Difference Between Basic and Applied Research

The Basic Research and Applied Research are two terms that are being used transposable by people throughout the globe.


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Research provides basic aid to the decision-making process by calculated procedures and techniques. It is a very well-known method to identify the problems and then come up with well-explained solutions for the same.

Research can be categories under two sections based on the research utility i.e. Basic and Applied Research.

Basic vs Applied Research

The difference between Basic and Applied Research is that Basic Research extends the existing pool of information by adopting new methods whereas advanced research involves practical application development.

Basic vs Applied Research

Basic research is applied to bring in front the advanced information as to what is already available for people. Applied Research involves research that has more practical insinuations and is beneficial to solve business glitches easily.

Since you all of learned the basic difference between Basic and Applied Research, now it is time for you to understand the points of difference and comparison of both the terms.  


Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonBasic ResearchApplied Research
DefinitionThe new information and knowledge of already existing concepts is developed by The Basic Research methodology.When new industry specific techniques or procedures are developed to solve commercial problems then Applied research is adopted.
AimThe aim of basic research is to extend the prevailing source of evidence about different sources and objectives.The aim of advanced research is to develop new techniques and technologies for solving various industrial problems.
EfficacyThe main utility or efficacy of basic research is universal and has a global purpose to solve.The main utility or efficacy of advanced research is limited and has a practical purpose to solve.
Nature of ResearchIn the case of Basic Research, the landscape of research is theoretical and it is developed on already existing concepts and theorems.In the case of Applied Research, nature is completely practical and implied to develop techniques to implement in industrial use cases.
Alarmed WithDevelopment of new information and principles that are an extension of already existing theories.Applied Research is focused on the enlargement of new tools and technology for industrial applications.
EnvironmentBasic Research is completed in a limited environment like laboratories etc.Applied Research is conducted in an open world with many unexpected variables in place.


What is Basic Research?

To gain future insights and information from various already existing sources, researchers adopt the Basic research methodology.

The purpose of basic research is to outspread the existing puddle of evidence about various issues. 

The main usefulness of basic research is widespread and has a global purpose to solve.  In the case of Basic Research, the environment of research is hypothetical and it is developed on already existing concepts and theorems.    

The expansion of new evidence and ideologies that are an allowance of already surviving theories is the basic philosophy of Basic Research.

Basic Research is completed in fixed backdrops like workrooms or closed rooms that have an incomplete number of unknown variables.

As compared to advanced research basic research has many more academic publications because of the landscape of research that has absorbed information growth.

Basic research does not contribute that much towards the economy as the surveys have very limited industrial exposure and practical applications.

The basic research is completely academic and probing in nature as focus is not current knowledge enhancement and development. 

basic research

What is Applied Research?

When researchers try to solve one or more industrial problems via various practical methods then the research methodology is called Applied Research.

The intention of advanced research is to advance new practices and machinery for solving various engineering problems.

The main usefulness of advanced research is imperfect and has a real-world tenacity to unravel.

In the case of Applied Research, the landscape is completely real-world and implied to develop systems to implement in real-world use cases.     

Applied Research is attentive to the expansion of new gears and equipment for business applications. Applied Research is conducted in an undeveloped world with many unanticipated variables in place.   

As compared to advanced research, basic research has many more theoretical journals because of the flora of research that has fixated on evidence development.

Advanced research subsidizes much on the way to the economy as the investigations have very all the business exposure and everyday applications.

The advanced research is completely hands-on and eloquent in nature as focus is not current knowledge augmentation but industry development.

Thus, the research aims to develop strategies or methods that have a very specific engineering scope and generates solutions for different industrial difficulties to be used for useful purposes.

applied research

Main Differences Between Basic and Applied Research

Although both are the part and parcel of the research methodologies, there exists a lot of difference between Basic and Applied Research when it comes to technique and industrial implications,

  1. The Basic Research can provide extended information from already existing theories that Advanced Research can apply for industrial implications. 
  2. Basic Research is the fundamental research whereas advanced research is more developed and hands-on in nature.
  3. The advanced research when compared to basic research has many more academic periodicals because of the fauna of research.
  4. The Applied Research is more focused on the national economy as compared to basic research methodology.  
  5. Basic Research has widespread scope whereas advanced research has a very flawed and focused scope and objects.
Difference Between Basic and Applied Research


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