Artical vs Article: Difference and Comparison

English is the most used language in the world for writing, reading, and speaking. It is one of the six languages of the United Nations. The people who speak English are called Anglophones. The English language has many words, and many of the words get confused because of the same pronunciation or spelling. Pronunciation plays an important part in language learning. This is the difference between Artical and Article, read them below.


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Key Takeaways

  1. An “artical” is a misspelling of “article”.
  2. An “article” refers to a piece of writing included in a publication or a document.
  3. The main difference between an “artical” and an “article” is that the former does not exist as a correct spelling.

Artical vs Article

The difference between the words Artical and Article is that the word Artical has no meaning. It is not a word. It’s a mis-spelling for the word article. On the other hand, an Article is an English word that means a thing of a set, or a piece of writing in a newspaper, magazine, or online.

Artical vs Article

The word Artical is not the correct spelling. It is not a word in the English language, and so it means nothing. The correct spelling of this word is “Article.” Because of the pronunciation of the word, sometimes the word is misspelled as Artical.

The word is an English word that means an object in a set or a piece of writing in a newspaper or magazine. The word has two different meanings and differs in how the word is used in a sentence. It is used as a noun, adjective, or adverb in English sentences, depending on the word’s use.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonArticalArticle
Word ExistenceThe word does not exist.The word exists.
SpellingIt is incorrect spelling.This is the correct spelling.
MeaningNo meaning since it is not a correct word.A piece of writing in a newspaper or magazine or digitally. Or a segment of a whole part.
PronunciationIt is spelled wrong because of the pronunciation.It is pronounced as “aa-ti-kl”
ExampleNo example, since the word is incorrect. “This article is written by a famous author.”

What is Artical?

Artical is a misspelled word of the word Article. It is not a correct word. Many times because of a word’s pronunciation, the word’s spelling seems different. There are many letters that are silent in the words, and the word sounds different altogether. And thus Artical is spelled this way because of the pronunciation, which gives an incorrect spelling. The pronunciation of it sounds like an artical, though the correct spelling is Article.

Have you seen Friends? It is the best comedy series of all time. If you have, you will relate to this, “That’s not even a word.” Remember Monica saying it in the Season 4 episode “The One With The Embryos”? Similarly, Artical, it is not even a word.

Since the word Artical is not a word, it doesn’t have any meaning as well. Since the spelling is wrong, there will be no meaning. Google is the most used search engine, it is reliable, and it also shows no meaning at all as well, of this word. You can try it yourself, when you try to find the meaning of the word Artical it will automatically show you the results for the word Article, since it’s the correct word.

What is Article?

The word Article has different meanings in the English language. One meaning is an object or segment of a set. A part of a whole. A single piece of an object that is made of different pieces joined together.

The second meaning is that an article is an opinion piece of writing published in a newspaper, magazine, or digitally. An article published in a newspaper or magazine is any piece of writing that contains information about the topic and personal opinions of ordinary people or the writer. An article can be written on any topic. You can find an article in any newspaper or on many news platforms digitally.

There is one more meaning of the word, Article, in English grammar. It is more of a definition than a meaning. It is the most basic thing, in which articles are a member of a class of dedicated words. These words combine with nouns to form noun phrases and are a part of speech that indicates, specifies, and limits a noun. The main articles in English grammar are “a, an, and the.”

The pronunciation of the word is “aa-ti-kl”. And the correct spelling of the word goes as “Article.”


Main Differences Between Artical And Article

  1. The word Artical does not exist in the English language, while the word Article exists.
  2. The word Artical does not mean anything. On the other hand, an article means a report or opinion piece of writing in a newspaper or a member/piece of a group/class/set.
  3. Artical is the wrong word. Article is the correct word.
  4. Artical is a misspelling of the word Article.
  5. Artical and article sound the same thus, sometimes an article is spelled as artical which is not the correct spelling.
Difference Between Artical and Article
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