Difference Between Bake and Broil

Baking and Broiling are two terms that are being used interchangeably by people throughout the world. When a person gets an oven that has both the features, i.e. baking and broiling, within it, then many of you might get confused.


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Baking means cooking food or eatables surrounded around a steady hot air source in a burner, as a result of which the exposure to infrared rays is minimum.

Broiling involves cooking the food under infrared radiation by keeping the food very close to the heat source. Some of the broilers can heat up to 600 degrees F.

Key Takeaways

  1. Bake and broiling are both cooking methods that involve using an oven.
  2. Baking consists in cooking food with dry heat, usually at a lower temperature, by surrounding it with hot air.
  3. Broiling involves cooking food with direct heat, usually from a heating element at the oven’s top.

Bake vs Broil

The difference between Bake and Broil is that Baking has minimum exposure to infrared radiation, whereas Broiling involves heating the eatables via infrared radiation.

Baking, on the one hand, involves cooking the food using nearby steady hot air, whereas broiling involves heating the eatables via hot infrared radiations.


Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonBakeBroil
DefinitionTo bake means to cook the food or other such food and adjoining items around a steady hot air source in a burner or heat source.To broil involves cooking the eatables under hot infrared radiations (IR) by keeping the food close to the warmness source.
Temperature differenceBaking temperature ranges from 100-degree F to 600 degrees F.Some of the broilers can heat up to 600 degrees F.
Burner LayerIn the case of baking, the bottommost layer is used for cooking and baking.In the case of broiling, the topmost or the upper layer is used for cooking.
Food VariantsIn the case of baking, food items like bread, cake and cookies are the most suitable options.Regarding broiling, the possible cooking options are meat, chicken and vegetables.
Heating MethodThe convection method of heat transfer is implemented here.The infrared radiation method of heat transfer is being employed here.
Nature of the DealBaking is a slow method as the heat applied is relatively less.Broiling is faster as temperatures are very high, and heat is applied directly to the eatables.

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What is Baking?

When the food items are heated at a steady source of heat, such as hot air from the bottom of the chamber, then it is called Baking.

Thus when the source of hotness is the convection technique, where we apply steady hot air and try to prepare the eatables, then it is baking.

It is one of the dated and popular procedures of cooking nourishment wherein the same amount of heat is transferred from all sides of the burner.

This cooking method is perfect for making the food golden brownish in colour, and the taste is also well-developed. The heating is provided from the lowermost of the compartment or the heat source.

Baking temperature ranges from 100 degrees F to 600 degrees F, and therefore the food gets well-cooked without any risk of burning or blackish marks.

People who are very health cognizant and try avoiding extra lard or cheese generally prepare fish and other tubers with the baking technique.

Now there are different types of baking methods like;

  1. The milk Method is used to make cupcakes, wherein the hot mile is used for baking them.
  2. Rub-in Method is used to make cookies or pastries for eating.
  3. Creaming Method is used for baking cakes wherein we also use cream and sugar in proper proportions.

What is Broiling?

When the food is cooked under scorching infrared radiation, and the heat is applied on the top of the chamber, then the process is called broiling.

If you choose the broil inside a food rotisserie, then the uppermost part of the chamber will be used for cuisine, and very high temperatures will be pragmatic to it.

Since the food is being cooked from the topmost part and the heat quotient is relatively high, the food items are much crispier and crunchier.

This method is perfect for grilling and concocting meat, chicken or beef.

This cooking method is perfect for making the food crunchy and crispy in taste, and the quality is also well-developed. The heating is provided from the top of the chamber or the burner.

Thus when the basis of heat is the infrared radiation technique where we apply steady hot IR rays and try to cook the eatables, then it is broiling.

It is one of the latest and most popular systems of cooking food wherein a very tall amount of heat is being instigated to the uppermost part of the flame.


Main Differences Between Bake and Broil

Although both are part and parcel of cooking food, there is a lot of difference between baking and broiling regarding temperature, heating method and cooking style.

  1. Baking involves a heating system where food is in hot air at a steady rate, whereas broiling involves heating via high-temperature infrared waves.
  2. Baking involves the convection heat transfer technique, whereas broiling includes infrared heat transmission.     
  3. The broiling method of cooking is fast due to the amount of heat when compared to baking.  
  4. The top of the burner is used for broil, whereas the bottom burner is used for baking.  
  5. Baking temperature ranges from 100 degrees F to 600 degrees F, whereas in broiling, the temperature usually exceeds 600 degrees F.
Difference Between Bake and Broil
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  1. Baking is more popular in Ukraine. Broiling is also new to me. Great to know the difference between bake and broil.

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