Difference Between Art Resin and EnviroTex

Resin is a liquid material that is used to protect certain materials from unwanted particles. It is popularly used to make art. One thing to keep in mind before using any type of resin is that it should be used at room temperature or as indicated on the bottle’s instructions. Otherwise, the resin may not be useful.

Art Resin and EnviroTex are the companies that sell resins used in the making of different types of art to customers. One should know the difference between their resin and confirm all the details about it before buying it from their provider or vendor.

Art Resin vs EnviroTex

The main difference between Art Resin and EnviroTex is that Art Resin is known for not turning yellow after coating. EnviroTex, like other resins in the market, does turn yellow after some time. Also, Art Resin is BPA and Toxin-free with UV protectant. The resin by EnviroTex does not possess these features.

Art Resin vs

Art Resin is a resin company. These products are claimed to be non-toxic, and they provide all the material to start and complete artwork. They can be used in the making of any wooden structure, craft project, coating photos, and in many other pieces as well.

EnviroTex is a water-based epoxy resin that has been on the market since 1969. The company behind the product is Environmental Technology Inc., ETI in short, which sells EnviroTex Lite. They have the original 1:1 formula of hardener and resin.

Comparison Table Between Art Resin and EnviroTex

Parameters of Comparison Art ResinEnviroTex
Year of discovery  20081969
UV protectantArt Resin is a UV protectant well as it has no fumes and solvents as well.EnviroTex is not UV protected, and the resin might be affected if it catches sun rays.
Product sizesThere are more amount of resin sizes by Art resin, starting from 8 Oz to 10 gals.EnviroTex has resin options from 4 Oz to 1 gal.
BPA/Toxin freeArt Resin is both toxin-free and BPA-free.The resin of EnviroTex is neither BPA-free nor Toxin-free.
Product rangeThe product range of Art Resin is costlier than other resin available in the market. There can be many reasons for this.EnviroTex is cheaper in comparison to Art Resin.

What is Art Resin? 

Art resin is a type of resin that is used for coating and types of art pieces. It is commonly used by people to safeguard their art from water or any other material. It is BPA, Toxin-free as well as has UV protection in its formula.

Art Resin is best known for preventing the art from turning into a yellowish color, which has been seen earlier with the use of other types of resins. This gives the product an edge over its competitors. They also sell a 32 oz size kit which includes all the materials to be used by beginners.

The product has UV stabilizers that protect the art from harmful rays. They also have a resin calculator through which one can get the proper information on the amount of resin that is to be used on a particular material.

What is EnviroTex?

Envirotex is a water-based compound used for different coating types of materials that provide a gloss over them. On their website, “resin crafts blog,” people can find different DIYs and crafting ideas to try with EnviroTex resin.

The product is used after all the work on the particular material is finished, and it is poured on top of it, covering the product from all sides. The company claims that the resin starts to gloss over the product in a span of 8 hours, and the resin is fully cured in the span of 72 hours.

For the use of resin, one has to mix a hardener and a resin. The average ratio for the resin to hardener would be 1:1, but it totally depends on the material that it is being used on. It can get scratched easily. Thus it is important to keep it somewhere safe.

Main Differences Between Art Resin and EnviroTex

  1. Both of the products are ideal for different types of materials. Art Resin is by artists for artists who do crafts and other art projects. While EnviroTex is used for things as well.
  2. It is seen that resin by EnviroTex turns yellow over a period of time, something that has been the problem of the resin products for many years. But, while using Art Resin, it does not turn yellow.
  3. Art Resin claims to be odorless, and it has been seen that it is in comparison to other resins. On the other hand, EvinorTex, like other resins, has some odor.
  4. Art Resin has UV protection that safeguards the artwork from harmful rays and hot weather, while EnviroTex does not contain UV protectants.
  5. Art Resin takes more time to cure than EnviroTex’s resin. The reason can behind this can be that it is said the longer a resin takes to cure, the lesser chance of it being yellowish in the future.
  6. EnviroTex is not Toxin or BPA free. Art resin, on the contrary, is toxin-free as well as BPA-free. Thereby it is safer than other resins.


An artist should consider all the features, advantages, and disadvantages and choose wisely about their type of resin. This is because different resins’ are used in different forms of art, and they should not be used interchangeably since they can result in bad aftermath of the product (s), thus wasting the creativity and the time of the person.

The purpose of the products by these companies is different, and one should keep in mind all the features, advantages, and disadvantages before buying the ideal resin for their product.

If they want an artwork, they should go for Art Resin, and if they want to use a normal resin that is cheaper and available in a smaller size, they should go for EnviroTex.


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