Bubly vs Diet Soda: Difference and Comparison

Bubbly and diet soda both fall under the category of beverages and are popular all over the world. Also, there are misconceptions that both are the same in taste, ingredients, health, etc.

Bubbly, also known as Sparkling Water, and Diet soda are totally different in all aspects, starting from the flavour, added compounds, and processing. However, there are many more points of difference between them.

Key Takeaways

  1. Bubly is a flavoured sparkling water brand, while diet soda is a low-calorie or calorie-free carbonated beverage that uses artificial sweeteners.
  2. Bubly contains no artificial sweeteners or calories, whereas diet soda contains artificial sweeteners such as aspartame or sucralose.
  3. Bubly is a healthier alternative to diet soda, as it lacks artificial sweeteners, which can have negative health effects.

Bubly vs Diet Soda

Bubly is a type of sparkling water that is unsweetened and made in 16 fruit flavours, with no calories or sweeteners. Diet Soda is a soda made with carbonated water, natural or artificial sweetness, color and other flavours. It’s different from other sodas because it has low sugar and calorie levels.

Bubly vs Diet Soda

Bubbly or sparkling water does not affect or damage the bone density or teeth in the human body, but people with gastrointestinal issues should prohibit any intake of bubbly sparkling water as bubbly sometimes makes them feel gassy or bloated, causing health problems.

The sale of bubble or sparkling water increased about 13%-14% in the last few years, making a huge profit.

Diet Soda is a mixture of carbonated water which can be added with either artificial or natural sweetness, color, flavours, as well as other food additives.

The word ‘diet’ is used because there are very few to no sugar or calories contained in this type of soda, and it is perfectly suitable for people who want to avoid the same.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBublyDiet Soda
BenefitsHelps in true dehydration.Does not help in dehydration at all.
ReplaceableA good alternative to soda.Not a good alternative to bubly or sparkling water.
Health BenefitsWeight Management and improved Digestion.Weight Management but not in a straightforward way.
Health DrawbacksOnly if a person has gastrointestinal issues, then bubly is harmful.Intake of too much diet soda may lead to an increase in appetite and risk of obesity.
Sugar amount Both sugar and sugar-free bubly are available but the one with low  or no sugar is suggested to be healthierVery few to no sugar at all

What is Bubly?

Bubly or sparkling water is a type of carbonated mixture and is available in different types of sugar levels. The less the sugar contains, the more healthy it is.

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Bubly with less sugar does not affect or damage the bone density or teeth in the human body, but people with gastrointestinal issues should prohibit any intake of bubbly sparkling water as sometimes it makes them feel gassy or bloated, causing health problems.

The sale of Bubly or sparkling water increased about 13%-14% in the last few years, making a huge profit in the market with an estimate reaching about $2.2-$2.3 billion or more. Also, different brands have different amounts of sweetness in them, so it is important to check the label before intake.

Now, nutrition information about Bubly sparkling water, as per 1 serving, are-

Serving size: about 360ml-365ml

Calories : 0

Total Fat : 0%

Sodium : 0

Total Carbohydrates (including sugar and added sugar): 0

Protein : 0

Caffeine : 0%

Phosphorus : 0%

Bubly or sparkling water helps in dehydration, which is key to losing weight, and even athletes drink Bubly to stay hydrated for a longer period of time. If the sugar level on the label is said to be 0, then there is no harm caused to bone density as well as tooth decay.


What is Diet Soda?

Diet soda is very popular all over the globe and has almost no sugar or calories present in it and is for people who want to avoid such high sugar and calories. In diet soda, artificial sweeteners like aspartame, saccharin, or sucralose are added instead of sugar.

Diet soda was introduced around the 1950s for people having diabetes, and over the course of time, it was marketed to control and lose weight with no sugar intake. But, instead of for no sugar and calories, diet soda is said to be affecting health.

Ingredients in a diet soda as per 1 serving are-

Carbonate water

Sweeteners: Saccharin and/or Sucralose and/or Aspartame.

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Acids: Citric Acid, Malic Acid, and Phosphoric Acid.

Colors: Carotenoids, Anthocyanins, and Caramels

Flavours: Fruits, berries, herbs, and cola

Preservatives: Potassium Benzoate

Vitamins and Minerals

Caffeine: About 35 to 45 mg

Diet Soda may help in weight loss, but the outcome may not be straightforward. Researchers found that intake of excessive diet soda may lead to even kidney diseases and also can lead to obesity.

The acids used to make diet soda is harmful to teeth and causes tooth enamel erosion or tooth decay.

Other several effects of diet soda are-

1. Risk of getting type 2 diabetes

2. Might cause depression in the high or regular intake

3. Risk of Osteoporosis

diet soda

Main Differences Between Bubly and Diet Soda

  1. Bubly is a type of carbonated mixture that helps in true dehydration and can be replaced with diet soda, which also has no sugar or calories but cannot help in dehydration at all.
  2. Bubly has no side effects on health except for some companies having a high amount of sugar in it, which is harmful to gastrointestinal patients. But diet soda, which is always sugar-free, is harmful when it is taken on a high or on a regular basis.
  3. Bubly or sparkling water has no added preservatives or acids compared to diet soda which has both and is responsible for tooth decay or teeth enamel erosion.
  4. Bubly is also used by athletes in the field to help in weight management and improve digestion, but diet soda is strictly prohibited as it can also cause kidney diseases.
  5. Diet soda may sometimes be replaced when a person does not have water, but Bubly or sparkling water can replace both diet soda and water as per research.
Difference Between Bubly and Diet Soda
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Last Updated : 08 August, 2023

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