Difference Between AVG and McAfee

Both AVG and McAfee are well-known antiviruses that are two of the best options for protecting systems. Let us know more about them and where the difference lies.


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Key Takeaways

AVG vs McAfee

The difference between AVG and McAfee is that AVG provides more security features. In the case of McAfee, to avail extra security features, you have to use extensions.AVG can detect malware of varied types compared to McAfee.

AVG vs McAfee

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AVG is very compatible with office systems as it can be downloaded remotely on one computer and then added to the other computers in the office very quickly. It also acts as an antivirus for mobile phones with the help of the AVG app.

This free app provides the necessary protection from ransomware or malware by hiding the phishing website and suspicious links.

Comparison Table

Parameter for ComparisonAVGMcAfee
Detection of malwareBased on tests performed it was noticed that AVG was able to detect any malware that was presented to it. McAfee did not possess the ability to detect all malware leaving behind a small percentage of malware undetected.
Performance of the systemAVG antivirus is known to carry out scans for the virus fairly quickly. The McAfee antivirus is slightly heavy on the system. 
Customer supportAVG is vastly superior to McAfee when it comes to customer support. McAfee is lagging in this aspect as a customer can only receive help through Email.
PriceAVG is comparatively cheaper than other anti-viruses.McAfee is priced slightly higher at Rs.779 for a single year on one PC.
Anti Virus InterfaceAVG interface is composed of darker colors. This interface may also prove a challenge to a few customers. The interface of this antivirus is better as it is composed of a streamlined design, and it is easy to find everything. 
Antivirus InstallationInstallation is relatively easy using a DVD provided along with the activation key.The installation has proved to be a problem for quite a few customers.

What is AVG? 

AVG, expanded as Antivirus Guard is a proficient antivirus that has gained popularity in recent years. AVG provides several services at a slightly higher price in comparison to its counterparts. It specializes in finding Ransomware and viruses.

 It carries out routine tests and checks in the background quickly. It scans the computer when it is not in use to efficiently carry out their work. It can go through the entire system without causing too much strain on the performance of the system. 

It can scan email attachments as well and can block suspicious or malware containing attachments. AVG is also known to help in encrypting and password protecting a file.

It also possesses an enhanced firewall that is important to protect a device during online shopping. AVG also has the Camera Trap feature, which captures a person who fails to open a device after three tries.

AVG also offers added security through the Anti-theft feature which protects an individual’s identity. It also provides added protection to one’s identity by encrypting the Webcam to prevent hacking and subsequent recording without an individual’s consent.

The customer support of AVG is excellent. A customer can access customer care through Email, training, and can even get them on call. In short, AVG provides a complete package.


What is McAfee? 

McAfee is an antivirus known for its ability to scan files that we download in almost real-time. This antivirus uses the feature known as McAfee Advanced Threat Defense to carry out it’s scanning.

McAfee specializes in Android systems. It also contains the usual features of Malware detection, Anti-theft feature for identity protection.

 It also provides a firewall that may be considered inferior to the AVG firewall but is still appreciable in its ability to protect a system. 

At the moment, McAfee total security and McAfee Live Safe are the two packages that are being sold. The Total Security plan contains all the features mentioned, including a Network Manager and Parental control whose utilization can lead to children’s protection while surfing the internet.

Live Safe is similar to the other plan accept that it offers cloud storage of 1 GB. 

McAfee also has a money-back guarantee, which promises a complete refund or removal of the malware if present.

Main Differences Between AVG and McAfee

  1. AVG is known to provide better protection from malware when compared to McAfee. This feature of safety is due to its unique enhancements in its firewall.
  2. AVG protects an individual by encrypting their Webcam as well, so there is no chance of hacking taking place. 
  3. AVG also provides better protection of data as it can password protect and encrypt various files. 
  4. AVG takes less time to scan the system for updates than McAfee. 
  5. AVG also contains a free plan that includes various features like periodic scans, blocking unsafe links, and email attachments, whereas McAfee does not have any such plan.
  6. AVG provides cheaper plans when compared to McAfee and includes a few more features.
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