Difference Between Beats Studio and Beats Solo (With Table)

Dr. Dre has been leading the world of headphones and other musical kinds of stuff. His company, Beats produces one of the best headphones, earphones, and other kinds of stuff that is known for its quality. Dr. Dre is a legend in the world of the music industry. The American rapper inspired millions through his music.

Apple bought Beats Electronics back in 2014 only for 3 billion dollars and due to this Apple now has 36 million paid subscribers. Anyways, Apple/Beats had recently launched their Solo headphones and brought in several new features on par with the Apple AirPods.

Beats Studio and Beats Solo are two of the most selling headphones in the world but they have different features and experiences for their users. Well, some common differences can be observed in the sound quality, design, comfort, connectivity, and such things.

Beats Studio vs Beats Solo

The difference between Beats Studio and Solo is that the Solo is on-ear headphones while the Beats Studio is a wireless headphone and they are over-ear. Therefore, the design of the two headphones makes the difference between them.

Comparison Table Between Beats Studio and Beats Solo

Parameters of ComparisonBeats StudioBeats Solo
SizeThe Beats Studio is bulkier than Solo.The Solo is a sports streamlined design.
DesignAn over-the-ear designAn on-the-ear design
ComfortableMore comfortableLess comfortable
Apple’s Added FeatureApple’s W1 chip is added but the original did not have this.Solo3 has W1 chip.
Sound QualitySound quality is quite decent.Sound quality is pretty good.

 What is Beats Studio?

Beats Studio is a headphone that was introduced by Beats and is one of the most selling headphones in the world. Well, the Beats Studio was designed for extreme comfort and was made over-the-ear. The wireless headphone gives you the best sound quality when you are listening to hip-hop because it has got active noise-cancelling technology in it.

The battery life of Studio is quite good and will give you up to 12 hours of wireless listening. So, you do not have to charge it again and again. Now, with the chip provided by Apple, the beats studio can have a battery life of 40 hours straight.

 Now, talking about the sound quality of Beats Studio then it is quite good but could not impress much to its customers.

The sound was observed to be a bit off balance and has a huge bass. Well, this is why the headphone is best for listening to music like the hip-hop genre but you cannot have good experience listening to other genres like classical, rock, and pop.

The design is something that is made to attract audiophiles. The design is made in a stylish way and is quite classy with the ‘b’ logo in it. The Studio is made in a bulky way and the earcups are designed in such a way that it will cover the ear and this makes the listeners quite comfortable.

The Beats Studio’s sound quality only provides an excellent experience to some exceptional music but fails to impress in other genre music. Beats is known for its sound quality but the Studio lacks a bit here.

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What is Beats Solo?

Beats Solo, on the other hand, is a headphone that comes with wire and the design is also quite similar to Beats Studio. If you are looking for a headphone with decent battery life then Beats Solo is the right choice for you. The Beats Solo comes with the latest addition with Apple’s W1 technology.

The design of Beats Solo is quite similar to Beats Studio with the same type of logo in it and classical looks that are quite eye-catchy. Solo is quite attractive in terms of its design. The sound quality is something to look at in this headphone because the Solo has received positive reviews and you should not be worried about their sound quality.

The Beats Solo is on-ear headphones that rest on your ear. Now, talking about the connectivity then you can trust Beats Solo blindly because of the addition of Apple’s W1 chip that is quite smooth at pairing with an iPhone.

The connection is fast and reliable and this is one of the biggest advantages of the Beats Solo over Beats Studio. Customers prefer Solo mainly because of this reason only. Talking about the comfort of Solo then it is found that the headphones are not that comfortable compared to Beats Studio because Solo comes with an on-the-ear design.

However, the Solo3 is the first headphone to add Apple’s new W1 chip in it and makes it a more attractive feature than the others. The Solo headphones are a little bit cheaper than the Beats Studio.

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Main Differences Between Beats Studio and Beats Solo

  1. Beats Studio is a bit bulkier than Beats Solo and the earcups of Beats Studio wrap the ears completely while the Solo is well designed but the earcups of Solo rests around the ears.
  2. Beats Studio provides much better sound quality than Solo as Solo’s sound quality is quite sloppy.
  3. The Beats Studio’s design makes them much more comfortable than Beats Solo.
  4. The original Beats Studio does not have Apple’s W1 chip while, on the other hand, Beats Solo is the first headphone to have Apple’s W1 chip.
  5. The Studio has got the over-the-ear design and makes them much comfortable while Solo is designed with on-the-ear and does not give that much comfort.


The Beats Studio was introduced far before the Beats Solo and both are quite good. However, there are some disadvantages too. If you are a fan of Dr. Dre and Beats then you might know which one will suit you the best as per your preference and requirement.

Both these headphones are not that bad feature and quality-wise as both these headphones have a pretty decent battery life and comfort. And additionally, Apple’s newly added features will make you love the latest versions of Beat’s new releases.


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