Difference Between Behavior and Action

Behavior, which is a noun and also acts as an adjective is defined as a manner in which one functions and performs himself/herself towards the rest of the world.


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The words having a similar meaning to behavior includes deportment, bearing, etiquette, etc. 

On the other hand, Action is also a noun that is defined as the method or way in which we act or reacts towards a particular situation even if it is very complexed.

It is also called as the act of will. Action is an interjection also. Other words which means similar to Action include movement, work, gesture, activity, task, etc.

Behavior vs Action

The difference between Behavior and Action is that behavior is a countless individual performance respective to communal expectations whereas an action is something that is performed to fulfill an agenda or an aim or an objective.

Behaviour vs Action


  1. She has a very bad behavior towards her friends.
  2. His action completely surprised me.
  3. His behavior is very rough.
  4. The only heal for sadness is action.


Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonBehaviorAction
MeaningBehavior means the overall feedback or reply or gestures made by an individual in any circumstances.Action is defined as the human movement, gestures, and functionality towards a work or another individual.
Grammar ClassBehaviour is not included in the class of interjection.Action is included in the class of interjection.
DescribesIt describes a noticeable and visible response generated by an entity.It describes the method movements and functioning of an individual.
Similar wordsConduct, deportment, demeanor, doings, exploits, etc.Reaction, battle, performance, movement, gesture, etc.
Examples1. Her behavior was very rude and bad.
2. Make sure that individuals with excellent behavior will get awarded.
1. He can’t pay the loan and is now facing bank action.
2. Her motivated action has left a great impression on the judges.


What is Behavior?

Behavior which is a noun and acts as an adjective is defined as an observable and visible response from the creatures in any situation. Behavior has a wider sense. This term also includes unobservable and unnoticed feelings, thinking, and thoughts.

The word Behaviour was originated from late Middle English from the word behave, on the ornament of deportment, and directed by outdated word havior which is further derived from the word have.

It is the way a person acts or behaves towards other individuals. The synonyms of behavior include habits, acts, deportment, exploitation, etc.   

Following examples of sentences will help to understand the proper usage of the word “BEHAVIOR”: –

As a noun: –

  1. I noticed a drastic change in her behavior.
  2. The parents are very much worried about their son’s rude behavior.
  3. John must be ashamed of his bad and vulgar behavior.
  4. His behavior made me angry and disturbed me a lot from inside.

As an adjective: –

  1. This kind of behavior will not be tolerated in the future.
  2. Her behavior is regarded as the worst in the whole class.
  3. She forgave her daughter’s immature behavior.
  4. She distinguished a change in her behavior. 

What is Action?

Action which is a noun and also acts as an interjective is defined as the procedure of performing something that describes our movement, work, gestures regarding a particular individual, or a task.

The word Action is originated in the late Middle English period via Old French from the Latin word actio and the word agere. It describes someone gesture or movement. The synonyms of action include performance, activity, task, movement, etc.   

Following examples of sentences will help to understand the proper usage of the word “ACTION”: –  

As a noun : – 

  1. Her bad action was rejected by the public.
  2. She pledged to take legal action.
  3. The police took action against the thief.

As an interjective : –

  1. They may have to take military action.
  2. He complained about that rude action.
  3. What is the best type of action in these complex situations?

Main Differences Between Behavior and Action

  1. The word action acts as both as a noun and an injective in sentences, whereas the word behavior can be used as a noun but cannot be used as an injective in sentences.
  2. If we take pronunciation in the consideration, we strain on the second syllable when we are pronouncing the word action whereas a stress on the third syllable is given, at the time of pronouncing the word behavior.
  3. Behavior can sometimes mean to jump a limited boundary which is not a necessity at all and our behavior is not that much impactful whereas our actions can be very impactful or more than expectations.
  4. Action is likely to have a more negative implication or bad feeling, whereas behavior does not if compared to action.
  5. The words which have the same meaning as to action include battle, reaction, movement, gestures, performance, activity, etc whereas the words having a similar meaning to behavior include habits, practices, manners, doings, comportment, etc.
Difference Between Behavior and Action


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