Difference Between Catholic and Methodist

Christianity is widely divided into three primary groups-Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox. Meanwhile, Protestant Christianity has various denominations, including Methodist.


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Moreover, the divisions represent different interpretations of the bible, beliefs, traditions, and understanding of churches.

As of now, Catholicism is celebrated by over a quarter of the population around the globe, while Methodism is followed by seventy to eighty million people.  

Catholic vs Methodist

Catholic tend to follow the teachings and instructions of the Pope. In contrast to that, the Methodists believe in the life and teachings of John Wesley. 

Catholic vs Methodist

Catholics are succeeded by over 1.3 billion people. They are widely differentiated from other groups concerning their belief. Catholics do follow the Church’s administrators, especially the Pope.

Catholics give more importance to popes and Bishops and consider them as the successor of the community. 

On the other hand, Methodist is a part of the denominations originating from the Wesleyan preaching in the Church of England, having Arminian tradition and in the U.S. modified episcopal polity, and underscoring individual and cultural morality.

Besides, they primarily follow the footsteps of John Wesley and their own traditions. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCatholicMethodist
Meaning Catholic is a community, follows the practice of the Western Church. They consider bishops as the highest officials within the Christian religion, a prominent role to Priests and Deacons.Methodist is a movement and fellowship that is considered to be orthodox Christianity of the Protestant tradition. They carry and follow the Christian beliefs of John Wesley into methods.
Introduction It is believed that Catholicism was introduced in the first Century Holy Land in Roman Empire. In the 18th century, Methodists began as a revolution with a group of men, including John Wesley and his brother Charles in the Church of England. John and George Whitefield played a prominent role in the formation of Methodists. 
Groups Catholic is said to be the oldest and known religion all over the world. Catholicism is considering a dominant religion within Christain.After John Wesley’s death, the movement turned into a separate denomination worldwide- British Empire, United States, and Africa.
Beliefs Catholics believe Jesus Christ as the son of God, Bishops, priests, and Deacons follow God’s instruction in the bible and play intermediate between God and Human.Methodists are rich in music and follow many beliefs such as New birth, imparted Righteousness, entire sanctification. Methodists believed mainly in social holiness who gregarious with similar faith and conviction. 
Denominations Catholic is a rapidly growing community in the Christian Religions and estimated to be around 17.5 percent of the world population. Methodists are worldwide, with seven major denominations in the United States: 12 million Methodist, African Methodist Episcopal Church, Zion Church, Free Methodist Church, Christian Methodist Church, and Wesleyan Church. Apart from the US, Methodist is growing enormously in South Korea with 1.7 million.

What is Catholic?

Catholic means on the whole in Greek. Moreover, Catholics tend to garner popularity specifically for the Catholic Church.

Besides, they are unique and huge among the Christian groups, as they reflect the principles and instructions of the Church’s administrators.

Moreover, they obey the pope, bishops, and other church authorities. Catholics believe that God has created everything, rather than God being a part of nature. The term Catholic was initially used by Ignatius of Antioch about the year A.D. 110.

And they serve the papacy, the Pope, who lives in Vatican City, Italy. Coming to the popularity of the religion, it is widely celebrated in Brazil with a rate of 127 million or 11.7% of the world’s Catholic population.

In addition to that, it is followed by Mexico with over 96 million, the Philippines with around 76 million, 75 million from the U.S., Italy with 49 million Catholics, Columbia and France with 38 million, Poland and Spain with approx. 35 million, and the Democratic Republic of Congo with 31 million.

Furthermore, their teachings are preferably on the scriptures and Church’s own rites, not from external references. On top of it, Catholics practice the cross, kneeling, and bowing as their primary gestures to exalt Jesus Christ.

catholic 1

What is Methodist?

As earlier mentioned, Methodists practise the principles and teachings of John Wesley. As of now, it is highly acknowledged by over eighty million people due to the missionary activities after the demise of the preacher, John Wesley.

It has been originated from the Church of England by John Wesley.

Moreover, Methodists happen to serve the four elemental John’s postulates; firstly, a person is free not only to reject mercy but also to accept it by an act of free will.

Secondly, people who are devoted to the doctrine according to the measure of knowledge given them will be protected. Thirdly, the Holy Spirit guarantees Christian their salvation directly.

And lastly, Christians in this course are capable of Christian perfection and are governed by God to persevere it. Meanwhile, Methodists could only advance as Christians in a community that is girdled by people of similar faith.

Most Methodists profess that Jesus Christ fell for all of humankind and salvation is possible for all.


Main Differences Between Catholic and Methodist

  1. Catholic is a community. On the other hand, Methodist is a movement that was started by John Wesley. 
  2. Catholicism is assumed to be founded by Lord Jesus Christ, whereas Methodist began as a movement in the 18th Century, becoming a social gathering institution later. 
  3. Catholic considered being a rapidly growing community in the world with 17.5 per cent reach. Albeit Methodist also grew enormous with numerous churches all over the world. 
  4. Catholic primarily worship Jesus, Priest, Bishops and deacons. Methodist follows John Wesley as their higher officials and obliges his beliefs. 
  5. Catholic follow beliefs such as curing Human’s sin by treating them. Methodist follows social holiness by gathering in musical events in the church. 
Difference Between Catholic and Methodist


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