Difference Between Blue Yeti and Snowball (With Table)

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There was a time when PPT presentations, Videos were the big boom! But nowadays, Podcasts are attracting more audiences. Every Youtubers, Blogger has its Podcast channel. As they are trending, easily accessible, and are internet supportive. People love listening. They can listen while traveling, meditating, or even while working. But it is necessary to have good sound quality for your content. You did the work to give the best of your work. But, the bad quality of your microphone was unable to deliver it with the same feel. It is required to have better sound quality.  

Blue Yeti vs Snowball

The difference between Blue Yeti and Snowball is that their costs. Blue Yeti offers many features, so its prices are high, and it is expensive than Blue Snowball. The Snowball also provide good sound quality; it is the second popular Mic below Blue Yeti. The product is affordable for beginners and low budgets, so it has more demand. They both have differences in their features. 

‘Blue company’ is one of the well-known Mic productions. Most of the YouTuber, podcasters, and online lecturers use the Blue Mics. Their Blue Yeti and Blue Snowball are the most recognized products. Both the Mics Blue Yeti and Snowball are elite in recording Podcasts, Videos, Melodious Instruments, Vocals, Discussions, Commentary, Voice-overs, Gaming, On-field, Conferences, etc. They both even have plug and play settings and USB compatibility. The devices support any PC, laptop, and vary with different color ranges.   

Comparison Table Between Blue Yeti and Snowball

Parameter of Comparison Blue Yeti Blue Snowball  
Product Specifications Proficient recording with adjustable USB Mic. Digital USB Mic with Intensity Modulation Condenser 
Cost It is Expensive.It is cheap in price and affordable. 
Sound Quality Sound quality is higher than the Blue Snowball. The sound quality is lesser than the Blue Yeti. 
Capsule Condensers Tri- Capsule demonstrate of the condenser.  Dual Capsule of the condenser.
Patterns of Recording Cardioid, Bi-directional, Omni-directional, Stereo are the 4 patterns provided. Cardioid, Omnidirectional are the 2 patterns given. 
Frequency Response Minimum 20 Hz to a maximum of 20 kHz. Minimum 18 kHz to maximum 40 kHz 
Bit Speed 16 Bits/48 kHz the rate of speed. 16 Bits/44.1kHz is the rate of speed. 
Weight The total weight (including the stand) is 1.55 kg.It is light-weighted, just 460 g. 
Colors Black, Silver, Grey, White colors are available for the product body. White, Black, Blue, Orange colors are available for the product body. 
Headphone Volume, Output It is a Headphone amplified device. It does not provide Headphone Volume or output service. 
User Experience Blue Yeti has few buttons and knobs settings to do according to requirements. It is hard to understand, but beneficiary results. Overall, great user experience. Blue Snowball does not have many buttons, so it is easy to understand the settings. Overall good user experience. 
Mute Button Yes, it has a Mute Button. No, it does not have a Mute Button. 

What is Blue Yeti? 

Blue Yeti is an adjustable Mic that provides an expert recording facility. It offers stunning features than other digital Mic. The sound quality of the product is higher, and it is versatile than any other Mic products. It has different buttons and knobs for settings, but having them is necessary for the best features it offers. Its user experience is significant as it has a good frequency response. 

Its tri-capsule condensers are 14 mm and give a good quality view. Four main patterns provided are Cardioid, Bi-directional, Omni-directional, and Stereo. The frequency response is massive, ranging from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. The bit speed is 16 bits/48 kHz. The product does many functions. That’s why it is heavy. The weight is 1.55 kg (including the stand). Its dimension is 12 cm * 12.5 cm * 29.5 cm. , 

The microphone is available in Black, Silver, Grey, White colors. 

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What is Blue Snowball? 

Blue Snowball is the Digital USB Mic offering Intensity Modulation Condenser. After Blue Yeti, it is the second popular Mic. Its weight is just 460 g, so it is light in weight, easy to handle, and keep. The device does not have any complicated buttons or settings. So, it’s easy to understand and use it.  

The product has a dual capsule condenser; and has two patterns of recording, likewise, Cardioid and Omnidirectional. The bits speed is 16bits/44.1 kHz. The dimension is 325 mm. Available in White, Black, Blue, Orange colors. Its product range Snowball iCE is available only in Cool White color.  

The device is small and light. This quality makes it easy to take it anywhere. Its features are close to Blue Yeti. So, it is an affordable device. For beginners and low budget casting, it is the best option. 

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Main Differences Between Blue Yeti and Snowball 

  1. As Blue Yeti offers more versatile features, it is expensive than Blue Snowball. On the other side, Snowball is affordable for less budget.  
  2. The Sound quality of Blue Yeti is superior to Blue Snowball. It is also more flexible as well as a variable product than Blue Snowball.  
  3. Blue Yeti is more adjustable than the Blue Snowball Mic.  
  4. The Tri-Capsule Condenser feature of Blue Yeti gives more variety for voice recording. Whereas the Blue Snowball has dual Capsules.  
  5. Cardioid, Bi-directional, omnidirectional, Stereo are four patterns provided by the Blue Yeti device, and Blue Snowball gives two following Cardioid and Omnidirectional.  
  6. The frequency response of Blue Yeti is varied from 20 Hz – 20 kHz, and of the Blue Snowball, from 18 kHz – 40 kHz.  
  7. Blue Yeti has a higher bit speed than Blue Snowball. Its bit speed is 16 bits per 48 kHz whereas, 16 bits per 44.1 kHz is of the Blue Snowball.  
  8. Blue Snowball is lighter in weight, and it is smaller than Blue Yeti. Its weight is just 460 g., whereas Blue Yeti weighs 1.55 kg.  
  9. Blue Yeti has more settings, buttons, knobs than Blue Snowball. But it is worth good quality content.
  10. But on the other hand, Snowball is easily understandable.  
  11. Blue Yeti offers Mute Button and Headphone Amplified service. But Blue Snowball does not provide any of the either Mute or Headphone Volume features. 


Blue Yeti and Snowball are both best Mics, varying with their features and costs. They are available in the market. With its great features, Blue Yeti is perfect for you if your budget is good enough. And if you want enough features fitting for you, then Blue Snowball is the best choice. 


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