Difference Between Cast and Splint

Whenever we injure our limb or bone, we require a certain amount of medical attention to recover. A broken bone can lead to the disability of that part. It can lead to serious issues if not treated with care.


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Cast vs Splint

The difference between cast and splint is that cast is a custom made tool that gets moulded over the swollen limbs in order to heal it. On the other hand, splints are not custom made, but they do the same work. The cast is not adjustable, but splints can get adjusted.

Cast vs Splint

A cast is a tool that is made of fibreglass and plaster, and it gets used to cure injury of bones and limbs. It keeps the limbs and bones unmoved and steady, which is very much needed to recover from a bone fracture or injured limb.

It is adjustable, and thus it can get altered when the swollen limb gets healed. It does not encircle the injured place entirely. It is fixed with the use of Velcro straps.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCastSplint
Definition A cast encloses a limb entirely.A splint partially encloses a limb.
MakingA cast is custom made.A splint is not custom made.
RemovalTo remove a cast, it has to get cut with the help of a blade.To remove a splint, you just need to unstrap it.
AdjustabilityA cast can not be adjusted.A splint can be adjusted.
Making timeMaking a cast takes more time compared to a splint.A splint takes lesser time to be made.

What is Cast?

A cast is a medical tool that helps to heal an impaired limb or broken bone. A cast holds the limb and encloses it entirely. To heal from a limp or bone injury, one needs to keep their bone motionless, and a cast helps to do that.

The cast is non-adjustable, and it makes sure that no movement takes place and the injury heals as soon as possible. Hence the concern of movement of the limp or bone can be eliminated from the mind. It is a part of orthopaedics.

Generally, casts are made of fibreglass and plaster. The removal of the cast includes cutting it off. In some cases, when the swollen limp get recovered, the cast may become loose and get removed easily.

What is Splint?

Splints are an orthopaedic tool. A splint does not encircle an injured limb entirely as a cast does. It embraces the broken bone or injured limb to heal it. You can adjust a splint according to the swell of the limb.

As a splint hold the limb partially, it can be called a half-cast. A splint is fastened with Velcro straps. Even though splints appear to come with more advantages, you can not choose that overcast according to your preferences.

Main Differences Between Cast and Splint

  1. Splints get attached by Velcro straps, or sometimes even bandages are used. But cast can not be fastened with Velcro straps as it is supposed to enclose the limb wholly.
  2. The only way to remove a cast is by cutting it off. But splits just need to be unstrapped to get removed.
Difference Between Cast and Splint


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