Buy Me a Coffee vs Ko-fi: Difference and Comparison

Online content creation and marketing are lucrative. And when someone finds you for your creations, it is more of a motivation factor.

There are platforms available on the web that helps you get funding from users to support your creativity. Two of the most popular platforms are Buy Me a Coffee and Ko-fi.

These two function the same way in many ways. However, there are a few significant differences between them.

Key Takeaways

  1. Buy Me a Coffee provides more advanced features for content creators, such as membership programs, integrations with other platforms, and customizable branding options. Ko-fi, however, is more straightforward, focusing on one-time donations.
  2. Buy Me a Coffee charges a 5% platform fee on transactions, while Ko-fi charges no platform fee but a 2.9% + $0.30 fee on transactions processed through PayPal.
  3. Buy Me a Coffee allows creators to offer digital products such as eBooks, while Ko-fi does not have this feature.

Buy Me a Coffee vs Ko-fi

The difference between Buys Me a Coffee, and Ko-fi lies in the features that are available for the creators. Buy Me a Coffee offers more features in the free version, while Ko-fi has relatively fewer features. However, the paid version of Ko-fi is more enhanced than Buy Me a Coffee.


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Buy Me a Coffee is an online platform that can help you seek and get support for the projects you create. You can be a creator of music, video content, or even a blog.

The users can donate funds in the name of buying you a coffee. The good news is you can get funds immediately as the donor pays you.

Ko-fi is again an online platform that gives the creators support for their creation.

It works similarly to Buy Me a Coffee, where you can post and publish the creations online at will so that the users can donate or offer you tips. Ko-fi works with zero-fee transactions and thus makes this platform lucrative for creators.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBuy Me a CoffeeKo-fi
User Payment MethodsThe users can pay you through Credicard, PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, and Google PayKo-fi has a Credit card, and PayPal has options for the users to donate.
Analytics DataBuy me a Coffee offers complete analytics even in the free version.You have to upgrade as a Ko-fi Gold customer to get the data.
Mobile ApplicationIt has a mobile application.No application as such
StorefrontNo options as suchYou can create stores and invite users to sell digital products.
FeaturesMany features are available in the free version.You have to opt for Ko-fi gold to get enhanced features.

What is Buy Me a Coffee?

Buy Me a Coffee is an online platform that helps gain financial support for your creation. If you are a creator, you can get tips and donations from users if they like your work.

It serves as a motivator for your creation, and the users can donate small amounts of money regularly. It is incredibly easy to make use of this service.

All you have to do is, create a Buy Me a Coffee account and set up a ‘Donate’ button on your webpage. The users can click on the button and offer you donations.

The Buy Me a Coffee profile page has a few pieces of information you must enter that would give the subscribers a fair idea of your creation. With all other usual aspects like name and pictures, Buy Me a Coffee has spaces on the profile page where you can mention the goal that you are planning to achieve using the donations you get from the users.

You can also mention the future works you will involve yourself in. You can invite people to donate funds to buy you coffee, beer, or even a sandwich as you work on your project.

You can set the amount on the page, and it can be in increments as well. You can also set a monthly subscription too.

The good news is the payment shall be processed immediately through PayPal and Stripe.

The platform charges 5% of the transaction as a fee. You are open to creating monthly rewards and yearly discounts in subscriptions as well.

buy me a coffee

What is Ko-fi?

Ko-fi is again a platform that shall help you get donations for your creation. It is considered to be an excellent way to fund your project.

The platform is more casual than Buy Me a Coffee and other platforms. With the help of Ko-fi, you can Get funds from people once they feel like donating to your project.

The amount need not be set at all. Whatever the user feels like donating, they can. You can set up storefronts and invite people to buy products that you are willing to offer.

The products can be stickers, your blog, or any digital content worth the price you quoted. Ultimately, the user must feel good about the work you have created or are about to create.

So that they m=can make their contributions. The best part is, Ko-fi does not charge you any fees for the transaction.

However, the features in the free version are limited compared to the premium plans. Ko-fi Gold, a premium plan, shall give analytics for you to make informed decisions too.

As you opt for Ko-fi Gold, there are many offers. You can unlock commission tools and open them up for the customers.

The best part of Ko-fi is you can create the proposed work at your will. Opening an account with Ko-fi is very simple.

You can also set up project goals, profile pictures, and future aims. With Ko-fi gold, a small fee is charged, which is very low compared to the donations you get in a month.

Main Differences Between Buy Me a Coffee and Ko-fi

  1. The main difference between Buys Me a Coffee and Ko-fi is the user payment methods. Buy Me a Coffee offers various options to make payments. A user can use a credit card, PayPal, Stripe, or even Google Play. However, Ko-fi has just two options, credit card and PayPal.
  2. Buy Me A Coffee has incredible features in the free version and does not charge any monthly fee. But, Ko-fi has limited free features, but as you upgrade to a premium plan, you shall find more enhanced features.
  3. Analytics is available for all customers, but Ko-fi does not offer the same for free versions.
  4. Buy Me a Coffee can help with monthly recurring donations and charges 5% on a transaction as a fee, but, Ko-fi does not charge any fees.
  5. Buy Me a Coffee has an excellent web interface and has a mobile application, too, but Ko-fi does not have a mobile application.

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