Difference Between Bose 300 and Bose 500 (With Table)

Entertainment is the most crucial part of one’s life, whether it’s movies, web series, or dancing. Music is the most vital part of everyone’s life. Music and listening to music have evolved a lot. 

Today Bose speakers rule the music industry with its quality studio equipment to recode music to everyday used musical equipment like headphones and speakers. Bose is rulings, overall manufacturers. Bose has integrated amazon Alexa and Googles’ assistant with its quality and best-selling speakers to provide the user with the best experience. 

Bose 300 vs Bose 500

The difference between Bose 300 and Bose 500 is that Bose 500 offers a small colored LCD in front of the speakers, which shows all controls like volume buttons play pause seek forward-backward which can be controlled via the touchscreen, the screen also offers an always-on display as the screen displays a digital clock for 24 hours. But the Bose 300 doesn’t provide any screen to control from or view from for asking when the user has to activate the assistant to know the time.

The Bose 500 also offers eight microphones for better sound catching and amplifying this feature to take calls while working or activating or talking to an assistant from a distance to get the work done. Still, the Bose 300 offers only six mics, which are also satisfactory.

Comparison Table Between Bose 300 and Bose 500

Parameters of ComparisonBose 300Bose 500
MeaningThe Bose 300 is a 6-inch-tall speaker with a voice assistant, six microphones, and great sound delivery with great bass.The Bose 500 is an 8-inch-tall speaker that offers a colored LCD intact, and all controls can be controlled via touch screen, and the speaker provides eight microphones and assistants.
No of MicrophonesThe Bose 300 offers only six microphones.The Bose 500 offers eight microphones that are useful for taking calls and talking to the assistant.            
No of DriversThe Bose 300 only has a single driver that is perfect for a small setting.The Bose 500 offers two drivers facing opposite directions, making it perfect for large settings.
Weight distributionThe speaker’s weight approx. 2lbsThe speaker weighs approx. 4lbs
WattsThe Bose 300 has an output range of 120 watts.The Bose 500 has an output range of 156 watts.

What is Bose 300?

Bose is one of the bestselling companies that manufactures quality studio equipment and speakers. The Bose 300 is one of the best manufacturing and selling products by the boss because it comes with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa with their best sound technologies speaker interact with them.

The speaker is made from high graded aluminum, which is very durable and is made to withstand normal conditions like splashing water with the sensitive top where all the control panels are found.

The Bose speaker offers only one driver facing the front, which is not great but satisfactory, and producers average sound quality music.

The boss 300 is ideal for a small setting like a bedroom. It also offers six microphones intact that makes it able to take calls and talk to the assistant. The speaker also produces an output of around 120 watts, which is great in its price, and the speaker also offers Bluetooth connectivity of 4.2 range of 32 feet with other ports like AUX.

Batteries don’t power this speaker, and the speaker doesn’t have to be charged. It is constantly used with a power outlet, so it has to be plugged in every time.

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What is Bose 500?

The Bose 500 is also the bestselling speaker by Bose as it combines the power of Google and amazon’s assistant with their bestselling speakers to give the best to the public. The Bose 500 is made out of the absolute best quality aluminum, and a touch sensitive top with all the control panels are.

One of the bestselling features about the speaker is the screen that is attached in front of the speaker, which is a colored LCD.

Which offers all the controls, the touch screen has other features like always-on display which shows the time for constantly 24 hours.

This speaker produces an output of 156 Watts, which is amazing for bigger settings as it makes quality music with great volume.

The speaker also offers two mega drivers facing opposite directions that help produce such a great music quality. The speaker also comes with the latest Bluetooth 4.2 technology to connect faster with your mobile devices. Which rangers around 35 feet with aux input available, the Bose 500 is also non-chargeable and has to be connected to the power outlet constantly to power the speaker.

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Main Differences Between Bose 300 and Bose 500.

  1. The Bose 300 offers only six microphones, which is great for taking calls, whereas the Bose 500 offers eight microphones, which is great for taking calls and activating assistant from a distance.
  2. The Bose 300 offers only a single driver making it great for small settings. In contrast, the Bose 500 offers two massive drivers facing opposite directions that produce great volume and is perfect for big settings.
  3. The Bose 300 produces an output of 120 watts, whereas the Bose 500 produces 156 watts.
  4. The Bose 500 offers a coloured LCD in front of the speaker where all controls can be controlled and work as a digital clock, whereas the Bose 300 doesn’t provide any touch screen.
  5. The Bose 300 is made out of anodized aluminium, which is rather lightweight and cheap, whereas The Bose 500 is made out of seamless aluminium, which is durable and heavier.


All brands today are in a race to produce the best speakers and quality studio equipment. But Bose is the best brand in the market that has and manufactures speakers and headphones. Bose was able to integrate their best speakers with google assistant and Amazon Alexa to provide the best to the consumers.

Today Bose 300 and Bose 500 are the best-selling speakers by Bose and are in constant competition with other market brands. 



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