Difference Between Bose SoundSport and SoundSport Free

Bose SoundSport is designed quite distinctively without implicating the look of a traditional headset. However, it has minimal wiring to support the earbuds. Conversely, the Bose SoundSport Free model solely comprises of earbuds that are not connected to each other by any wiring.


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The earbuds of a SoundSport Free simply fit into the ear of the user and are linked via a Bluetooth connection. This integral design difference makes it accurately wireless.

Thus, the main element of dissimilarity between these two quality headsets offered by Bose is in terms of the design component of each product.

Key Takeaways

  1. Bose SoundSport and SoundSport Free are wireless earbuds for sports and exercise.
  2. SoundSport has a cord connecting the earbuds, while SoundSport Free is cordless.
  3. SoundSport Free has a longer battery life and a smaller charging case, while SoundSport has a shorter battery life but allows longer listening time with the cord.

Bose SoundSport vs SoundSport Free

The difference between Bose SoundSport and SoundSport Free is the sound quality. The Bose SoundSport has passive voice reduction, whereas SoundSport Free does not. SoundSport Wireless has only 1 microphone. Contrarily, the SoundSport free has 2 for better audio qualification. The former has better battery life than the latter. SoundSport wireless weighs around 18.14 g, while Bose SoundSport Free estimates heavier than first; that is, 22.7 g.

Bose SoundSport vs SoundSport Free

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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBose SoundsportBose Soundsport Free
DesignBose SoundSport has wires attached to its earbuds.Bose SoundSport Free is truly wireless as the earbuds are not connected to each other by any wiring.
PriceThis model is more affordable than the truly wireless one.This model is much more expensive than its minimally wired counterpart.
Charging DockBose SoundSport does not have a charging dock.Bose SoundSport has a charging dock.
WingtipsDoes not have wingtips as wires prevent the earbuds from dislocating.Wingtips are essential design components included to prevent the dislocation of the earbuds.
NFC PairingNFC pairing is possible.NFC pairing is not possible.
WeightThis model is heavier.The truly wireless model is lighter.
Battery LifeThis variant offers a better battery life.Durability of battery life is poorer than the SoundSport model.
Multiple Bluetooth Device PairingPairing with multiple Bluetooth devices is possible.Bluetooth pairing with multiple devices is not supported by this model.
Passive Sound ReductionPassive sound reduction feature is present.Passive sound reduction feature is absent.

What is Bose SoundSport?

The Bose SoundSport headphone range was created to accord the user a truly exceptional audio experience. The earbuds in this headset are designed with minimal wiring to offer a potentially wireless experience.

The headset allows easy Bluetooth and NFC pairing that makes the interface hassle-free and simple.

The strong battery backup offered by this headset sets it a class apart from its market competitors. With 6 hours of sustained durability and a 2 hour recharging window, the Bose SoundSport can be used for prolonged periods of time without worrying about battery drain.

The acoustic ports of the earbuds are positioned in a strategic manner to effectively resist any form of moisture including sweat. The headphone is designed to accord stability and comfort to the user. At a lucrative price point, this headset is truly a fan favorite.

What is Bose SoundSport Free?

The Bose SoundSport Free model was created in 2017 to enhance the freedom of mobility for the user. As a truly wireless headset, this model consists of solely a pair of sweat and weather-resistant earbuds that are to be inserted into the ears of the user.

This model offers tracking facilities to the user in case of an eventuality that one of the buds is misplaced. The magnetized case of the earbuds is used to recharge them. This helps maximize the product’s charging time even when the user is on the go.

The powerful and crystal clear sound delivered by the product is another testament to the quality assurance of the trusted Bose brand name. The solely conspicuous drawback of this lightweight, truly wireless headset is the exorbitant price point of its sales and the lack of the NFC pairing feature.

bose soundsport free

Main Differences Between Bose SoundSport and SoundSport Free

  1. The main difference between Bose SoundSport and SoundSport Free is that the former headset is wireless but the latter model is truly wireless. The former model is not designed according to the usual earphone template. The earbuds are connected through a minimum length of wire. However, the Bose SoundSport Free resembles the coveted air pod design and has no wire attachments.
  2. The two products are also sold at differing price points in the market. The Bose SoundSport model is available at a more lucrative and affordable price point, while the truly wireless SoundSport Free model is more expensive.
  3. The Bose SoundSport Free is equipped with wingtips that prevent the earbuds from falling off during the user’s sports or exercise routines, while the SoundSport model does not offer this design feature.
  4. The Bose SoundSport model is heavier than the SoundSport Free model. The former weighs approximately 22.7g, while the latter weighs 18.14g.
  5. The Bose SoundSport headset has a passive sound reduction feature. This feature is absent from the SoundSport Free model.
  6. The Bose SoundSport has a better battery life than the SoundSport Free model. The former offers a battery life extension for up to 6 hours, while the latter can sustain battery life up to 5 hours without charging.
  7. Bose SoundSport allows Bluetooth pairing with up to 2 devices. This multiple pairing feature is absent from the Bose SoundSport Free model.
  8. The Bose SoundSport Free comes with a charging dock or base which is absent in the case of the SoundSport model.
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