Difference between BMW 3 Series and 4 Series (With Table)

Bayerische Motoren werke AG popularly known as BMW is a renowned company today, deals in luxury cars and motorcycles. The German-based multi-national company initially was an aircraft engine manufacturer.  BMW 3 series and 4 series are both 2 very build models of the company’s car. The 3 series can be said to be faster and more powerful than the 4 series car. Both the series cars have made their names as some of the best sporty and luxurious cars list.

BMW 3 Series vs BMW 4 Series 

The difference between BMW 3 Series and 4 Series is that both these cars have their own unique style, design, and purpose of buying. BMW 4 series is more luxurious as compared to BMW 3 Series. BMW 3 Series cars have five seats whereas BMW 4 series has four seats, though both of these editions are comfortable and spacious enough. Both of these cars are well designed with some distinctive features. BMW 4 Series offers both 4-door & 2-door models for its potential buyers, unlike BMW 3 series which only have the 4-door model. 

The BMW 3 series is 5 seater car, which has only a 4 door model. The 3 series comes equipped with 1 Diesel engine which is 1995 cc and 2 petrol engine, one of them being 1998cc and another one 2998cc. They give a mileage of about 12-20km/per liter with. Quite impressive features are provided.

The BMW 4 series cars are compact cars with Rear-wheel drive and 4 seater cars. The BMW 4 series was first manufactured in the year 2013, The 4 series comes in 3 body styles – F32 coupe, F33 convertible, and F36 Gran Coupe. The 4 series is no doubt a luxurious car that was first designed by Won Kyu Kang.

Comparison Table Between BMW 3 Series and BMW 4 Series

Parameters of ComparisonBMW 3 SeriesBMW 4 Series
Door Model
BMW 3 series has only a 4-door model.
BMW 4 series has both 4-door and 2 door models.
It has a Horsepower of 255.
It has a Horsepower of 248.
First manufacture Year
It was first manufactured in 1975.
It was first manufactured in 2013.
Number of Variants
There are 4 variants in the BMW 3 series.
There are 3 variants in the BMW 4 series.
MileageIt gives a mileage of about 16km/ per liter.
It gives a mileage between 12.82 to 14.71km per liter.

What is BMW 3 Series?

The BMW 3-Series has different characteristics and qualities. This edition is available in several body styles such as a sedan, wagon, and Gran Turismo. Every design has its own quality and brand value. The series is highly rated for its comfortable front and rare seats which makes its interior more precious, in addition, the head and legroom make it even more valuable. 

Alike the interior the BMW 3 Series has a stylish and classy exterior too which consists of LED headlights, LED fog lights, and dark LED taillight. Apart from these, it has 19-inch Wheels or 18-inch bi-color Jet Black Wheels which enhance its classy look. 

Besides everything, BMW 3 Series holds a consolidated position in providing the highest standard of safety. Along with the usual features such as airbags, rearview camera, 360-degree parking camera, hands-free park assist, automatic high-beam headlights, etc., it also has some advanced features such as front and rear parking sensors, lane departure warning, low-speed auto emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, etc. 

The BMW 3 series was first manufactured in the year 1975, it comes in 4 variants – 330i Sport, 320d Luxury Edition, 330i M Sport, and the M340i xDrive. These are compact executive cars, and when they were first manufactured, they came with 2 door coupe. But later the coupe models were converted to the BMW 4 series cars. The BMW 330i Sports can give a mileage of around 16km/per liter and comes on 3 color variants -Mediterranean Blue Metallic, Black Sapphire Metallic, and Alpine White.

What is BMW 4 Series?

The 4 series is a well-designed premium edition of BMW. It possesses a more sporty look as compare to its counterpart. The spacious interior of the edition consists of power-adjustable front and rear seats make it unique. The 4-Series is only available in 3 designs (the coupe, Gran Coupe, and convertible). The unmatched diverse LED package distinct it from its counterpart.

Like any other edition of BMW, the 4 Series have some usual and some unique safety features such as Passenger airbag, Rear and front head airbags, Electronic stability control, Daytime running lights, Child safety locks, Blind spot monitor, and many more.The grand coupe has a taller and wider dimension of the car comes with 8.8-inch touchscreen, has sport seats, and a sport leather steering wheel as it is a sporty model. It comes with an active air flap control system, aerodynamic design.

The BMW convertible comes with a sleek and classy design with L-shaped taillights, quad headlights, and aerodynamic air inlets. comes with 19″ wheels. It is equipped with four-cylinder petrol engines.

Main Differences Between BWM 3 series and BMW 4 series

  1. The BMW 3 series comes with only 4 doors, but the BMW 4 Series comes with 2 and 4 door variants.
  2. The BMW 3 series has a Horsepower of 255, whereas THE BMW 4 series has a horsepower of 248.
  3. The BMW 3 Series comes in 3 variants where as the BMW 4 series has 3 variants.
  4. The BMW 3 series was first manufactured in 1975, and the BMW 4 series was first manufactured in 2013.
  5. BMW 3 series gives a mileage of 11.86 km to 20.37 km per litre. The BMW 4 series is 12.82 km and goes up to 14.71 km per litre.


The BMW cars provide luxury and comfort at the same time. The maintenance cost of the BMW cars is definitely in the higher range, and they can last up to 15-20 years of high usage with proper maintenance before they need the replacement of their parts. Both the 3 series and the 4 series BMW can run a good distance of about 200,000-250,000 miles. The BMW cars come with good safety features.

Although, both BMW 3 Series and the BMW 4 series give good mileage. The 4 series is known for it’s sporty look.
In all, BMW is an expensive car brand, and most of the car models have many generations. The BMW 3 series has 7 generations and the BMW 4 Series has only 2 generations. The BMW 3 Series 330i Sport variant has its name in the list of top cars.


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