Difference Between Bubly and LaCroix

Different types of drinks are made by several companies across the world. These include soft drinks, cold drinks, hard drinks, and sparkling water. Sparkling water is very common among the German people. It is a drink that is infused with carbon dioxide. It is infused under pressure that results in a bubbly drink. Among the sparkling water, the most famous and preferred are the Bubly and Lacroix. 


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Both of them are very similar. Lacroix is very old, whereas Bubly is new. Both these sparkling water have their several flavors resulting in different taste and fragrance.  

Bubly vs LaCroix

The difference between Bubly and Lacroix is that Lacroix is an old drink that was invented earlier and Bubly is newly introduced. They are also different in terms of flavors and fragrances available. They have different costs and come in different tastes. Lacroix mostly has the upper hand in everything as it is well known among everyone.

Bubly vs

Bubly is carbonated water introduced in 2018 and has several flavors with a strong fruity fragrance. And if a person likes the strong candy scent, this is the perfect drink for him. It is not widely popular as it was recently introduced but has gain popularity due to its fragrance.

Lacroix is sparkling water introduced in 1981 comes in more than four flavors with a very mild fragrance. People who prefer taste over aroma tend to like the Lacroix more than any carbonated water. It is well established, as introduced a long time ago. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison BublyLaCroix
ComponentsCalories nutrition free, with no added sugar, preservatives, and additives.Carbonated water, gluten-free, kosher, vegetarian
TasteMild tasteStrong and natural taste
FlavoursHas fewer flavorsHave more flavors
FragranceStrong fragranceMild fragrance

What is Bubly?

It is carbonated water with zero added sugar and preservatives. It is named as natural, but it is still not clear what ingredients are put on added to make it in a particular flavor. A new range of caffeine is also introduced, which has 35g caffeine per serving.

It comes in varieties of 15 flavors, which includes Lime, Grapefruit, Lemon, Blackberry, Strawberry, Mango, etc. most of them are single flavored (of one fruit), but a few are the combination of two or three fruits. Bubly is more dominant in a fragrance rather than the flavor. Some of the flavors are very bland.

While most of the flavors taste excellent but still some are failed to match the expectation level. The most famous and preferred flavor is orange. It tastes very natural and has a tangy taste.

 Having Bubly does not cause any harm to the body, but it can lead to certain minor diseases such as tooth decay if the consumption is increased.

Bubly has its place in the market; there are many other options also. But it would be a great choice for a person who likes the candy fragrance and a mild yet refreshing taste in a drink. It is also preferred more than soda.


What is LaCroix?

It is sparkling water with carbonated water and natural flavors. Along with that, it is also gluten-free, kosher, and vegetarian. The packaging of it is very simple with vibrant colors, which attract the customer.

The flavor is written clearly on the can. It comes in more than 50 flavors which include Lemon, Lime Cran-Raspberry (Razz-Cranberry), Orange, Berry Pamplemousse (Grapefruit), Apricot, Mango, Passionfruit, etc. and is on top when it comes to taste. It tastes so good and natural. It tastes exactly like the fruit and is very refreshing. The famous flavor which tastes the best includes lime and tangerine.

Apart from the taste, it has a nice and mild fruity fragrance. It does not have a candy-like fragrance like Bubly, but still, the fragrance is not bad at all. It was introduced before Bubly; therefore, it is always ahead in preference of the customer.

There was a case filed against this drink that this is not an all-natural drink as it claims but uses synthetic ingredients, but nothing was proved. Therefore it is believed that all the flavors of this drink are purely natural.

This drink is preferred by anyone more into tastes rather than the smell of it.

Main Differences Between Bubly and LaCroix

  1. The Lacroix was invented in 1981 and now comes in a variety of flavors available across the world, while Bubly was introduced in 2018 recently and is not very famous among everyone.
  2. Bubly and Lacroix have similar ingredients except that in Lacroix, it is mentioned that it is Carbonated water, gluten-free, kosher, and vegetarian, whereas there is no such information mentioned on the Bubly packet.
  3. The taste of Bubly is mild and not very natural as compared to the Lacroix that has a very strong and natural flavor; most people found it very refreshing as its flavors are very natural.
  4. In flavors also Lacroix is ahead as it was introduced earlier; therefore, there are several flavors of it in the market, whereas Bubly does not have many flavors in comparison.
  5. When it comes to fragrance, her Bubly wins the race. Bubly is a very strong and appealing fragrance that attracts most consumers, whereas there is no or very little fragrance in Lacroix.


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