Difference Between Boy and Girl Cats (With Table)

Cats are distinct animals that are domesticated by several pet parents to rear in their premises. However, in a litter spotting the gender of the kitten requires more knowledge about cat behavior and bodily structure. The genitals are different from each other, and they also have characteristic differences in behavior.

Boy Cats vs Girl Cats

The difference between boy cat and girl cat is that they are physically different from each other. They have a distinctly feminine and masculine feature bestowed in them. Male cats are slightly larger than that females and have a larger bodily structure. Both males and females have varying temperaments. These vary with cat variants as well. It is also advisable to check through the genitals and then determine the gender in order to identify whether the kitten is a boy or a girl.

Boy cats or males are generally heavy-sized and possess a larger body structure when compared to males. Males are also friendly in nature when compared to female cats. The male cats possess testicles that are distinct nearer to their anus. These testicles lie beneath the anus region of the male cat.

Girl cats are also regarded as female cats. These females are generally not very affectionate as compared to those of a male. Females are mostly in search of a male cat. They aren’t much aggressive, but at times, they are considered to be a little aggressive than male cats.

Comparison Table Between Boy and Girl Cats

Parameters of ComparisonBoy CatsGirl Cats
Size of the catIt is usually larger than female cats.It comparatively compacts in size.
Childbearing potentialBoy cats are not capable of bearing a child.Girl cats are capable of producing litter.
Pre-neuter periodMales are only highly prone to urinate on the floor before the neuter period.Females search for their male counterparts during the heat.
BehaviorFriendly and extremely socialized characteristics can be found in males.They are comparatively less friendly to males.
GenitalsThe genitals are relatively larger in males.Females have genitals that are compact. The opening is found under the tails.

What are Boy Cats?

Boy cats are those species that have a larger bodily structure and a strong sense to oppose any other male cat to enter its premises. Unlike females, Male cats are considered to be quite friendly in nature to humans. But there are not any other significant differences observed when compared to females, but there are certain characteristic behaviors that have to be closely monitored.

Male cats are always more territorial, and they always have this sense of being dominant and more territorial to their peer group of cats. Males are also in search of female cats that are undergoing its heat by sensing the smell in the air. They also have a sense of hunting. As they find any prey by their locality, cats are keen to hunt and eat their prey.

Males are usually wanderers, but most pet care experts suggest not to allow cats outside to wander since there is a greater risk of cats getting an infection. Adding to this there is also higher risks of overpopulation of pets due to random mating so, most pet care experts and vet advise pet parents to neuter their pets to combat these struggles.

Certainly, there are also other parameters that have to be taken into consideration to raise the pet in the right way. Cats, specifical males, engage in fights with peers, though this trait is common for both.

What are Girl Cats?

Girl cats or female cats are very loving but tend to be a little mischievous at times to the owner. But they do have a little aggressive nature, and they are potent fighters. In the long run, as the owner raises the kitten from a really young age, it does become friendly.

Females are often advised to spay or neuter since it is very prone to unlikely pregnancy. Though males are larger and females are compact-sized in cats. Females are at times more aggressive than male cats. Females are more scratching in nature. These kitties do scratch a lot. And it is sometimes really annoying to see kitten scratch the sheets, so there are more advises and tips to stop the cats doing this behavior at household.

Female cat undergoes heat, and this particular bodily change is supposed to be taken care of the most. Females are more prone to have a conception as they are ready to mate all through the course of the year. So, ideal care is required to take care of girl cats every day. This condition is removed, and many hormonal imbalances can be averted after spaying the cat. The heat is the time when girl cats are very territorial and has an urge to mate.

Main Differences Between Boy and Girl Cats

  1. The temperament of the cat highly depends on the cat’s gender. Most males are said to possess a lot of friendly nature.
  2. The size of the cats also distinctly varies with genders. Usually, the females are smaller, and the males are larger in size.
  3. The childbearing capacity is specific for females, and males are not capable of bearing children
  4. Before the neuter period, Males urinate quite frequently on the floor, and females prowl for male counterparts.
  5. The genitals are large in males and are located close to the anus, whereas the genitals are sized smaller in females.


Both girl and boy cats though having significant differences among them, can be domesticated and grown at homes. It also requires more study and appropriate care to raise a pet. It is indeed a responsibility of the pet parent to take care of the pet during its course of stay with them. Both genders have some differences in their bodily structures and behaviors.

Most of all, with respect to both the genders of cats. Both can be reared at homes, and they make a great pet for cat enthusiasts. Appropriate care, including spaying, nutrient provision, and grooming, is required to be done by the pet parents.


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