Difference Between Black Pipe and Galvanized Pipe (With Table)

Steel Pipes came into existence from the 1800s. It evolved to stretch to different cities and towns. Steel is considered to be the preferred material for its sturdiness and durability. This feature has allowed the engineers to experiment on underground liquid and gas transfer.

The next best feature with steel is its lightweight manufacturing capacity. Ideally, steel pipes are used to transfer water and gas to households, of course, it is also used in the industrial application too. There are different types of Pipes available for this purpose. The two prominent ones are Black and Galvanized pipes.

The two are the most common types of pipes used in the transfer of liquid and gaseous substance. Though the usages look similar, they have their differences between them in many aspects.

Black Pipe vs Galvanized Pipe

The difference between Black Pipe and Galvanized Pipe is that the black pipe is made out of steel that is ideal for transferring gas while Galvanized pipe is also made out of steel used for transferring water. This is because the Galvanized pipe is coated with Zinc that prevents itself from corroding while the black pipe is prone to corrosion.


Comparison Table Between Black Pipe and Galvanized Pipe (in Tabular Form)

Parameters of ComparisonBlack PipeGalvanized Pipe
UsageBlack Pipe is used for carrying GasGalvanized is used for carrying water
Coat on PipeBlack Pipe does not have any coat on it.Galvanized Pipe is coated with zinc
CorrosionBlack Pipes corrodeGalvanized Pipe does not corrode.
PriceBlack Pipe is less expensive compared to Galvanized PipeGalvanized Pipe is Expensive
DurabilityBlack Pipe is less durableGalvanized Pipe is highly durable


What is Black Pipe?

A black Pipe is made out of steel ideally made to carry gas for home needs and industrial purposes too. A Black Pipe is usually made seamless to prevent oil leakage. It is sturdy to transfer gas and at the same time, it is not conducive to transfer water. It is for the very reason that the Black Pipes is prone to corrosion.

The colour black is due to the formation of Iron oxide while manufacturing. The Black steel pipes are pretty common in transporting home natural gas to the houses. Also, black iron pipes are used to connect supply lines in the factories. They are not as durable as the galvanized pipe but worth the gas transport which the galvanized pipe cannot help with.

The Black Pipes are less expensive compared to the Galvanized counterpart. It is also observed that the black pipes are made out of low-grade steel. The low-grade mil steel offers more corrosion resistance than the cast iron. Fabrication of Black pipe is relatively easy compared to other materials.

The most important factor that the industries opt for the black pipe is the price. A well-protected environment can ensure the life of black pipe to go beyond 50 years.


What is Galvanized Pipe?

Galvanized Pipe is a steel pipe widely used for transport of water. The pipe is coated with zinc that allows it to have more resistance to corrosion. This ensures the galvanized pipe to transport water seamlessly without any corrosion. At the same time, Galvanized pipes are not used for gas transport because the zinc flakes may block the seamless gas passage in the longer run.

The galvanized pipes are used for many construction projects. Additionally, it is of prime usage in the irrigation process. The zinc coat adds life to the pipe and it is sturdy enough for many uses. It is, in fact, expensive than the black pipes.

Galvanized pipes are made out of high-grade steel to stand the zinc coat. Fabrication of Galvanized pipe is easy but it has a lot of seams where it needs to be connected. As such the technology to coat the pipe with zinc for longer lengths is still not proving good quality pipes. So it is done in segments and welded further.

Galvanized pipes are still popular in the market while pipes made out of other materials are also available. Though it is considered expensive than the Black pipe, it is less expensive than any other pipes and also adds safety to the transport of gas.

Main Differences Between Black Pipe and Galvanized Pipe

  1. The main difference between Black Pipe and Galvanized Pipe is, the black pipe is exposed to corrosion faster while Galvanized pipes are less corrosive.
  2. Though both the pipes are used in domestic and industrial applications, the black pipe is used for transporting gas while Galvanized pipes are used for transporting water.
  3. The Black Pipe does not come with any coat on it, while the galvanized pipe’s main feature is a zinc coat to prevent corrosion.
  4. The Black Pipe is less expensive and it is used in much industrial application in supply chain connections too while galvanized pipes are expensive because of its zinc coat.
  5. Black Pipe is less durable because of its non-coat nature and they tend to react with gaseous substances, however, they are stable for many years but not as durable as the galvanized pipes.



The house essentials are very well organized using these pipes. They have many differences, but the main similarity is, it has reduced the operational cost of gas and water transport. Be it Domestic usage or for factory usage, these two pipes are highly advantageous for less expensive affairs. More importantly, the safety it offers is commendable.

Though the Black pipe gets corroded, there are preventive measures too. At the same time, the chips and zinc flake cracks can also be fixed easily. These two pipes play a vital role in agricultural areas too. Especially the galvanized pipes are most sought for irrigation purposes. Though there are many differences, the ace factor that attracts everyone is the lightweight nature of the pipes.


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