Difference Between Camping Fridge and eSky

To facilitate the need for cooling systems while travelling with no direct electric power source, portable fridges were introduced. These are small in size, which ultimately makes them easy to carry around and use. Also known as mini-fridges, these can be used to store food and drinks to keep them cold and fresh for a long time.

Camping Fridge vs eSky

The main difference between a camping fridge and eSky is that a camping refrigerator requires batteries to run on and replicates a usual home fridge, whereas an eSky is like a box containing large amounts of ice. The icebox does not need any high or expensive maintenance, whereas, on the other hand, the camping refrigerator requires care and technical check from time to time.

Camping Fridge vs eSky

A camping fridge was made, keeping the idea of usual refrigerators in mind. While camping and travelling, carrying a full-size fridge is not possible, but the need of keeping things cold and from getting stale quickly, therefore a camping fridge or commonly known as a mini-fridge, comes in handy at these times.

An eSky can be regarded as a simpler version of a mini-fridge since it has a lot less technicality as compared to the mini-fridge. It has amazing insulation and is very light in weight which makes it feasible to carry these around even for short trips to store drinks or cold served foods.

Comparison Table Between Camping Fridge and eSky

Parameters of ComparisonCamping FridgeeSky
TechnicalIt is like a mini version of a fridge and so has technical dependence.It does not have any technical elements.
PortabilityIs portable but will require electricity inputVery comfortable to carry around
Electricity usageRequires onboard electricity or above 12V batteriesDoes not require electricity
StorageIt comes in various spacious sizes.It is a compact box but has enough storage for a trip.
UsageUsed while on a long trip and camping.Can even be used for short trips and going nearby.

What is Camping Fridge?

Made to ease the storing of things in order to keep them fresh, a camping fridge can be seen as a mini version of the refrigerators used in a common household. When travelling for long distances with your own van or other vehicles, these fridges can be carried along.

They help in keeping the food cold, fresh and prevent them from going stale for a long duration of time. They come in a variety of ones that run on batteries and others that need a constant power supply.

While on a trip, the battery-operated is much preferred, but care needs to be taken while selecting this fridge and getting a background check on how quickly the batteries drain out and if it defrosts automatically or manually. All these factors have a great impact on the trip since if the fridge requires much maintenance, then having these camping fridges becomes more of a burden instead of convenience.

As per the usability of these camping fridges, they are made in a lot of different sizes and variable features with advantages as well as drawbacks. The comfort of having food and drinks at hand anyplace and anytime is what makes these camping fridges versatile.

What is eSky?

Derived from the word ‘Eskimo’, eSky is the first brand to introduce portable coolers or ice boxes. Since then, these iceboxes have been commonly termed eSky. They are a simpler and more compact form of a camping fridge made with an outer layer of polypropylene and the inner layer of polyurethane. 

The materials used in the construction of an eSky makes it lightweight and very conveniently portable. Due to its compact size, it can also be used for short trips and even at home if you need cold storage in your room for any purpose. 

Since the insulation is what is responsible for keeping the temperature of this box intact with all the ice inside it to keep it cool, there is no need for electricity. No batteries or electric supply is required for keeping it cool, making the eSky even more convenient. 

Since its introduction in 1952, it has been widely manufactured by different brands giving a wide horizon of choices to select from size to ease of placing indoors or taking around. It is commonly used in clinics and at dentist’s too for storing medical requirements.

Main Differences Between Camping Fridge and eSky

  1. The camping fridge requires an electric supply to run, whereas eSky works by insulation.
  2. Camping the fridge requires a lot more maintenance in comparison to eSky.
  3. A camping fridge can be used for long trips, whereas an eSky is even suitable for short ones.
  4. The camping fridge requires more attention while choosing a placing space, whereas an eSky does not.
  5. Unlike an eSky, the camping fridge requires a technical check from time to time. There is no technical aspect in an eSky, making it more convenient.


A camping fridge has its own benefits like having compartments that can be used to systematically place different things discreetly, a firm and more reliable body, with more benefits while travelling for longer distances since it has more space. On the other hand, an eSky is a lot more compact than a camping refrigerator. It does not need an electric power source to work and works on the principle of insulation which keeps the cold temperature of the box (due to ice) intact and the food and other things stored in it fresh and good.

An added advantage to an eSky which is not there in a camping fridge, is its compact size making it convenient to be carried for short distances and even keep it indoors at home in a room for easy access.


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