Artificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence: Difference and Comparison

Artificial intelligence has recently emerged as one of the biggest revolutions of the 21st century owing to the reason that there has been an attempt to conceptualize the intelligence of a human being or an animal.

But in order to totally comprehend the concept behind artificial intelligence, it becomes essentially important to differentiate it from human intelligence so as to understand all the deviations and possible differences. 

Key Takeaways

  1. AI processes information and learns differently than human intelligence, relying on algorithms and data analysis.
  2. AI can outperform humans in computational tasks and information storage but lacks emotional intelligence and creativity.
  3. Human intelligence evolves through life experiences and social interactions, while AI requires continuous updates and programming adjustments.

Artificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence 

The difference between Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence is that the former encompasses a situation where machines are being developed with certain cognitive functions similar to humans, but on the other hand, the latter simply signifies the enormous range of cognitive functions shown by humans in various situations. The former basically emerges from the imitation of the latter. 

Artificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a widely followed phenomenon all across the world today and simply signifies the process of making machines in a manner that they can take necessary decisions just like any human being does.

However, owing to the factor that machines are eventually manufactured products, there are certain limitations to the intelligence of these machines. 

But on the other hand, the term human intelligence simply denotes the wide range of emotions and other cognitive functions that are found in any regular human being.

The manner in which a human being is able to take decisions, memorize things and analyze various situations is known as human intelligence, and this particular phenomenon is a base for artificial intelligence as well. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Artificial Intelligence Human Intelligence 
Meaning  The term refers to introducing cognitive intelligence in machines and technological products. The term refers to the cognitive emotions and other decision-making abilities of a human being. 
Origin  This particular intelligence is generated by human intelligence. This particular intelligence is originated from a divine point. 
Accuracy  Due to being attached to machines, this particular intelligence happens to be more accurate. Accuracy may be less as compared to artificial intelligence. 
Energy consumed Usually, 2 watts of energy is consumed. Usually, 25 watts of energy is consumed. 
Multitasking  This particular intelligence somehow lags behind in multitasking. This particular intelligence can easily multitask. 
Processing information Information is processed in a fast manner. Information is processed in a slow manner. 

What is Artificial Intelligence? 

Artificial intelligence being a term coined by John McCarthy, was first introduced as a major chapter in the academic point of view, but eventually, the term gained significant importance in the 21st century,

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and necessary innovations happened in the relevant field.

This particular process has been invented after keeping in mind the human intelligence and other cognitive features inherent in living organisms. 

This particular term is also known as machine intelligence and signifies a situation in which a machine is made capable of analyzing things just like a human being and taking decisions after reaching necessary conclusions.

The very common example of artificial intelligence in today’s world can be search engines like Google or YouTube, as they not just allow people to look for things

but also take note of the search history of the relevant people and accordingly suggest things further. 

This particular phenomenon shows the ability of these search engines to record and analyze the mindset of a particular individual in order to comprehend his choices and interests better.

However, as this intelligence is limited to machines, there is still scope for improvement in this discipline. 

artificial intelligence 2

What is Human Intelligence? 

The term human intelligence encompasses all the relevant functions undertaken by any human being in order to comprehend facts and situations, analyze different circumstances, process different pieces of information,

and reach necessary conclusions in order to make efficient decisions.

This entire process is undertaken by any human being points towards his ability to complete all the aforementioned activities, and in a nutshell, this entire process is denoted by a single umbrella term, human intelligence. 

The very origin of human intelligence is incorporated in the birth of a human being itself, and it is said that this particular feature is derived from a divine origin.

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Human intelligence is serving as a way of creating artificial intelligence in machines as the features taught to machines are being created, keeping in mind all the cognitive features of any human being. 

Different philosophers and scientists from time to time have given different theories of human intelligence, and some of them are still prevailing,

but in a nutshell, it can simply be said that human intelligence is the very inherent feature that a human being possesses regardless of all other different circumstances.

However, there is a probability of failure inaccuracy as far as human intelligence is concerned owing to certain limitations and constraints of the human mind. 

human intelligence

Main Differences Between Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence 

  1. Artificial Intelligence means the introduction of intelligence in machines, while on the other hand, Human Intelligence refers to cognitive senses and the ability to analyze things in human beings. 
  2. Artificial Intelligence is created by human intelligence, while on the other hand, Human Intelligence is created by divine power. 
  3. Artificial Intelligence can be more accurate in certain functions, while on the other hand, Human Intelligence can lag behind inaccuracy. 
  4. Artificial Intelligence somehow lags behind in multitasking, while on the other hand, Human Intelligence can easily multitask. 
  5. Artificial Intelligence processes information in a very short duration of time while on the other hand, Human Intelligence processes information in a very long duration of time. 
Difference Between Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence



Last Updated : 15 July, 2023

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