Difference Between AVG and Bitdefender

This era has abounded with hackers and crackers, but at the same time, counteraction has been imposed reasonably. Avg and Bitdefender are the top pieces of equipment one needs while working in information technology.


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AVG vs Bitdefender

The difference between Avg and Bitdefender is that the specified features and services. For this reason, the Avg acts as a tool against spyware, ransomware, and other viruses. Meanwhile, Bitdefender is good at protecting software, including anti-fishing, autopilot, work/movie/game modes, and online banking protection. 

AVG vs Bitdefender

Avg is the abbreviation of Anti-Virus Guard and developed by Avg Technology to cope with the antivirus software. It was released for Microsoft as well as for androids in the year 2021.

It is famous for its services to many companies with the issues of viruses, lack of protection to files, as well as other Information of Technology matters.  

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAVG Bitdefender 
Meaning AVG Anti-Virus Guard is a protection to the line of antivirus software used in Windows, macOS, and Android to thwart malware, spyware, and ransomware. Bitdefender protects antivirus Software, which has an Operation system as Microsoft Windows. 
Risk AVG faced a setback in 2014, where AVG SafeGuard Toolbar downloads itself without any consent of the user. In 2015, AVG leaked out some integral information about the industry. Later, reviews on AVG say that the speed is low with protection option to the software. Bitdefender provides the best-class cybersecurity in the world. But in some cases, Bitdefender acts vigorously on Ransomware and malware, causing URLs. 
Safety AVG helps your computer detect malware, elimination of ransomware and spyware. AVG works efficaciously on system performance. 
Bitdefender helps to eject conflicting software, also oust previous unwanted security software. Forestall malware, spyware, and ransomware. 
Developer AVG AntiVirus Guard is developed by AVG Technologies. The Brand Name AVG is derived from Grisoft. AVG Technologies develops cybersecurity, privacy, and Utility Software for computers. Bitdefender was initially developed by SOFTWIN. 
Released Grisoft’s first product AVG created in 1992, later licenses were given to the brand to sell in the market of Germany and the United Kingdom. AVG brought into the market in the United States in 1998Bitdefender came up with its first product in 2001, after working for it for 4 years. 
Requirements for install AVG requires a 23-Bit and 64Bit processor, 1GB of RAM, and storage of 2GB needed. Bitdefender is applicable only in OS Microsoft Windows, needs a 1.6GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, and 1.5GB of free space.  

What is AVG?

As earlier mentioned, it is an anti-virus software designed by Avg Technology to protect the system from malfunction. Initially, it used Windows XP as an operating system, and later, macOS, Android.

Coming to the best features of Avg, it offers anti-phishing and anti-ransomware protocols, a webcam blocker, and payment protection.

AVG, in addition to that, also prevents the user’s system from malfunctions, basically the best antivirus package to go for.


What is Bitdefender?

The seventh rank holder of the globally accessed Microsoft Windows anti-malware application has headquarters in Romania. It is famous for protecting the systems from illegal threats, viruses, and other significant malfunctions.

Starting from locking the relevant parts of the user’s device safely to scanning hardware devices, Bitdefender had garnered attention among the cybersecurity systems.

Additionally, it has a simple interface to scan USBs and external drives. It also uses a webcam shield to protect the user’s video streams from hackers.

However, Bitdefender renders a safe protection index to IoT or the banking information division from ransomware and other threatful attacks.


Main Differences Between AVG and Bitdefender 

  1. For installment, Bitdefender requires less storage with 1.5 GB of space and 1GB of RAM. AVG needs 1GB of RAM and 2GB of free space. 
  2. Bitdefender is compatible and safe in securing integral information, whereas AVG didn’t prove its efficiency performance, which fails to protect software. 
Difference Between AVG and Bitdefender


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