Catholic Bible vs Christian Bible: Difference and Comparison

There are many religions globally, and there are holy books related to all such religions that show them the right path to follow in their lives. Hinduism has Gita, Islam has Quran, and Christianity has Bible.

The Bible of Christians underwent many changes, leading to many different types of it. Catholic Bible and Christian Bible are two different types of the Bible that are very similar but differ in many ways.

Key Takeaways

  1. Catholic Bible consists of 73 books, including the Apocrypha, while the Christian Bible consists of 66 books only.
  2. The Catholic Bible has additional books and verses in the Old Testament and some differences in the New Testament compared to the Christian Bible.
  3. The Catholic Church considers the Bible an essential element of faith and holds it in high esteem. At the same time, Christians acknowledge the Bible’s significance as the primary source of religious beliefs.

Catholic Bible vs Christian Bible

Catholic Bible is a sacred book and a type of Christian bible that follows the Catholic Canon law and consists of 73 books in the old and new testament. Christian Bible is a general holy book that is followed by all Christians and was original written in Hebrew before being translated.

Catholic Bible vs Christian Bible

Catholic Bible is a type of Christian Bible. It is not one book but a collection of 73 books, including all 46 books of the old testament and 27 books of the new testament. It also includes deuterocanonical books.

A Catholic Bible follows catholic canon law.

Christian Bible is a sacred book for Christians. It contains religious texts that are believed to be the words of God. They follow what is written in these religious texts and have complete faith in them.

It went under canonization, by which a set of books formed into one Bible.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCatholic BibleChristian Bible
Definition It is the Bible published following the catholic canon law.It is a general holy book of all Christians.
LanguageIt is mainly made up of Hebrew, Greek, and other languages with time.It was originally formed in Hebrew and accepted all the translations and versions of the Bible.
BooksIt has a total of 73 books from the old testament and new testament.It has all forms of Bibles and all testaments and scriptures in it.
Acceptance Catholic Christians follow it.It is the general holy bible for all Christians.
RelationCatholic Bible is a type of Christian Bible.Christian Bible is not merely the catholic bible. The latter is just a type of the Christian Bible.

What is Catholic Bible?

The Catholic Bible is a sacred book for catholic Christians. It is published by Catholic canon law.

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It includes 46 books of the old testament and 27 books of the new testament making 73 books in total, and it also includes deuterocanonical books.

The Book of the old testament is formed from the Greek Septuagint collection and is known as a deuterocanonical book. It does not have a collection of the Masoretic text of Hebrews.

It is translated from all Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek languages, known as Vulgate.

It has many stories, texts, and incidents known as god’s words. It has different books like wisdom books, prophetic books, historical books, revelation, etc.

All these parts have many stories to guide their followers, many stories related to Christ, and some books with direct words of gods.

It has a lot of further translations in the English language. Douay-Rheims Bible, Knox Bible, and Jerusalem Bible are examples of English-translated versions of the catholic bible.

Still, the Council of Trent believes the Vulgate is the official translation Of the Bible.

As time passed, many other versions of Bibles were formed, like the protestant bible, with few changes from the original form, but it remained the same as it was made.

catholic bible 1

What is Christian Bible?

The holy Book of Christians is Bible. Christians are supposed to follow the instructions given in the Bible in stories and messages form. It has several books as its source.

It has several types which keep adding to it from time to time. So it is accepted by the masses as it removes many inappropriate things.

It is a kind of anthology in the compiled form of various texts believed to be revelations of gods.

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Hence it is considered the ‘Holy Bible.’ The followers of Christ regarded it as their messenger after Jesus Christ.

Christian Bible is regarded as the product of divine inspiration. These texts constitute many historical accounts, prayers, hymns, didactic letters, poetry, proverbs, prophecies, and parables.

It contains many books. These books are called Canons. These canons developed over time with changes in the mindset of people. So over thousands of years, it has seen many changes.

According to popular belief, the Christian Bible has inspired many thoughts and encouraged men and women to be beneficial to society.

It has also impacted other religions; for example, Rastafari and Unitarian Universalists view the Christian Bible as an important religious text.

christian bible 1

Main Differences Between Catholic Bible and Christian Bible

  1. Catholic Bible consists of all related historical canons, but Christian Bible misses out on some.
  2. The Catholic Bible is believed to be in the same form and includes no changes. On the other hand, Christian Bible keeps adding and removing some parts according to modern beliefs.
  3. Catholic Bible is sacred for all catholic Christians, in contrast to Christian Bible is a general Bible for believers.
  4. Catholic Bible is an unaltered form of old religious texts, whereas Christian Bible is a progressively developed form of the religious text.
  5. Catholic Bible does not get affected even after opposition from others, but Christian Bible experiences changes whenever it is inappropriate to others.
Difference Between Catholic Bible and Christian Bible

Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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