Difference Between Beer Pong and Beirut

Games are the one makes us physically and mentally active. Thousand of games are games played around the world. The Beer Pong and Beirut are two popular drinking games played almost all over the world. The popularity gets by these games leads to a tournament in many bars.

Beer Pong vs Beirut

The main difference between Beer pong and Beirut is their gaming methods. In Beer pong, paddles are used to hitting the balls on the tables. In Beirut, instead of hitting the balls, they are thrown by hand on the tables. Both Beer pong and Beirut has a different type of rules. Beirut has more rules when compared to Beer Pong. The beer Pong game is more widespread among people for its fewer rules and terms.

Beer Pong vs Beirut

Beer Pong is a popular drinking game played in bars. Some people used to call the Beer Pong a Beirut game. Beer Pong is a simple game. The player who throws a ball to hit the beer cup is the winner of the game. Typically the game has 6 to 10 beer cups in a triangle form with an opposite team. Each team has its turn to hit the beer cups. If the opposing team catches the cup, then the content inside the cup is owned by them and removed from the table.

Beirut is also a popular drinking game played in the bars. Two to four people are involved in this game. When you hear the word Beirut, the capital of Lebanon will come to your mind. The Beirut game gets popular in that place. Beirut game was found by Brian “Stubby” Poulton. He found this game in 1983 at Bucknell University. The game gets the name Beirut from the American hostages who drop the bomb in Beirut.

Comparison Table Between Beer Pong and Beirut

Parameters of ComparisonBeer PongBeirut
Playing methodBeer Pong is played by using the paddlesBeirut is played by throwing balls from hand.
Number of rulesBeer Pong has fewer rulesBeirut has More rules
Number of playersBeer Pong has two to four people in teams.Beirut has three to six people.
TableBeer Pong played at a larger table.Beirut played at a smaller table.
Number of cupsBeer Pong has more than ten cups.Beirut has a maximum of ten cups.

What is Beer Pong?

Beer Pong is originated in 1960 at Dartmouth College. The original Beer Pong evolved at that time. The game became the social culture of the campus when it is originated. In some areas of the united states, the early invention of beer game without paddles is also in the practice. The “Throw Pong” game was created by Bucknell that is a similar game to Beer Pong. The version of Beer Pong playing today was founded at Lehigh University.

To play this game some properties are required. They are a ping-pong table or banquet table, some enthusiast players use the office table to play with their friends. Some companies sell tables with various designs for Beer pong games. A flat surface is needed to play this game. Many companies sell customized tables for their customers. Proper cut tables are designed for the Beer pong game. It is available in sports things shops in various colors.

There are hundreds of rules and terms are available to play beer pong games. But in recent days, the Beer pong had an official set of rules are constructed. Those official rules are called house rules. The number of cups, re-tracking are varied with situations. The rules must be discussed before starting the game. Both the team players have a single chance to play the game. The team which wins may take the content from the cups.
The triangle formation is important in the Beer pong game.

What is Beirut?

Beirut is a game playing in the bar. The game was first played in Bucknell or Lehigh in 1980. There are ten cups arranged in a pyramid shape on both sides of the table. The competitors stand on both sides to play the game. If the opponents win the game then the content of the cup has belonged to them. The beer pong game with extra rules is called Beirut.

The properties using in the beer pong are used in Beirut. The cups used to play the game will be in plastic. Approximately the cups contain three to four ounces. Before starting the game the shooter checks the volume of the game. If the volume of beverage is less than the actual level then the defending team is responsible to fill the cups with the beverage. Every team needs to defend the six cups in the Pyramid arrangement.
The arrangement of the cup has equidistant from both sides of the table.

During the game, the arrangement of the pyramid shape not be altered. If you find that any cup is not fit to the arrangement, then you need to replace the up not the shape. if the player in any team will replace the cup intentionally then the team will be disqualified and the opposing team is declared as the winner. The hit cup could be removed from the table to avoid the mistake of calculations.

Main Differences Between Beer Pong and Beirut

  1. Beer Pong is played by using the paddles, and Beirut is played by throwing balls from hand.
  2. Beer Pong has fewer rules, whereas Beirut has more rules.
  3. Beer Pong has two to four people in teams, and Beirut has three to six people.
  4. Beer Pong played at a larger table, and Beirut played at a smaller table.
  5. Beer Pong has more than ten cups, and Beirut has a maximum of ten cups.


Hundreds of bar games are played today. The Beer Pong and Beirut are the popular games among the others. Beer Pong is preferred by many people. Tournaments are conducted to make the people engaged in the bar. The beer pong and Beirut are called drinking games since it is played in the bar. Both have separate rules and regulations to play the game. Plastic cups are used in both games. A flat surface is preferred to play these games. Beer Pong is more entertaining than Beirut. The cups are arranged in a triangle shape. It is essential to follow self etiquette during the game.


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