Difference Between ASP and ASPX

In the computer world, we come across different types of filenames and their extensions. It is vital to know the differences between the extensions of the filenames to make a perfect file.


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ASP and ASPX are used in the web development areas.


The difference between ASP and ASPX is their background functions. The ASp runs on IIS, and the ASPX runs on the .NET framework. The names are used for different filenames. The ASP used an extension called .asp, and the ASPX used an extension called .aspx. Both of them use different coding languages. The ASp uses VBscript as its coding language, whereas the ASPX uses C#, VB.NET as its coding languages. The ASPX has a wide range of users for its different usage of languages.


ASP stands for Active Server Pages. The actual use of ASp is creating dynamic web pages.

It is an open-source platform available on the server-side that makes a web application framework. Microsoft is the owner of Active Server Pages.

It allows or gives a chance to the programmers to make dynamic web pages and web applications. In January 2002, the ASp was first launched by Microsoft. Version 1.0 is the first released version in ASP.

ASP is nothing but the successor of ASP.NET. ASPX stands for Active Server Pages Extended.

The ASPX uses the extension .aspx. It is the combination of different libraries, programming languages, and applications.

It helps in various platforms and you can apply it to different applications. To build a specific type of application you can use extended.

NET. Like ASP, ASPX is also a server-side web framework used to create dynamic web pages. It is also created by Microsoft and it is the successor of ASP.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonASPASPX
Running platformASP runs on IISASPX runs on.NET framework
Coding languageASP uses VBScriptASPX uses C#, VB.NET
EnvironmentsASP uses a Web-scripting environmentASPX uses a GUI model.
Object-oriented codeASP partially allow OOPS featuresASPX fully allows OOPS features.
XML supportASP does not allow the XML supportASPX allow the XML support

What is ASP?

Microsoft developed the Active Server Pages(ASP) in 1998. It helps to develop dynamic websites. In the ASP server, you need to request input for accessing the page which contains data before delivering it to the receiver.

The script in ASP is compiled by an in-built interpreter. It is server-side working software.

The file extension for ASP is (.asp). Not only VBscript, but it also supports javascript and C#.

The JavaScript and C# is similar to other scripting languages like PHP. Whenever you visit an ASP webpage, the URL in your browser shows .asp at the end of the URL.

The ASP can be handled by all the web browsers, which is the unique feature provided by the Microsoft Information Server(IIS). But it handles the web pages as an HTML file.

In an HTML file, you can create an ASP file by including VBScript or Jscript. ASP is also known as ASP classic. It does not allow to work in inheritance models.

When compared to ASPX, error handling in ASP is very poor. ASP does various functions like responding to user’s requests submitted through HTML forms, comparison Perl and CGI, securing browser code, changing the content in a webpage, accessing different data in the browsers.

Application Service Provider is also the expansion of ASP. It can provide services across its customers worldwide.

The company uses ASP as their outsource renders as private enterprises.

What is ASPX?

Microsoft is the developer of ASPX.NET. WebForms are the name of the ASP.NET. Like ASP, it also handles the webpage as HTML files.

It is available in various versions. ASP.NET 2.0 is the first released version by Microsoft.

The text is available on the apsx. page. Depending on the programming language, the location can be varied.

It is an uncommon extension to open in the windows. It can be downloaded in other formats like PDF.

You need to rename the file extension to make an ASPX file. It provides authentication protocols in the industry.

ASPX has various built-in functions to protect your applications against cross-site scripting (XSS). Using multifactor authentication, ASPX supports many user databases like Google, Twitter, and more.

ASPX files have JavaScript and CSS like other web pages. It was first released in 2002 by Microsoft.

ASPX is a fully treated programming language with more than 2000 built-in classes. It uses ADO.NET for connecting databases. Unlike ASP, it allows working with inheritance models.

ASPX operating systems are Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux. It works on the cross-platform.

The type of software is a web framework. Apache has the license of the APSX.

The internet media type is text and HTML. It helps to create object-oriented web applications.

It supports inheritance and polymorphism and other OOPS features. ASPX help to use DLL libraries to build web servers and robust applications. It does more than simply render the HTML.

Main Differences Between ASP and ASPX

  1. ASP is an interpreted language, and ASPX is a compiled language.
  2. ASP is a scripting language, and ASPX is a programming language.
  3. In error handling, ASP is poor when compared to ASPX.
  4. ASP has four built-in classes, but ASPX has more than 2000 built-in classes.
  5. ADO is used in ASP for connecting databases, and ADO.NET is used in ASPX for connecting databases.


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