Difference Between Catholic Bible and Pentecostal Bible (With Table)

The Bible is the sacred writing of the Christian religion, indicating the historical backdrop of the Earth from its most punctual creation to the spread of Christianity in the principal century A.D. Both the Old Testament and the New Testament have gone through changes throughout the long term, including the distribution of the King James Bible in 1611 and the expansion of a few books that were found later.

Catholic Bible vs Pentecostal Bible

The difference between Catholic Bible and Pentecostal Bible is that in the Catholic Bible, the Old Testament depends on the Septuagint. The Catholic Bible entirely believes in the workings of a Church and tends to include more wisdom books in the Bible, whereas the Pentecostal Bible has the inclusion of seven books less than that of the Catholic Bible.

The Catholic Bible has its Old Testament based on the Septuagint. The Catholics don’t just confine themselves with the teachings of the Bible and also follow other Catholic beliefs as the Roman Magisterium. The Catholics also focus on the learnings and preachings of the Church and not just rely on the Bible.

The Pentecostal or the Christian Bible is also referred to as “The Holy Bible,” which went through several canonizations throughout the process of preparing the books of the Bible. The Pentecostal follows and puts their entire belief on the teachings and knowledge of the Bible alone. They believe the Bible to be the supreme way of attaining human salvation through the ‘words of God.’

Comparison Table Between Catholic Bible and Pentecostal Bible

Parameters of Comparison             Catholic Bible    Pentecostal Bible
BeliefsCatholics believe in Church traditions.Pentecostals believe in the Bible for their authority.
Physical deities They have statues and deities in Church.They don’t.
Saints to pray for They have innumerous saints whom they pray.They don’t have saints to pray to.
AfterlifeThey believe in putting faith in God to go to heaven.They believe in purgation.
Free willThey endorse the belief in Christ.They promote free will, which may vary from person to person.

What is Catholic Bible?

For Catholics, the lessons of the Bible are not by any means the only things they follow. They additionally follow and have confidence in certain Catholic convictions like limbo and Roman Magisterium. Magisterium contains the Pope and ministers, and every one of the sacrosanct Scriptures is available just to them. Catholics accept more in the proclaiming of the Church than the proclaiming of the Bible alone.

The Catholic Bible has created from the Septuagint, and it has numerous accounts and Scriptures which have been kept as unique disregarding resistance from others. 

The Christian Bible, or The Holy Bible, went through canonization and kept the first Scriptures, however with time, the New Testament went through specific changes in the Scriptures considered unseemly by others.

The Catholic Church utilized these additional seven books to make the Septuagint, which is a Greek interpretation of the Bible, however dependent on an alternate Hebrew standard than what the Hebrews and Protestants use. Early Catholic clerics utilized the Septuagint as sacred text since they could just understand Greek and not Hebrew causing an immense subject of discussion about whether it ought to be utilized by any stretch of the imagination.

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What is Pentecostal Bible?

Pentecostal Bible, The Christian Church kept and followed every one of the books that were in the Septuagint; they didn’t follow the corrections which were being made by the Jewish rabbis in their Scriptures. After eliminating a gathering of 15 Jewish books, they framed the Hebrew form. 

For Christians, the Bible directs confidence. They follow what the Bible says, and whatever isn’t referenced in the Christian Bible isn’t viewed as deserving of confidence. It is exclusively founded on The Holy Scriptures considered the stated “Expression of God.” The Christian Bible is everything necessary by a Christian to get heavenliness and salvation whenever followed.

In the meantime, at the Council of Trent in 1546, the Roman and Eastern Orthodox Catholics chose to keep the Septuagint and set it up with the Apocrypha (renamed as the Deuterocanonicals) to all in all make the Anagignoskomena (attempt to say that multiple times).

The Protestant Bible has a similar number of books as the Hebrew Bible (24), yet the Protestant Bible puts together it in an unexpected way. For example, the Hebrew Bible has the book of Samuel. However, the Protestant Bible has Samuel 1 and 2. The same book is yet separated into two sections making the Old Testament comprise of 39 books. 

The Catholic Bible contains a similar 39 Old Testament books, yet it incorporates a couple of others you may have never known about: Tobit, Judith, Wisdom of Solomon, Ecclesiasticus (Sirach), Baruch (incorporates the Letters of Jeremiah), I and II Maccabees, and increments to Daniel and Esther.

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Main Differences Between Catholic Bible and Pentecostal Bible

  1. Catholics have Statues or images of their believed deity in their Churches. Whereas Pentecostals don’t have statues or images in their churches. 
  2. Catholics use church traditions, the sacred scriptures, and the Magisterium to use as their source of beliefs. On the other hand, Pentecostals use the Bible as their primary source of all beliefs and authority.
  3. Catholics have more than 10,000+ canonized saints to pray for their all kinds of offerings. While the Pentecostals don’t have saints to pray to.
  4. Catholics believe that they must believe and accept the ‘Holy Christ’ and that only ensures the practice of free will, which is considered meaningful. On the contrary, Pentecostals believe that the acceptance of Christ must be entirely a personal choice.
  5. Catholics put their faith in the interaction of blessing in this life, which is generally finished in the limbo to filtration before going to paradise. Whereas the Pentecostals believe in putting faith in Christ to go directly into paradise.


Bible is the sacrosanct sacred texts of Judaism and Christianity. The Christian Bible comprises of the Old Testament and the New Testament, with the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox variants of the Old Testament being somewhat bigger as a result of their acknowledgment of specific books and parts of books thought about fanciful by Protestants. 

The Hebrew Bible incorporates just the books referred to Christians as the Old Testament. The game plans of the Jewish and Christian standards contrast impressively. The Protestant and Roman Catholic game plans all the more almost match each other.

The Bible is viewed as perhaps the most-read book ever; however, individuals don’t know about the way that there isn’t only one Bible yet more than one Bible followed by individuals of various religions and convictions.


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