Difference Between Bose Soundsport and Bose Soundsport Free (With Table)

Bose has been a forerunner in creating some of the best Bluetooth audio systems in the last decade. With more people becoming health conscious and fitness freaks, Bose came out with the Soundsport in 2017. These earphones function on Bluetooth. They are known to be some of the most comfortable Bluetooth earphones that adhere to the ear. This is because of its StayHear ear tips present on the earphones. 

Bose Soundsport vs Bose Soundsport Free

The difference between the Bose Soundsport and the Bose Soundsport free is that the Bose Soundsport free is completely wireless. It consists of earbuds only. The Bose Soundsport possesses a wired connection between its earbuds.

Comparison Table Between Bose Soundsport and Bose Soundsport Free 

Parameters of ComparisonBose SoundsportBose Soundsport Free
PriceThe price of the Soundsport is these earphones are cheaper in comparison to the Free.Soundsport Free does not have a very significant difference in price with Soundsport but is slightly higher. 
NFC pairingThe Bose Soundsport does have NFC pairing. This allows the earphones to pair with a device in close proximity.The Bose Soundsport Free does not possess this feature.
Battery LifeThe battery life of these earphones is slightly better. It lasts up to six hours if it has a full charge.These earphones possess a slightly lower battery life. They can run for around five hours after a full charge.
Find My BudsThese earphones do not contain this feature. It is The Soundsport free does contain this feature and allows one to keep their earphones safely.
Charging Charging these earphones requires a USB cable that comes with the product.The Soundsport Free can charge in connection with a charging dock.

What is Bose Soundsport Earbuds? 

Bose came out with its exclusive exercise range of earbuds that had lots of potentials. These earbuds were in connection with each other through a wire. This is an advantage as it is easy to safeguard both the buds. 

It possesses special hardware that prevents the bud from falling out of the ear. This hardware is known as the StayHear+ ear tips, which lodged itself into the ear canal grooves. The majority of the ear tip consists of silicon. This can also enhance the sound in that it creates a seal. This seal produces a sort of noise-canceling feature. 

The setup and pairing of the Bose Soundsport occur through the Bose app. The steps are relatively simple to follow as it works on voice control

The connecting wire contains a button station. This station possesses several buttons for playback controls. In addition to this, it also includes a microphone. The pause button doubles up as a button to call on Google Assistant or Alexa. 

Bose Soundsport Earphones are known to create a very crisp treble with a consistent overall sound. In addition to this, the earphones’ sound undergoes alteration based on the changes made in the app. 

In addition to this, it has a respectable battery life of 6 hours. According to Bose, these earphones can attain an hour of battery with a 15-minute charge.

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What is Bose Soundsport Free? 

These earphones are known as truly wireless in that they do not possess the neckband as in the Soundsport. These earbuds belong to a higher range of wireless earphones at their price. The exterior of the earbuds contains a glossy finish that gives it a modern look. It also possesses the iPx4 hardware, which makes it waterproof. In addition to this, it pairs relatively easily with a device through the Bose app and Bluetooth. It does not contain the ability to connect with a device through NFC. 

It also has the StayHear+ ear tips to ensure that the earbuds are placed firmly in the external ear. The noise-canceling is not as good as the other Bluetooth earphones like the QC 35 II. 

The right earbud contains a series of buttons. Two buttons control the sound as well as the playback. The central button finds use in pausing the music or audio. In addition to this, it can also be a button to call on Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. 

These buds charge in a charging dock. The dock can store two full charges and possesses a magnet to catch the earbud. 

This earbud experiences several plagues. The first is that the earbud does not have much of a battery life offers. It can only run for around five hours. And it requires two hours to charge completely. It also has problems with both the earbuds connecting to a device. Many customers say that either the left or the right does not play music continuously. 

The other complaint is that it is not as sweat proof as the company claims. It means that the earbud tends to slip out of the ear. 

However, the sound is much better on these earphones. The bass is quite significant for a pair of earphones that are this size. 

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Main Differences Between the Bose Soundsport and Bose Soundsport Free

  1. The Bose Soundsport has a neckband that connects the two earbuds. The Bose Soundsport Free is truly wireless.
  2. The Soundsport charges in connection with a power source through a USB charger. The Soundsport Free uses a charging dock.
  3. The Soundsport free can undergo charging on the go with the charging dock or cradle. This houses two full charges. This is not possible with a Soundsport pair. 
  4. The buttons are harder to access in the Soundsport Free. This is not the case with Soundsport. 
  5. Soundsport contains NFC, whereas Soundsport Free does not include this feature. 


Bose did an excellent job of creating solid contenders in the Bluetooth earphone market with these additions. However, the Bose Soundsport is the better option as it is more reliable. Unless Bose solves its disconnection problem present in the Soundsport Free, it will continue to lose customers’ favor. However, the Soundsport Free is much more convenient as it has a charging dock. In addition to this, it produces better sound.


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