of one’s superiority and self-importance. With arrogance, an exaggerated sense of self-importance follows. An arrogant person is a person who believes and is certainly affirmative that no other person knows better than what he knows or can do anything better than he does.

Such a person is only interested in talking about himself or herself. The major interest is about bragging about one’s skills, abilities, achievements and how such a person can do certain things better than any other. This eventually results in such people ignoring the abilities and achievements of others or unconsciously making them feel inferior.

Such a person portrays such a body language and facial expression that shows the lack of interest in what others communicating or sometimes even of the presence. They act like they know all the things and there is no need for them to learn anything from others. And when certain facts come up with shows that the fact they displayed was wrong they would try their level best to prove them wrong right rather than accepting that they were wrong. In such a process, they often demean people and their achievements by just trying to prove themselves right.

What is Confidence?

Confidence is such a positive attribute that it displays a sense of self-assurance and the cells of trust in one’s abilities and achievements in such a way that is not exaggerated. True self-worth originates from confidence, therefore, a confident person is a person who truly believes in his abilities, judgements, skills, etc.

Such a person has no problem admitting to being wrong and is open to knowledge as well as correction. Such a person is keen to know and learn, he or she happily grasps the learnings and knowledge of others.

They do not put their time into bragging or boasting about their positive qualities and achievements. They have a sense of calmness within which is why I did not undermine others and a very patient in explaining and also attaining toward the other person is explaining with regards to anything. A confident person happens to be a very good team player as well as a team leader as there is no sense of arrogance in him or her.

Such persons are found very lovable and very friendly as they attract people to talk to them by being calm and not arrogant. There are good listeners as well as good speakers as the situation be.

Main Differences Between Arrogance and Confidence

  1. Arrogance is a hostile showcase of prevalence or grandiosity, while confidence is an inclination of confidence in one’s capacities, characteristics, and judgment.
  2. Arrogant individuals will once in a while own up to their missteps and will attempt to accuse another person though Confident individuals, then again, aren’t reluctant to concede their errors and will gain from their slip-ups.
  3. Also, arrogant individuals regularly go about as though they are better than others, however, this conduct isn’t seen in confident individuals.
  4. While arrogant individuals like to gloat about their abilities, capacities, and accomplishments, confident individuals have no requirement for boasting.
  5. Arrogant individuals consistently attempt to disparage others and their accomplishments while confident individuals don’t attempt to belittle others’ accomplishments.


An arrogant individual possibly feels savvy on the off chance that another person feels moronic. Their feeling of themselves relies upon considering another person of less importance. They demand others to change what they believe in order to make them belive what they believe in, as it’s the solitary way they can feel an estimation of confidence. Arrogance is about expectation: it’s when capacity is used to demean others.

A confident individual feels skilful and are assured about their qualities and abilities. They utilize their abilities to attempt to be useful or to prevail at the job that needs to be done. They may look for outside approval, yet they don’t rely upon it to characterize the feeling of their capacity or nature.

Now and again an arrogant individual might have more expertise than a confident individual, yet the confident individual will in general use whatever capacities they have with more quiet control than an arrogant individual can.


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