Difference Between Camping Percolator and French Press (With Table)

Both Camping Percolator and French Press are types of coffee makers that help in brewing coffees. They are of many ranges and have been in use since late 1800s for Camping Percolator and late 1900s for French Press.The different lies in the method of preparing the beverage. They are used to make coffee when it is needed for a large crowd.

Camping Percolator vs French Press

The difference between these two coffee devices is that a Camping Percolator does not have any uses other than the brewing of hot coffee. A French Press has two other advantages as well aside from making coffee. These are: Making tea and preparing the broth.

A Camping Percolator is used mainly in the situations where people go to camp whether it be in forests, trekking, etc. A stove is necessary for the use of this machine as well as requires an additional item to make the coffee: Coffee paper.

French Press is used everywhere though whether it be in homes, restaurants, cafes. This may be a easier method since usage of coffee paper is not needed but one needs to boil hot water before adding into the coffee machine. A step that is not required in the process of a Camping Percolator.

Comparison Table Between Camping Percolator and French Press

Parameter of Comparison Camping Percolator French Press
Time taken for preparation Takes longer time to brew.Takes shorter time compared to  a camping percolator.
Additional requirementsCoffee paperHot water before adding to the machine. A stirrer.
Other usesNo other uses.Can be used for brewing tea and broth straining that can give you a stock.
Mostly used forBrewing coffee for outdoor activities.Making various types of coffees in homes/cafes.
Invented in18651929
Originated inParisItaly
Effect on environmentBad for environment as it uses coffee filters.Good for the environment as it doesn’t require coffee filters.

What is a Camping Percolator?

Camping percolator have been in use since 1867 and was one of the first ways to make hot brewed coffee. The reason for its name is that it is used while camping when no other electronics are in need besides a stove. It comes in various shapes and sizes.

The basic steps to make a pot of coffee in a Camping Percolator are:

  1. Add desired cups of water.
  2. Include coffee paper according to ones’ model.
  3. Add spoon(s) of coffee.
  4. Close the machine and wait for 10-15 minutes.
  5. Pour brewed coffee in a cup.

The use of coffee paper varies from model to model. If the person has finely grounded coffee powder, this step can be omitted. 

It was quite popular in earlier times, the machine is in rapid decline now, ever since the introduction of modern coffee machines, since they are easier and gets the thing done in less time than a Camping Percolator. Many of the companies have also decline the production of various coffee filters since they are not in that usage now compared to earlier. Still, one can find some popular sizes in them produced by some popular production companies.

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What is a French Press?

A French Press or mostly known as a cafeteria is used in homes or cafes. Not only brewed, but it can also be used to make iced coffees and form lattes. It basically has 3 parts: A beaker of cylinder shape, a led used to cover the top and a plunger that is used in the important step of pressing the coffee in last.


  1. Boil water for some minutes.
  2. Add the boiled water in the machine.
  3. Include the required amount of coffee and stir, so that both the ingredients are well mixed together.
  4. Close the machine with press and wait for 4-5 minutes.
  5. Press the plunger to the lowest it can get and finally, get the brewed coffee into the mug.

The reason for the name French Press is quite clear, since the person is supposed to press the pole to hit the ground of the machine.

There are some precautions to be taken though, while pressing it, one should do this step slowly and not faster since if its done in a hurry, the coffee powder is tend to get mixed with the coffee, that would in turn disrupt the taste of the drink. This process is called immerstion brewing.

It can also be used to brew tea as well. But the machine should not be same as the taste of the two drinks: tea and coffee would get interwine resulting in a bad taste while drinking. Also, the French Press can be used to get stock from vegetables and broth while pressing them. All the solid material will be left in the bottom of the canister and we would get the desired result.

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Main Differences Between Camping Percolator and French Press

  1. The main difference that is between the two machines is of their method of using. A Camping Percolator does not need any force of pressing that a French Press requires in the last final step to get coffee.
  2. One does need to boil water in separately in the use of a Camping Percolator. On the other hand, a French Press has to have pre boiled hot water to make a hot cup of coffee.
  3. Basic Camping Percolator needs help from the stove for its use. French Press comes in various sizes and types. Mostly in electronic type and hence, doesn’t require use of stove.
  4. People can make cold iced coffees in a French Press but since Camping Percolator requires a stove for its use, it can not make different types of cold beverages.
  5. French Press can be used for tea brewing as well as broth/stock use. This is an extra advantage that we don’t get in a Camping Percolator machine.


Both French Press and Camping Percolator can be use to make a cup of coffee. The taste of the prepared coffees will be a little different compared to coffee from regular coffee machines since they do have some unresolve coffee grounds that give extra flavor to the coffee, making it stronger than a regular cup of coffee. Because of this reason there are more antioxidants in coffee brewed from them.


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