BMW 3 Series vs 4 Series: Difference and Comparison

Technology is modelling according to our current situations. The companies try to give the best to the people to gain profit. BMW is a car company that releases the latest models with better several features.

BMW 3 series and 4 series are the two different models released by BMW Company with various features.  

Key Takeaways

  1. The 3 Series includes compact executive sedans and wagons, while the 4 Series comprises coupes, convertibles, and Gran Coupes.
  2. The 4 Series offers more powerful engine options and sportier handling than the 3 Series.
  3. Both series are well-regarded for luxury, performance, and advanced technology features.

BMW 3 Series vs BMW 4 Series  

BMW 4 Series is wider and runs on a wider track, also, it has a more aggressive stance and sportier handling than its concurrent 3 series. Despite having identical interiors like the BMW 3 Series, the BMW 4 Series cars feature frameless door glass and lower rooflines, giving it a sportier appearance.

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BMW 3 Series is one of the model cars of the BMW Company. The BMW 3 Series Cars have four different variants with a single-engine option. These have ground clearance up to 135 mm, and the boost speed of the 3 Series is approximately 480 litres.  

In Contrast, BMW 4 Series is a type that had manufactured with dense factors by BMW 4 Series. The BMW 4 Series had launched in 2013, and the features are different from the previous generation.

The transmission layout is a backend-wheel drive, and this series gives high performance. The travellers feel comfortable with this model.   

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBMW 3 Series BMW 4 series 
Meaning 3 Series is one of the modeled cars by BMW Company.    4 Series is one of the kinds of Cars manufactured by the BMW Company. 
Launched The first model in this series had launched in 1975. The first model had come out in 2013. 
Models 330I sports, 330IM sports, 320 D Luxury Edition, and M340i xDrive are the models that come under BMW 3 series. 420i, 420d, M440i xDrive, 420 xDrive, and 43i are the 5 models launched under BMW 4 series.  
Variants BMW 3 Series contains 4 variants with some different features. BMW 4 Series consists of 5 variants with various updated features. 
Difference The models in this series contain high-speed and rotational forces. The speed and force are low compared with the previous series. 

What is BMW 3 Series?  

BMW 3 Series is one of the Cars with various models designed by BMW Company. The 3 Series is BMW launched in 1975, and the models will release in different years with updated features.

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The BMW 3 Series has 4 variants with various features. These have ground clearance up to 135 mm, and the boost speed of the 3 series is approximately 480 litres. The variants under this 3Series have a single engine.

The BMW 3 Series gives 18.36 km to 20.37 km of mileage in every model. The BMW 3 Series will run on petrol and diesel fuels, which helps to confer high performance. BMW 3 Series works on a 1995-2998 cc engine where the rotational force is 295 pounds-feet.

This series contains a 188 to 382 horsepower range which gives high performance for travellers. The best model in the BMW 3 Series is E90 which is a base model.   

In current technology, the 3 Series is the best in BMW Company with new models. The sport sedan gives fun to the riders, where an individual experiences the ride throughout the day.

The avid system will accurately balance the drive, and the highlights of this series are providing high performance, having live engines, and handling responsibly. The 4 variants of the BMW 3 series are   

  • 330I Sports 3 series   
  • 330IM sports model   
  • 320 D Luxury Edition model  
  • M340i xDrive  

The above models have been designed with variant features, and the model design will attract the riders. The 3 series refers to a car with close-packed 4 doors. An individual can find Sedan, Sports Wagon, or Gran Turismo models in BMW 3 Series.

The maintenance and repairs of the BMW 3 Series are expensive to handle, but an individual can experience great rides and comfort.  

bmw 3 series

What is BMW 4 Series?  

BMW 4 Series is one of the new series launched by BMW Company. The 4 Series’ first model had released in 2013, and these series have 5 variants. This series had manufactured with dense factors which dives comfort in travelling.

The transmission layout is a backend-wheel drive, and this series gives high performance. The high-performer model in the 4 series is the BMW M4 model with brand-new features.

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The BMW 4 Series is available in models like a coupe, Gran Coupe, and a Convertible coupe, where the Gran Coupe model contains 4-door coupes with and it is a powerful model compared with the Sedan 3 Series.

The 4 Series consists of 248 horsepower with 258 rotational forces. The power and rotational forces are less in the 4 Series when compared with the 3 Series. This 4 Series is an antecedent for 3 Series.   

The features and styles of the models in the 4 Series vary from each other. An individual can experience the sport of riding with the help of the BMW 4 Series. BMW 4 Series is an aggressive model having a low centre of gravity compared with the previous series.

The new models launched by the BMW 4 Series in the coming year are the Gran Coupe Explore 2022, coupe Explorer 2022, and some others. The models available in the BMW 4 Series are   

  • 420i model  
  • 420d model  
  •  M440i xDrive model  
  •  420 xDrive  
  •  430i model   

 Some of the models under this series are going to launch in 2022 year. The BMW 4 Series gives a smooth ride and consists of powertrains with a turbocharged engine. These model cars will work with diesel and petrol fuels.  

bmw 4 series

Main Differences Between BMW 3 Series and 4 Series  

  1. The BMW 3 Series shows high performance in rotational force, and power, whereas the 4 Series contains less horsepower and rotational forces.  
  2. The first model of the BMW 3 Series had launched in 1975, and the BMW 4 Series had released in 2013.  
  3. BMW 3 Series has four various variants, whereas the BMW 4 Series consists of 5 different models.   
  4. Both series had manufactured by BMW Company, but the models and designs are different in the 3 Series and 4 Series.  
  5. The 3 series are available as Sedan, and Sports Wagon, whereas the 4 Series offers the models like Coupe, Gran Coupe, and Convertible Model.  
Difference Between BMW 3 Series and 4 Series

Last Updated : 08 August, 2023

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  1. The 3 Series and 4 Series released by BMW truly showcase the company’s commitment to luxury, performance, and advanced technology.

  2. The detailed specifications of both BMW 3 Series and 4 Series highlight the level of engineering and design put into these vehicles.

  3. The focus on comfort and high performance in both the BMW 3 Series and 4 Series makes them stand out in the automotive market.


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